• Title: My Fair Lady
  • Author: Monica Dickens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 314
  • Format: paperback
  • My Fair Lady adaptation of musical copyright by Alan J Lerner and Frederick Loewe
    adaptation of musical copyright 1967 by Alan J Lerner and Frederick Loewe.

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    1. My Fair Lady by Monica Dickens is a story about Eliza Doolittle, a young girl growing up in the 20th century. This story shows how one girl transformed from an uneducated girl working on the streets to a proper lady functioning in society. The author does a great job of describing the events and the themes of this book. This book teaches readers about the different classes in society and the way certain people were treated.The author's purpose in writing this book is to show people the different [...]

    2. Monica Dickens turned a loved musical, into a charming, classic book! Her purpose was to put the prized storyline into literature that would appeal to the young and old. Dickens wrote a book that showed opportunity. Her intention was to prove that the unimaginable can happen, just as Elizabeth Doolittle, a poor girl, was turned into a respectable, young lady during the story. Monica’s theme throughout the story is, “Do what makes you happy!” Eliza, the main character, begins working on the [...]

    3. I read this book quickly because it was a fun read. The writing style is emotional and compellingbut compelling toward what, is the question. Eliza has a lot of pride, which results in some bad things, such as disrespect toward parents/others, and I'm not sure if in the end she learned to be humble. Henry Higgins is a proud fellow, himself, but he does have some good points, and the ending had me nearly in tears, because I could feel Eliza's frustration and loneliness, and it wrapped up in a hea [...]

    4. The adaptation of the play based on Shaw's "Pygmalion". I have not seen the play so I honestly can not compare it to the play. I have seem and love the movie however as we know movies can be quite different than the original written piece of work. I can only look at it as a stand alone piece of work. It is cute and charming. A decent short read. However my heart will always lie with the movie.

    5. 7-word-summary : accent, professor, floweriest, love, betrayal, bet, ladyIt took about 110 min. to read it.If your partner betray you, how do you feel? Then, what would you do? - I would be shocked by him, but I don't want to quarrel, so I wouldn't complain about him.The heroine often speak English with her unique accent. This is one of her attractive feature. What's your attractive feature? - My attractive feature is eyes because people say that my eyes are very big!

    6. This book follows the story of the movie but with a little extra meat, it gives you a great insight to the time period and more of an insight into the characters. It's a really quick read, only took me a couple of hours so if your a fan of the movie then it's worth a read!

    7. This was a good quick read, but since I'm not sure how much of the back story that's in this that I didn't get from the movie "My Fair Lady" is actually a part of the original story.

    8. My Fair Lady by Monica Dickens is a novel that focuses on the upbringing of a young lady, Elizabeth Doolittle. Monica Dickens’s purpose for writing this novel is to inform the reader that you do not have to be born into high society in order to be a young lady. Instead you can learn the attributes of a young lady by being taught. This novel tells the story of Elizabeth Doolittle being trained to become a young lady even though she was not born into high society. There are many important themes [...]

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