• Title: The Flash: Rebirth #1
  • Author: Joshua Williamson Carmine Di Giandomenico
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Flash Rebirth Spinning directly out of the epic events of DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH the Fastest Man Alive finds himself at the center of a DC Universe at a crossroads WARNING Do NOT read this issue until after you rea
    Spinning directly out of the epic events of DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH 1, the Fastest Man Alive finds himself at the center of a DC Universe at a crossroads.WARNING Do NOT read this issue until after you read DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH 1

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    1. This was the one I read directly after I finished DC Universe: Rebirth, so I was still on a high when I opened this up. Anyway, I thought this was a good issue, and a great follow-up to Rebirth!There isn't much more to be learned, but you see what was going on with Barry directly before the events in Rebirth, and what he does immediately after. Even if it isn't incredibly informative, it does set a good tone for future Flash issues, and it made me want to continue on with this particular title. [...]

    2. Flash is another one that i definitely need to read more of, so i'm not fully up to date on the life and times of Barry Allen, so i debated whether to even bother with this one, but i'm pleased i did. It's actually a better read than the rebirth main title, so if that puts you off, then pick this one up instead. Super interested to see where this one goes, how or why they're dragging the watchmen into this. Plus Barry and Wallllllllly are adorable, but i already knew that.

    3. **THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS**For a one-shot issue there's a ton of stuff going on in The Flash Rebirth. It starts with what looks like Barry's mother being murdered but we quickly realize it's a different case with the same circumstances, the son saw the whole thing and the investigators immediately blame the husband. Barry, on the other hand, knowing how reckless that can be wants to work the case despite his personal connection to it.A big takeaway from this issue is that Barry is currentl [...]

    4. This issue extends scenes that happened in DC universe: Rebirth, it even follows up with Barry meeting up with Batman. The scene in DC Rebirth was extended in its own way for dramatic effect, which was a lot better, but this issue lost nothing because it's more about what follows. It definitely needs to be read after DC Rebirth, I can't stress that enough. : )This issue can also be classified like other Rebirth titles as a type of epilogue or prologue, but the writing was so well done it was a g [...]

    5. Actual rating: 4.5 stars.Really good, but I wish Godspeed had made an actual apperence. A lot of these one shots have been really slow, which I get that they're setting up the story for the main line titles, but they could be a little more exciting for my tastes.

    6. I think that this was a solid start to the new Flash comic run. I wasn't caught up with the New 52 Flash, but I still think it was welcoming to new readers so it wasn't all that confusing. A lot of good introductions and appearances from characters of the main Rebirth #1 comic.

    7. Just okay. Writing is good, but I don't love the art. But seriously, why is Iris West always such a crappy unlikable character in comics?

    8. I liked it.Good stuff. An intro on what to come while covering stuff from DCU Rebirth. Run Barry, run!!!!

    9. Happy to discover the flash was continuing the story from the rebirth oneshot. The Watchmen angle is super interesting and cannot wait for the story to be in full motion. I think the next clues with be with a Justice League book but I'm sold and will happily board the train. The Flash has always been my favourite DC character so it's awesome to see him at central point of the story. I'm worried about the pace of the comics but it's too early to tell.

    10. Most of this is pretty much just a recap of The Flash thus far, and Rebirth #1, which isn't bad, but I was kind of hoping for more plot moving forward (though I can understand that DC is definitely holding off on inmediately throwing in the Watchmen aspects).Overall, solid reintroduction to the character and what he'll be dealing with in his series. Wally is back, he and Iris are just friends, he and Bruce are teaming up again (yay!), and he has a new case which is exactly like his mother's, whi [...]

    11. Man, DC is on a roll with all these Rebirth issues. I've read every single one and I love them all. The Flash: Rebirth pushes forward the things that happened in DC Universe: Rebirth, showing and giving us more details about the '10 year gap' from Barry and Bruce's perspectives. Also, Godspeed. GOdspeed. GODSPEED. OMG. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna cut this review short and do a happy dance in a corner of the room and fanboy over how cool Godspeed looks. And over that Comedian button again. Bai [...]

    12. This comic was so good! I absolutely loved the continuation from the DC Universe Rebirth. So good! Can't wait to read more!

    13. My reviews for comics usually contain spoilers.This takes place after (and before) the DC Universe: Rebirth comic but it's best to read tht first as to avoid any and all confusion.In this comic we see Barry Allen working on a case that is quite similar to his mom's death. He starts seeing visions of Zoom and himself fighting Zoom. He plays this off as being part of stress related to dealing with the case.While on a run, Barry gets another vision and soon realises it's not a vision and by remembe [...]

    14. The Flash: Rebirth #1? May as well have been called DC Universe: Rebirth #2, but that's not a bad thing. This book picks up right where DCU:R left off, or more accurately right before it. Maybe I'm basing this feeling off of watching the Flash TV series, but this felt like a great jumping on point. Far better than any of last weeks books.We start with the investigation of a murder that is almost exactly like the death of Barry Allen's mother, which gives a perfect excuse to do a whirlwind recap [...]

    15. Excellent story for the Flash! New partner, the return of an old friend, and new evil speedster i'm looking forward to read more about!

    16. Nice book, but confusing in terms of the overall continuity. It picks up where Rebirth #1 left off, so you've got the whole (view spoiler)[Barry/Wally reunion scene (hide spoiler)] revisited.Now that I think back, I'd say it's more intriguing than confusing - and I guess that's something the first arc will resolve. We have got (view spoiler)[the two best forensic scientist superheroes working on it after all (hide spoiler)]A good read for sure, but it does not have the appeal that The New 52 Fla [...]

    17. Si no me equivoco, es el segundo cómic de Flash que leo desde que estoy en el mundillo y me, definitivamente, necesito leer más. Como los otros números del Rebirth, es un cómic para situarte en el nuevo universo y empezar a ver por dónde irán los tiros. Me ha gustado mucho su "team-up" con Batman en este número, al igual que la forma de cómo ha recuperado algunos de sus recuerdos pre-flashpoint. También ha sido genial ver su perspectiva de su reencuentro con Wally ♥. Por último, much [...]

    18. We basically got a recap of DC Rebirth Special. It was a very pretty recap. And it had some touching moments and later it needled some of the elements of Rebirth Special forward a bit. A few promises being made as the character recollects his thoughts post-recap, and then ominous ending (which I thought was well played, despite being predictable.)

    19. i was a bit worried that they just skipped the whole rebirth issue but they didn't and this flash and Batman investigating angle was pretty good to see but the book felt a bit rushed and nothing significant really happened so 3 stars

    20. When will Wally be happy, when? I loved this issue a lot, it was amazing, can't wait for the next one.

    21. This gives me an idea of where old Barry was and where he's heading post Rebirth. I'm interested in issue #1 of the new series.

    22. I'm so excited to see where this is going. This is my first time reading the Flash but I've always loved his character in the animated movies and shows.

    23. Guess I could say we have the best in Rebirth series here. Solid so far, refreshing visuals too.

    24. Out of all the Rebirths I've grabbed so far, this one sheds the most light on what happened after the main Rebirth book.

    25. I love the entire rebirth story line and this was just amazing. This sertinaly is the best point for people who have never read or seen the flashnsidering this is what will happen in the Cw show for season 4 it will be a great point to start up the show and comics.

    26. Very enjoyableThe flash is my favorite super hero, and I keep up with the CW show, so I really enjoyed reading this comic on his story

    27. Love the resurrection of Wally, and the implications of role of Dr. Manhattan and the Watchmen universe on the DC universe has me very excited!🙂

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