• Title: Wind River Rancher
  • Author: Lindsay McKenna
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wind River Rancher The new novel from the bestselling author of Wind River Wrangler Something to hold on to Not so long ago Reese Lockhart was commanding a company of Marines Now his life is spiraling out of control T
    The new novel from the bestselling author of Wind River Wrangler Something to hold on to .Not so long ago, Reese Lockhart was commanding a company of Marines Now his life is spiraling out of control The Bar C ranch outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming may be his last chance to save himself Shaylene Crawford, an Afghanistan veteran herself, knows all too well the demThe new novel from the bestselling author of Wind River Wrangler Something to hold on to .Not so long ago, Reese Lockhart was commanding a company of Marines Now his life is spiraling out of control The Bar C ranch outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming may be his last chance to save himself Shaylene Crawford, an Afghanistan veteran herself, knows all too well the demons of PTSD that s why she s determined to turn her family s cattle ranch into a place where wounded warriors can work, find a home, and rebuild their souls Her embittered father nearly drank and gambled the place away, but with help from a small crew of vets including the newest arrival, the quietly compelling Reese Lockhart she intends to hold on to her dream And when someone tries to destroy that dream, Reese will do whatever it takes to defend her .

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    1. Wind River Rancher by Lindsay McKenna Wind River Valley #2Big issues discussed with potential for much more to be said about them in the books that may follow. I felt the ending was a bit abrupt with issues like what happens with Shay’s father, low ranch income, potential of future foreclosure, and what the futures of the three other wranglers with PTSD on the Bar C Ranch might end up being. I also felt that Reese and Shay were left dangling even though they were engaged with a wedding date in [...]

    2. This story delves quite deeply into Vets and PTSDrhaps more so than any other story I've read to date with that same premise. Not only was the story educational to the true suffering of Vets with PTSD, but was softened with the romance and the kindness of human nature added in. My only complaint was that the story ended abruptly, without closure on Shay's father and his ulterior motives for moving back to the ranch. Perhaps that'll be addressed in the next story in the series, but from the brief [...]

    3. This is a good story about a veteran Shaylene Crawford a veteran who has come home to take over her family’s ranch after her father had a stroke. She has hired three vets as wrangler’s to help her on the ranch and to help them with their PTSD. She is dealing with own issues as well. Now a fourth veteran has shown up in town looking for work. Reese Lockhart was a Captain in the Marine Corps but PTSD forced him out of the corps and you find out that his wife also divorced him. Now looking for [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a totally honest opinion.Reece has been wandering for 2 years, trying to outrun his demons and find a place where he can go on with his life while dealing with his PTSD. He was a Marine and commanded his own squad in Afghanistan.Shay also served and when she came home, it was to a failing ranch and her father having a serious stroke. Her father, an alcoholic and gambler, basically ran the ranch into the ground but that isn't how he sees it. He also [...]

    5. 2.5 starsThis is a predicament for me. On one hand I like the idea of the story, some of the characters, and the turn of events (although it's rather predictable, but when one pick this book hoping for happy ending: voila!). But oii the flow and pace of the story, the long dialogues (inner and spoken alike), they almost put me to sleep. The story centered on the vets with PTSD issues which put quite a gloom and raw atmosphere right from the start. That place so low (for the hero) that the only w [...]

    6. *A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley and I'm freely giving my honest review.*Shay owns a ranch and hires only veterans as help, one day Reese comes to the ranch. Shay and Reese feels a immediate connection but they both have emotional scars from their time in the military, can they find together despite their challenges?I liked this story very much, the description of Shay and Reese's connection is so vibrant and full of feelings. The build up is very slow and sometim [...]

    7. So this book wasn't a fav. I really feel like it would have been better without preaching the virtues of veterans. I think the sad thing is that I agree, but at the same time there are a lot of people out on the streets who have experienced major life traumas. Somehow having fought for our country makes them more worthy of help than other people. I understand the logic, I just don't agree with it. I really think that the author could have made all of the same points through the characters. Inste [...]

    8. Lindsay McKenna’s series about Wind River continues in her second book Wind River Rancher. Her books highlight a setting that is rugged and sometimes quite harsh - Jackson Hole, Wyoming and veterans that have come home from the war and are struggling. Her understanding of the issues of PTSD and the need for support and understanding are not meant to be the main focus of her novels, but are certainly a feature of the main characters. Shaylene Crawford is trying to save her family’s ranch. She [...]

    9. Wind River Rancher was definitely a better story and held my interest far more than book one. I’m always a sucker for a returned soldier and know first hand the difficulties they face after serving their time in war torn countries. Reece is a man that you can’t help but adore. He holds honour and loyalty close to his heart, but struggles with day-to-day life after serving his country. With little expectation about his future, Reece clings to the hope that the Bar C Ranch may be his salvatio [...]

    10. I was a little leery of tackling this second novel in Lindsay McKenna's Wind River Valley series, because I was somewhat disappointed by the first novel in the series, Wind River Wrangler, but the Lindsay McKenna whose books I've enjoyed for decades is back in fine form and I'm happy to be able to give this novel 4.5 stars.Let me start by stating that I'm no stranger to PTSD, I've been married to a Vietnam veteran for 40+ years, and so I fully understand the challenges faced by the characters in [...]

    11. A message of hope delivered through the pages of a romantic suspense novel. Wind River Rancher not only entertains, it informs. Ms. McKenna sheds light on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the struggle it's victims experience on a daily basis. Reese is a man focused on moving forward, but the demons from his past keep trying to pull him back in. Shaylene, is an inspiring work of art. Guiding by her heart, yet trying to escape her past has led her on a path to help those that may not have [...]

    12. Reese is an ex-Marine Captain that is down on his luck due to PTSD when he arrives in Wind River. Shay, another vet, hires him to work on her ranch. There he meets three other vets, all suffering with PTSD. As Rees and Shay work together to save her ranch; the five of them become a family. Along the way Shay learns how to stand up to her abusive father. She and Reese learn how to deal with their PTSD as a couple. Ms. McKenna is a new author for me and I enjoyed this book.

    13. FANTASTIC!!! This book has all the feels. This book is emotional, heartfelt, heartwarming and had me crying. If I could rate this book higher than a 5 I would rate it an 8. Shaylene is an amazing woman who not only has her own Demons to fight but helps Vets with healing at her ranch. Reese walks into Shay's life at the perfect time. When Reese came to Shay's defense with her mean and verbally abusive father and helping her to make her dream come true made him a hero many times over in my book. B [...]

    14. This is the 2nd book in the Wind River Valley romance series. Shay Crawford owns a ranch in Wyoming that has seen better days. She hires armed forces veterans, like herself, who struggle with PTSD. Events are on an upswing with her latest hire, Reese Lockhart, who fits in well around the ranch and in her heart. I enjoyed this patriotic town, its characters, and the pro-veteran message, but found the writing repetitive at times.Thanks for the copy of the book Lindsay!

    15. Reece and Shaylene are trying to rebuild their lives from the stress and PTSD of being in the military on a healing Wyoming Ranch . So enjoy this author and settings with characters the reader can relate and invest in their stories. Looking forward to the next book.Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.

    16. The dialogue, storyline, characters, and romance are poorly drawn, full of cliches, and boring. So boring. Also, the main female character is weak and annoying. It's the kind of book that gives romance novels a bad name. I kept reading trying to figure out how it had such a high average rating, but I never figured it out. Skip this one for sure.

    17. Same locale but we move to a neighbouring ranch. The Veteran and PTSD theme are maintained. As usual with romances, this one cowboy, who the happy couple is to be is telegraphed from the opening pages. The running of ranches by a strong matriarch appears to be a generally accepted practice though ranch foremen are always male. The story follows a predictable pattern.

    18. I received this book as an Advanced Readers Copy from Netgalley. I really loved the characters of Resse and Shay, I loved how Lindsay built each of the characters up and how she worked the war veterans in and the telling of how they have to work through so many demons that they bring back from conflicts. Thank you Lindsay for this.

    19. This is the second book in the series and is a great addition to the series.I just love Lindsay McKenna's book she writes a great military romance that you wont want to put down a super read that i would recommend to all

    20. the context of the story was good, but the actual story was slow , so freaking slow I was bored with it.

    21. Reece Lockheart is a former marine battling PTSD. Shay Crawford owns a ranch which needs workers. She is hiring military veterans to work for her. She hires Reese. Can love be around the corner?

    22. Love VetsI love that the story is centered on vets and animals. I think it was great that the story also talked about the symptoms of PTSD and how it affects lives.

    23. **3.5 Stars**Reese, a veteran by way of the Marines, has struggled greatly for the last two years due to his PTSD. His symptoms aren't conducive to working sometimes, but when he sees the hay and feed store as he's walking through yet another town, he asks if they're hiring. Thankfully, Charlie the owner sees something in Reese and tells him a local ranch owner is looking for a wrangler. Charlie, unwilling to take no for an answer, does what he can for Reese while they wait for his potential new [...]

    24. Wind River Rancher is the second book in the exciting Wind River Series and it packs the same punch as Wind River Wrangler! Lindsay McKenna creates characters who come to life on the pages, endearing them to us in the same way a loving family does.Reese Lockhart is exhausted, mentally and physically, and suffering from PTSD, he is hoping that his bad luck will change as he enters the small town of Wind River, Wyoming. Unable to keep a job, he is literally starving. With dirty clothing hanging of [...]

    25. this book was wonderful the people in this book had PTSD and I can not imagine how that makes these men and women feel that have been in the service. this one women tries to help them on her ranch get there lives back together . if in real life there were people like her to help our vets they would be blessed.

    26. "Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review" 2.5 stars.This story is a good portrait of what happens to veterans dealing with PTSD, their serious problems and the lack of solutions. It’s pleasant to watch how a few good people, including ex-military, and the altruism of a community come together to create a haven for troubled war veterans.Although I appreciate the theme, I won’t say the same about the delivery. The story felt too pedagogical (about PTSD, for instance) and [...]

    27. Lindsay McKenna is one of the best military romance writers that I’ve come across and some of her books are immensely memorable and have revisited numerous times. Along with badass soldiers, she also writes some great badass cowboy stories.Book 2 in the Wind River Valley series, “Wind River Rancher” is so much more emotional, heartfelt and there’s that sublime romance that added so much depth to the story. Discharged from the army due to PTSD, once a commanding officer, Reece Lockhart is [...]

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