• Title: Play Maker: A Sports Romantic Comedy Novel
  • Author: Katie McCoy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Play Maker A Sports Romantic Comedy Novel James Martin international soccer sensation owner of a drool worthy body and panty dropping bad boy He s the perfect one night stand And by one night stand I mean two night stand And by two night st
    James Martin international soccer sensation, owner of a drool worthy body, and panty dropping bad boy He s the perfect one night stand And by one night stand I mean two night stand And by two night stand I mean three night stand Nicole Grant is living every girl s fantasy a rendezvous with the sexiest Brit on either side of the pond It s just one night, and that s fJames Martin international soccer sensation, owner of a drool worthy body, and panty dropping bad boy He s the perfect one night stand And by one night stand I mean two night stand And by two night stand I mean three night stand Nicole Grant is living every girl s fantasy a rendezvous with the sexiest Brit on either side of the pond It s just one night, and that s fine with her With her busy work schedule and a special needs brother she s devoted to, flings are all Nicole has time for No complicated feelings and no strings attached Just hot sex James Martin is used to scoring on and off the field His prowess in the game is rivaled only by his reputation in the tabloids But after Nicole gives him the best hookup of his life, he experiences something new a woman who isn t throwing herself at his feet, who knows all he has to offer and is still keeping her distance Apparently there s a first time for everything James can t get Nicole out of his head She s funny and she s irresistible Nicole can t James off her mind He s good hearted and he s sexy Will their standoff end in a draw, or can this one night stand kick off something real

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    1. 4.5 starsI've read everything there is to read by this author and absolutely loved it! I'll have to admit that what first drew me to read this book was the sinfully hot cover, but as soon as I started reading I learned that there was much more to love than just the hot cover. I was completely captivated with the story and could not stop reading. James Grant, sexy British football player, has the ultimate playboy reputation, even being termed the Play Maker. He is used to scoring on and off the f [...]

    2. Nicole is a funny, sweet, caring, beautiful young woman. She's loved by many and although she has her admirers, she will never get committed to anyone, just fun and easy encounters. Because the main person in her life is her brother, he depends on her and she will do anything and everything for him. But things might be about to change when sexy, but known playboy, football star, James Martin, walks up to her counter. Nicole can't stop thinking that maybe she wants more than just one passionate n [...]

    3. Katie McCoy once again has put me under a spell with her freaking hot, sexy, complicated, and easy to fall in love with athletic character. I was entranced right from the start and Play Maker was a book that I could not put down. James Martin, international football player ( don't call it soccer) has a bad rap with the tabloids and they dubbed him " The Play Maker" and all the blame does not fall on the paparazzi, he takes responsibility for being a ladies man and hooking up with some of the lad [...]

    4. Truth serum injected…I’ll give it to you straight.***3.5 Stars***This review is a wee bit spoilerish so proceed with cautionI nearly gave up on Play Maker. I started this story a little while back. The blurb sounded interesting and that cover certainly caught my attention. Unfortunately, when I started it, I met a couple of hussies and a manwhore who made a name for himself, based on his own transgressions…AND…the transgressions of a teammate who was MARRIED. Now, this teammate looked a [...]

    5. ***4.5 Stars*** Play Maker is the second book I have read by Katie McCoy and it was everything I expected. Fun, sexy, and leaving me wanting more. Now, on to the story of a hot soccer star from across the pond and his sexy bartenderNicole doesn't do relationships. She gives the man one night and one night only. She and her best friend, Maya made this rule years ago and they have never broken the rules. Maya might only have this one rule but Nicole has a few more because she has more than just he [...]

    6. This is overall a super cute book. Once again, I love the hero way more than the heroine. At times, I found it hard to connect with her although she was pretty great with her brother. The hero is just awesome, sexy and British. The book has some great hot moments and some super funny dialogue. If you love sports romances, I definitely recommend this one.

    7. ***ARC Provided by Social Butterfly PR***Review Originally Posted on I'm A Sweet and Sassy Book Whore:imasweetandsassybookwhore.This is, oddly enough, the first book by Katie McCoy that I have read. She has been around for a while, and I am fairly certain I have at least one of her books on my Kindle, so I have absolutely no idea how this has happened. That said, this will not be my last. And, I am a little bit annoyed that I waited this long to read her writing.I liked the characters, I thought [...]

    8. 4 SOCCER/FOOTBALL STARS So I heard about this book after finishing Man Candy by Melanie Harlow. The sneak peek chapter lured me in and took hold of me and I had to go one-click it. I'm glad I did because it was a fantastic read.James & Nicole was great together. They both have strict"rules" they followed on one-night stands. James is a famous British football "soccer" player that's in the USA for a game and Nicole is a bartender that works at the hotel James is staying. They meet when the ho [...]

    9. British Football-star James and his team are in Los Angeles to make soccer a bit more famous in the US. And he might just stay, because he's been thinking of retiring from official european football. Also - this very hot bartender at his hotel could be someone to make him want to stay.Nicole is working her ass off to make enough money for herself and her adorable Doctor Who addict little brother. Mikey is already 20, but he has Down Syndrome, so he needs Nicole to be there for him.That's why Nic [...]

    10. 4 stars What a cute book! James is visiting America for a soccer (football) exhibition game. He has a reputation that he's only partly earned. Nicole is a bar tender that has a special needs brother to look after. Needless to say neither of them look for commitment. Having one night stands is their MO. Until their one night just isn't enough. I really liked this one. There wasn't any angst or extra drama. It was super hot. This author knows how to write a sex scene. My only critique is that Nico [...]

    11. This book is as safe as locking your heart inside of a velvet lined carved wooden box & throwing it into the depths of the ocean.And when you feel an itch to retrieve it,it's simply an easy swim to the bottom as there are no sharks nor ten tentacled monsters in sight.Plainly speaking despite a man eater meeting a man whore the insides of this novel is strangely devoid of ow/om drama.So if a calm sea floats your boat than jump aboard this one.

    12. DNF at 18% -- Didn't like any of the characters in this one - maybe I'm just bitchy today but this book was not working for me at all.

    13. First impressions right off the bat what am I reading right now??!!*SIGH* okay so the book was well written and developed over all, but as far as likeable characters no, but maybe LOLHere's what happened . so I start to read this book and these guys have no redeeming qualities what so ever and then they do. That was odd. Like honest to God, I don't think the unreedeming parts were even necessary (I know I sound crazy right now, but I'm not going to give you any of the plot).Okay, so when I s [...]

    14. Play Maker is as good as Game On was! Just the right amount of sweet, sexy and angst. The pacing was perfect, and the characters were believable. I particularly enjoyed Nicole's relationship with her family and how that shaped her approach to her love life. A fun, light read, perfect on a lazy summer day or a hot summer night!

    15. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I love soccer. It is one of my favorite sports and it makes me so happy that authors are writing more books about soccer players. I read Katie's previous books and really enjoyed them, so I was excited to see that she was wrote this one and I was more than willing to read it!Nicole is a hotel bartender who works to support her and her autistic brother. She never sleeps with a guy more than once and she sticks to that rule [...]

    16. Review:In this sexy, new read by Katie McCoy we have Nicole Grant- a bartender at a hotel bar and James Martin-an international soccer star dubbed "The Play Maker" by the media because of his reputation with the ladies.Nicole and her coworker Maya don't do relationships.They just have one-night stands.Nicole doesn't have the time for a relationship and none of her exes ever understood why her little brother was the most important thing in her life.And as cliche as it is, James has never found a [...]

    17. Play Maker!!!!! Ohhh goooooodnessssThis book was a lot of fun, loved the story, loved the characters, loved all the banter and LOVED all The HAWTNESSS!!! It was sooo good!! James-The famous, sexy-as hell, British playboy!!Nicole-the bartender who was behind on her school loans and takes care of her brother.James and Nicole are both Players!!! Of course he is since he is a international soccer player-all the women swoon over this boy and ALL want to take him to bed!!! Nicole is a bartender with a [...]

    18. Enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. It has a pretty steady pace and was just one of those on point stories for me.

    19. Nicole Grant wasn’t the commitment type – heck no. She has a lot on her plate, and the only thing she can offer to someone was a night or two, no strings, no commitments, no cuddling and no sleepovers. She doesn’t do complicated, her life is way more than that. She has a brother to care for.James Martin’s reputation precedes him. He’s not only a good soccer player on the field, it is also rumored that he was one heck of a player off the field too. Who can resist someone as hot as James [...]

    20. Nicole has a complicated, busy life. She bartends at night, is putting herself through college, caring for her brother and basically just lives week to week. Her tip jar at work determines whether or not the cheese macaroni she has for dinner at home has hot dogs in it or not. When it comes to taking care of her brother, nothing is more important to her. She has made many sacrifices in her young life to give him the best life she is able to.Therefore, love and relationships are completely off he [...]

    21. Holy hotness!!! This book was sexy, hot, captivating, and oh so delicious, Katie, has out done her self yet again. I need a cold shower after, this book has so much steam, it will leave your panties wet!!!Smoldering, sizzling, and sinfully, hot this book is on fire from page one. James, and Nicole will leave your hearts beating fast and your woman parts feeling moist!!!! These two had some seriously hot off the charts chemistry, the characters and their development were very well written. I enjo [...]

    22. James is “The Play Maker.” He’s a football (soccer) star who the tabloids exploit at every scandalous turn. He’s often found in the attendance of multiple girls within just one week! Needless to say, finding female company has never been a problem, just as leaving that company behind has always been just as easy.Nicole is a bartender. She and fellow bartender, Maya, believe in uncomplicated liaisons, lasting barely the night, and allowing them to never form complicated strings to anyone. [...]

    23. This is a steamy romance about two individuals who are at a tipping point in both their lives. Nicole Grants puts dibs on James Martin and from their first sparks fly. "One night stands were one night. That was the rule. No repeats. No Exceptions."Nicole is a strong, independent heroine. She's take on a world of responsibility by committing herself to her disabled brother. She's also committed to the Slut Code, she will not go beyond a one night stand, to not only to protect her heart but to pro [...]

    24. AMAZING I loved this book. Such a fun, hot, sexy, fun loving book. Nicole isn't keen to commit, nope she is happy with her one night stands, why take on all the extra trouble, why not just have all the fun and walk out the door, with the responsibility of a special needs sibling, a man to loose herself in for a few hours is all she needs.James is the hottest thing on the football field (also known as soccer over here in aus ) his the play maker to the tabloids, but is he? These 2 hit it off and [...]

    25. Five Amazing Stars! James is here in America for an exhibition soccer game, he does not believe in girlfriends, just one night stands. Nicole doesn't do relationships because she has had her share of bad relationships and she takes care of her brother with Down Syndrome. Until she meets James one night while she was working in the hotel bar. What will happen to them since he is a one night stand man and she usually does do relationships? Can they be happy together? The author writes a story that [...]

    26. Oh, I love Katie McCoy's heroes. They're the best. If they're not volunteering at animal shelters, they're baking brownies or donating their time to charity.This was really cute, but I was a little taken aback during the whole "slut code" phase during the first quarter of the book. Just because you don't a want a relationship and have casual sex doesn't make you slutty. Own it, girl! Don't do that whole negative-self-talk thing. I also liked that there was clear knowledge of MLS, exhibition game [...]

    27. Nicole has casual encounters with men as she feels too invested in caring for her little brother, but then what supposed to be a one night stand turns into more.This book had so much going for it, a great hero, steamy scenes, an adorable little brother, a general light feeling to it, not too much drama and still It never quite won me over, things seemed too perfect a lot of times and I had my problems with the way Nicole acted in the beginning.It is a nice and fast read, but quite forgettable I [...]

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