• Title: One Mother to Another: This Is Just Between Us
  • Author: Melissa Mowry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One Mother to Another This Is Just Between Us It s no secret that parenting books are a dime a dozen Certain books will tell you what type of fruit your baby most resembles this week or the best method for calming a colicky newborn Others will te
    It s no secret that parenting books are a dime a dozen Certain books will tell you what type of fruit your baby most resembles this week or the best method for calming a colicky newborn Others will teach you how to potty train your toddler in three days or convince your four year old to eat something other than ketchup But what about the rest of it all the other millionIt s no secret that parenting books are a dime a dozen Certain books will tell you what type of fruit your baby most resembles this week or the best method for calming a colicky newborn Others will teach you how to potty train your toddler in three days or convince your four year old to eat something other than ketchup But what about the rest of it all the other million little moments that make up being a parent Known for her wit and honesty about raising young children through her popular blog One Mother to Another, Melissa Mowry brings us a collection of stories about those little details the kinds of things you whisper to a mom friend over a glass of wine but rarely hear anyone talk about out loud In a relatable style that s both funny and raw, Mowry tackles subjects that span pregnancy loss and marital growing pains to mom guilt and the occasional desire to run away from home If you ve ever read a parenting book and wished for a little , you ll find One Mother to Another to be a fresh new take on the world s most talked about subject.

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    1. Sometimes blog-to-book doesn't work out well, but Mowry's book is an exception. This collection of thoughtful, finely-honed essays would be a great choice for any mom, but particularly expectant or new mothers. The short, self-contained pieces even lend themselves to being read during the stolen moments in a new mom's busy day. We need fewer how-to manuals and more books like this one, books that explore all the complicated feelings--the profound guilt, anxiety, and absolute exhilaration--of mot [...]

    2. This book was given to me by a close friend whose motherhood stories always make me laugh. I highly recommend this book for any new moms struggling for sanity. It made me feel better about many of the emotions that I have been going through since my little one was born.

    3. Melissa Mowry has written an endless thought bubble. Melissa Mowry states that she is a "white affluent American living in a white affluent area"- the book should have been called "One White Affluent American Mother: This is Just Between Us". When I expressed my opinion of her book on her FB page, she became defensive, and deleted the comments, as she cannot take constructive criticism. Melissa needs to learn that her readers are her customers! Melissa could be a remarkable author, if she writes [...]

    4. Not What I Expected (in a good way) I've followed this author's writing online for some time now, and I honestly bought this book to be supportive of her. I thought I would end up skimming it, that, as a mother to older children, I might not find it very appealing. But I found myself drawn in to the author's words, crying and laughing and nodding my head (YES! ME TOO!!!) with her, immersed and moved by her insightful, wise observations about the daunting experience of early motherhood. Reading O [...]

    5. There are so many parenting books out there, so if you're looking for the one that is most relatable and seems like it comes from a real mother, I recommend this one. By the end of this book, you'll want to be friends with Melissa Mowry. You'll want to invite her over because she tells you it's okay if your house isn't clean. And it's okay if you are struggling. And it's okay if you want to disappear some days. But she knows you love your kids and you're a good mom. She's funny, clever, and auth [...]

    6. Filled with relevant and relatable stories, One Mother to Another is a must for any new mom -- or any mom who wants to remember what those early days of motherhood were like. Bite-sized stories capture the essence of what it means to be a mother with all its joys and challenges and fill the reader with that feeling of "me too." Like having a cup of coffee with a friend, Mowry's warm and friendly writing style will have readers nodding their heads and wiping away tears at the same time, all while [...]

    7. This book is truly a phenomenal read. Melissa is not only a good writer but she is so honest and funny. Every single story she tells is relatable, I found myself nodding while reading and saying to myself "yup, been there!" I agreed with every word she wrote. Melissa says what I believe all moms are thinking but are too afraid to say out loud. This is absolutely a book I will go back to and read over and over again, and pass on to my fellow mom friends.

    8. Best mom book I've readThere is everyone's truth in what Melissa has written in this book. I found myself constantly saying "yep that's me" and "exactly" or "I'm so glad I'm not the only one." So thank you so much Melissa for writing this book and allowing a glimpse into your life and showing mothers around the world how alike we all are and that yes, we are good moms even on the bad days.

    9. I'm not a mother, but I sometimes pick up books like this to better understand my friends who are. Mowry gives a supportive, realistic picture of motherhood. She gives moms permission to be imperfect in an age where they're expected to meet ridiculous standards. For any mother struggling with societal demands, this book is a godsend.

    10. This book was gifted to me by a friend toward the end of my pregnancy. It's light enough reading when you're tired and can't handle much else, yet heartfelt enough to elicit a few tears. It also, most importantly, offered reassurance that yes, it is ok to be a less than perfect mom, that motherhood is messy, but it'll all work out.

    11. Best Mom Book EverReading this book is like having a chat with an old friend. Melissa's tale isn't a new one but one every mother can relate to. If you've ever raised a child or are contemplating doing so, read this book. She gives you the breakdown of what makes motherhood hard but also rewarding.

    12. Spot on!Melissa hits every nail on the head with this book! Every page I found myself thinking "me too!!". Being a mom is tough this day & age, but knowing you're not alone (and not by fingers sliding under the bathroom door) is priceless.

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