• Title: Finding the Light
  • Author: Kassidy Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: None
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    Finding the Light My life was full of darkness with no hope to see the light I was spiraling out of control and heading in a direction I couldn t return from Losing someone you loved can mess with you It can change you
    My life was full of darkness with no hope to see the light I was spiraling out of control and heading in a direction I couldn t return from Losing someone you loved can mess with you It can change you into someone you re not It s what was happening I was letting the dark win Until I saw her and her son I let her in and vowed to protect her She was changing me intoMy life was full of darkness with no hope to see the light I was spiraling out of control and heading in a direction I couldn t return from Losing someone you loved can mess with you It can change you into someone you re not It s what was happening I was letting the dark win Until I saw her and her son I let her in and vowed to protect her She was changing me into the man I wanted to be, allowing me to right my wrongs One thing I should have counted on was the past always coming back to haunt you People you thought you could count on will hurt you Will the light find me

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    1. ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****In book one, we met Mason and Dan. We learned all about their horrific upbringing and fall in love with them even though they are technically the monsters. Rylee fell prey to Mason's family's torture yet she turns the world on its axis for Mason and Dan. Mason becomes her savior and love and Dan becomes like a brother.At the end of Book 1, we learn just how horrible Mason's family is when they turn on one of their own, Dan. Now Dan is living a nightmare trying to get hi [...]

    2. This was my first book of Kassidy's and I absolutely loved it!The story line was well thought out, and her characters are very well developed. If you are looking for romantic suspense that is fast paced, with just the right amount of drama, action, romance, and a plot twist, this is your next read.I'm definitely looking forward to more from her.

    3. Finding the Light is the sequel to Kassidy's book Fighting the Darkness. I absolutely loved the first book, and it's dark, mature themes, and this sequel is no different.The main character, Dan, we meet in Fighting the Darkness, and like many others, I wasn't his biggest fan, not until the end of the book. Finding the Light is Dan's story, showcasing the sweet, protective side to him, but additionally it shows what happened to him after the first book where he lost the girl he thought he was in [...]

    4. 2.5-3 starsI had a lot of hope for this book. After reading Fighting the Dark and how that ended, I was happy to read about Dan. He was my favorite character from the last book and one of the more "normal" ones and I thought he deserved a happily ever after. I liked Mallory and Carter and how he bonded with Dan and Loki. To a certain point this book disappointed me though. It was rather predictable who Carter's father was going to turn out to be and that he would be the reason things went wrong [...]

    5. I loved this book. When I opened it and realized it was Dan's story, I was so excited. It was a perfect romance filled with "edge of your seat" suspense. The connection between Dan and Mal was perfect. I personally liked the instant love Dan had for Carter. Nothing screams perfect man like their ability to love someone else's child like their own. The connection to Mason's family, and their past life, pulled me in. It was a gripping book. I can't wait for more. Hopefully Ty gets his next! The on [...]

    6. After reading Fighting the Dark I couldn't wait to read this one - I wanted to know Dan's story. I knew Dan was not cut out for the life he grew up in, he had a sweet side and Carter & Mallory really brought it out. Dan's protective nature makes him all the sweeter! But let's not forget where he came from and what he is capable of, especially if those he loves are in danger. This book proves that friends really have your back and Dan is lucky to have Mason & Ty. Michael, ugh - I don't th [...]

    7. I was happy how the first book ended, that I just hope the second book was just as great. And, it was this author knows how to capture the readers attention. This book was well written and fun and entertaining to read. I was so happy that Dan was still alive in the last book and to see how he is getting through all that happened to him. I love his character and then came along Mallory and Carter and Loki his dog and the story was really good and I was so hoping that Dan would get a happy ending [...]

    8. This book was so exciting to read. Dan still trying to figure out how to live after everything that he was put through by Mason’s family. He went to the park and met a little boy named Carter and his mom Mallory. They hit it off a little then he became a jerk. Over time they get to know each other and he helps her find her son’s father. After some time he figures out who his father is and warns her to stop looking for him. He isn’t a good guy. Things happen and Dan is hurt that Mallory is [...]

    9. To be fair, it's tough for me to read darker romance books. I loved getting to know Mallory and Carter, and it was good to go back and "visit" Dan, Rylee, and Mason from the previous book. As dark as Dan & Mason's pasts had been, I had been hoping they would get their HEA stories. I loved seeing the dynamic between Dan & Carter and how finding the right people can change a life. This was a good read, just a little difficult at times for my heart. :)

    10. I absolutely loved Dan and Mallorys story. It captivates you pulls you in so much you feel every emotion that happens in this story.The dark side to this book is great, it keeps you page turning because of the anticipation of What will happen next. The book finishes on a HEA which is definately what you want to see for them all. Its also great to get more of Mason and Ryley too. I hope their are more to come in the future TYs story definately.

    11. Loved it! I was very excited that Dan was going to have his own book. The story was great! Dan is amazing. Mallory is a great heroine and little Carter steals your heart. So far this is my favorite book of the series! I hope we get a story for Ty and maybe Alice if she can redeem herself!A few typos and grammar errors but not enough to ruin the story!

    12. What happened to Dan in the first book just broke my heart. I'm glad he found Mallory and Carter. The twist with Alice just blew my mind. I did not see that coming at all. Love seeing more of Mason nad Rylee. Hoping that Ty gets his own book.

    13. When you read the first few pages the book will have you hooked. This is Dan's book. And how he met Mallory and her little cute son. His father turns out to be a very bad man who can also knows. This book will have you into it 100%. You made need tissuesI am voluntarily reviewing this book

    14. Wow this story had lots of twists and turns! Loved dans story!!! Had a few emotional moments!!! A few moments I wanted to throw my iPad!!! Love reading this drama filled story and you never know what is going to happen!!!

    15. I have been waiting for this book ever since I finished Fighting the Darkness. It feels like that was forever ago, when in reality it was just a few month's ago. But I guess when you just want that next book it feels like forever ago. In Finding the Light we get Dan and Mallory's story. I have to say when we first meet Dan in Fighting the Darkness I didn't really like him all that much. But that was just at the beginning of the story. His character kind of just grows on you (well at least for me [...]

    16. This author has a way of telling a story that grips you from the prologue to the epilogue. Action packed, dark and so romantic with characters that are so strong and filled with mixed emotions. The story can be read as stand alone because the author does a wonderful job at filling the reader in, but reading the first book will give this book depth.The tortured main character is amazing. He is strong and rough around the edges. He is a diamond in the rough. He has a big heart and yet his past is [...]

    17. This book has left me with a book hangover. Right from the prologue you will be pulled in and not be able to put this book down. This book has darkness to it so if you are wanting a light and fun read, this is not for you. What you will find is a book full of suspense that takes you on twists of unexpected turns. Having grown up in with a family that has done some rough things and having no choice but to participate in this illegal events, he never expected to see any light especially when the p [...]

    18. I am new to Kassidy Carter, and I loved this book. Well written, literate book.her character development is spot on. I am going to read more of this author! Painful pasts give way to trust and live and hea . Recomended

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