• Title: Playing Doctor
  • Author: Aiden Bates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Playing Doctor Jonah escaped the life of a typical small town omega He got a scholarship to art school in New York City He s traveled He s seen the world He s built a spectacular art career for himself and he even
    Jonah escaped the life of a typical small town omega He got a scholarship to art school in New York City He s traveled He s seen the world He s built a spectacular art career for himself, and he even married a beta instead of being claimed by an alpha When his husband left him, turning him and their infant son out into the street, he had no choice but to return to hisJonah escaped the life of a typical small town omega He got a scholarship to art school in New York City He s traveled He s seen the world He s built a spectacular art career for himself, and he even married a beta instead of being claimed by an alpha When his husband left him, turning him and their infant son out into the street, he had no choice but to return to his hometown of Saranac, New York He still has his career His social life is a shambles for two and a half years until an accident brings him face to face with the handsome new E.R specialist in town Unfortunately, Jonah s ex husband has just arrived in town, looking to re connect with his son What s an omega to do Dr Dave Sommer left the hustle and bustle of L.A for the small Adirondack town of Saranac, New York He s still in the emergency room, but the work is different The hours are different, and the omegas are different One omega in particular has his attention Jonah Smith, famous artist and divorc Can Dave overcome his reluctance to raise a son that isn t his Or will he choose the younger, proper omega who seems a little too proper to be real This is a non shifter male pregnancy gay romance book This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18 The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

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    1. What just happened there?I really enjoyed this book right up until about the last 50-25% where suddenly things went past the point of suspended disbelief. And, in reality, the only 2 people that really had consistent personalities and understandable thought processes were Jonah and Kyle. I liked Dave for most of the book, but then he turned into a mopey, emo, irrational teenager willing to believe everyone's hearsay about the man he claimed to love, but was unwilling to go speak to said man to s [...]

    2. Alright bookThe author is talented at weaving stories and I've enjoyed many of his books but this one although enjoyable just made me frustrated by the alpha character Dave and didn't really warm to him. He loved the omega Jonah but wouldn't commit as he had a child previous, then when Jonah told him to get lost he realises oh hey it doesn't matter but when derrick another omega set up a plan to have Dave all to himself as he's up the duff from Jonah's ex husband and wants to quickly get mated s [...]

    3. This was a cute and entertaining story. I wish there was more time spent on world building, though. I got that an omega is a gay male that is able to have babies, but how? Also, I wish there was more explanation as to what makes one an alpha or beta.

    4. I thought this was a strong story that featured a brave omega. Jonah was not the typical omega, he wanted more out of life then to just be a baby maker. He thumbed his nose at the old beliefs , had a successful career and fell in love with a beta. However, that ended badly and he returned home with a small child to become the pariah of his community. He still holds his head high, continues his career and loves his child more then anything. Dave is a new alpha to the community, he is a doctor who [...]

    5. Daytime Drama Time If you asked me what this book is about I'd say it's about bigotry, about not being the same as everybody else. Being courageous enough to be your own person. WAIT! Unfortunately, it is also a sappy, over-the-top, angstfest! The Alpha - who is dumb as a lump and easily one of the most gullible characters I've read in a while - falls for a 'used' omega who already has had someone else's child. The Alpha is such a wuss his assistant tell him what to do and who to dated he does i [...]

    6. Very little good points in this book but I did finish it so I will give this a two. The basis of the story could have been great but it was over powered by the bigot and assholes who would judge someone for not being a stud horse to an alpha and actually wanting a life with love. But when that love failed and he was left with a child to raise, all of a sudden he is a cheap whore who doesn't deserve a good alpha doctor to care for him. What the actual fuck??? Anyways, just no.

    7. Dave is new in town also an doctor when he meet jonah when his dad is in accident, There are some things that are not meant to be by that Jonah once married an beta never got claimed and had a son that in this town law is wrong, I was like What i sud'nt be surprised these laws are still happening even non fiction and in fiction world ok back to the storyDave believes in tradition but all tradition aside you cant help what the heart loves and he fallen in love with jonah but thing dont go smoothl [...]

    8. (view spoiler)[Today, I decided to read a few of Aiden bates' books however it's the second book I read -just today - of him where one omega character gets pregnant and wants to pin the baby on someone else despite not having sex with this person during the time he got pregnant so I get that pretty much all of Aiden Bates books have a similar "theme" (Human alpha and Omega mpreg) but come on (hide spoiler)]

    9. 3.5 starsDave was annoying and he wasn't an Alpha IMOI didn't like how he let people talk him into doing stuff he didn't want to do that's not Alpha like I didn't like how he believed the other omega I didn't like his co- worker Elaine either I liked Kyle more than I liked Dave and that's saying a lot but I did like Jonah he was a strong Omega and good father he did things his way and on his terms.ke all of Aiden's books well written and the story flowed

    10. Playing DoctorI've never read or been a fan of Mpreg but I'm really enjoying this author's work. I will say that I enjoyed this story but woo, it was a soap opera of drama!

    11. This book is probably really a 3.5but I'm rounding up for the beginning and world building.My first book by this author. I don't read a lot of non-shifter A/B/O books, so this was an interesting take on the genre for mecially with the contemporary setting and theme. The book opens up great for me. OMEGA Jonah Smith is a single dad and artist who has made a new life for himself back in his hometown after his marriage collapses. He may be a little lonely for adult friendship but his life is full. [...]

    12. My rating for this story is entirely due to how incredibly frustrating I found it, not anything to do with the writing itself. I pretty much wanted to slap everyone in the story but Jonah, Tristan, and Jonah's family. I really liked Jonah, he was a great example of a strong omega and someone who has made the best out of what would have ruined another person's life. I thought Tristan was cute although he was acted much more like a 5 year old than a 3 year old. Dave seemed very unaphalike to me. H [...]

    13. So much love for Jonah…I really enjoyed this take on the alpha/omega dynamic, Jonah is my favourite kind of omega, feisty and spirited, independently taking on a world that judges him harshly regardless of the circumstances or the size of his heart. A heart which, in this particular case, is huge, despite the fact that it’s been stomped on. And his son? I just wanted wrap that child in unconditional affection and protect him from the rampant obnoxiousness. Not all of the main characters elic [...]

    14. So SoThis is an Aiden Bates story, so angst and miscommunication between the MCs is to be expected. It's in all his books. However, this story was COMPLETELY over angst filled. I began to believe that the MC's were not meant for each other. The Alpha was COMPLETELY stupid. He already stated that the omega Derek was desperate, so why would you believe him when he comes with so-called proof that his rival is getting back with his ex, then immediately offer to take him as a mate? The Alpha's best f [...]

    15. Follow your own pathNot your standard omega/ alpha fare but a modern tale in which it happens that men can have babies; otherwise business as usual as we spend our time judging others.Jonah was set for a life as an omega whose only reason for existence so be told is to be a domestic God and bear children for his Alpha. However, he has artistic skills he wants to flex and does not want to be tied to a domineering alpha.Jonah chooses his path and not all goes smoothly and he comes home with his so [...]

    16. Jonah escaped the life of a typical small-town Omega, went to art school in New York City, traveled, and built a spectacular art career. He defied the odds and married a Beta for love. When his husband left him, turning him and their infant son out into the street, he had no choice but to return to his hometown of Saranac, New York. Almost three years later, an accident brings him face to face with the handsome new E.R. specialist in town, Alpha Dave Sommer. Unfortunately, Jonah’s ex-husband h [...]

    17. Jonah escaped his small town's narrow mind-ness about the responsibilities of a an Omega, on a art scholarship, unfortunately, he is back now with his son in tow. The town looks down on him for not mating an alpha, but instead marrying for love.Dave has escape the confines of LA and has moved to a small New York town in hopes of finding an Omega who is engaging and care for more than just fashion and what his alpha cares about. He is attracted to Jonah, but not sure how he feels about raising an [...]

    18. Cute, feel good storyI am really starting to like these non-shifter Mpreg books. Unfortunately, the author does not go into any detail on how the Alpha/Beta/Omega hierarchy came about. I like the main story of the book between Dave and Jonah and his Jonah's son Tristan. I felt that more background was needed for Dave since I felt like I barely knew him. There was even more background on Kyle and his family life than Dave's. I do wish to know what became of Kyle's parents, especially since they h [...]

    19. Strong OmegaNicely done. When reading this story you will feel all sorts of emotions -happiness, sadness, pity, empathy and even anger. Jonah is judged based on people's perceptions but he rises above that. Dave allows other people's opinion to cloud his judgement. But in the end we are able to see him work through the madness.

    20. Decent story. Really liked Jonah, Dave was ok. The plot was pretty simple and there was a lot of repetitiveness in the book. Irene's personality was obnoxious and it was hard to believe she turned around all at once. Near the end there were grammar issues and using the wrong person's name in a sentence which is always frustrating.

    21. RedemptionJonah and Dave's story was wonderful. I did however want to smack Irene and Derek around quite a bit and Kyle for a while. Ok so I wanted to smack Dave a few times as well. Tristian was a great addition to this story. I am happy certain people got their heads out of their .ahems, so this story could have the HEA I wanted it to.

    22. Very weird story. Took me a long time to wrap my head around the alpha/omega situation in this world. This is NOT a shifter book but just people who are alphas/omegas/betas but the male omegas can get pregnant. Maybe this isn't the first book in the series but I felt like I came into this story and that the world just wasn't explained or set up well for me.

    23. Who Hasn't Played Doctor ?Aiden,Yowza ! Nice work my friend, this is a good classic, old fashionedif anything can happen romance !!! Now, how about telling us how Oliver and Chris met and work out ? Just an idea.m ?Hugs.Kathy

    24. I thought this book was great. Jonah is a likable character. He sounds like lovable dad. Dave is a strong character and a good doctor. Tristan's other dad sounds crazy. I would read this story again.

    25. Good ReadI really liked this story. The twists were well written so you didn't see them coming. I liked the main and secondary characters, although there a couple you don't like. I'm looking forward to the next book.

    26. My 1st novel from this author and I greatly enjoyed this novel. Its also my 1st mpreg story in a normal setting without shifters!

    27. Hot and Unique StoryThis was a very unique story which I loved. Hot Alpha and a sexy Omega what more can you ask for. I recommend this book

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