• Title: Stuff
  • Author: Joy Williams Keith Negley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: ebook
  • Stuff newyorker magazine Original Fiction Short Story He felt blue He was dying and the doctor or whoever that had been hadn t even given him a prescription to ll
    newyorker magazine 201Original Fiction, Short Story He felt blue He was dying, and the doctor, or whoever that had been, hadn t even given him a prescription to ll.

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    1. Very good short storyally makes me want to read more of her. Anyone have any suggestions on where to begin?

    2. Some wonderful stuff in this story. “In the parking slot alloted to him in his town-house cluster, two men had set up a card table and were soliciting signatures for a proposal to give a tax credit to households with guns. They had occupied this slot before. They seemed comfortable with the assumption that it was the ideal space for their endeavor and had assured Henry that this was but the first step of the process. After they had won the tax credit, they would petition for the elimination of [...]

    3. Joy Williams has created a subtle story about a man whose life is uneventful and dull. When he finds out he is dying of cancer it is like a steroid, and suddenly he feels great. But this is nothing special, as his mother later tells him, everyone dies. But he feels changed because he now has something to write about, not just "about buttercups" as one person derides. If dying is life's biggest event, what does that say about mankind? Very interesting story.

    4. A writer for a local paper has lived a very cautious life, and at the end of it, realizes that even his own mother is bored with him.

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