• Title: If Ever I Fall
  • Author: S.D. Robertson
  • ISBN: 9780008100698
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • If Ever I Fall Exceptionally beautiful emotionally charged and inspirational MIRANDA DICKINSON A wonderfully told tale of devastation grief and ultimately hope with a narrative that grips from the start and doesn
    Exceptionally beautiful, emotionally charged and inspirational MIRANDA DICKINSON A wonderfully told tale of devastation, grief and ultimately hope, with a narrative that grips from the start and doesn t let go until the final page KATHRYN HUGHESIs holding on harder than letting go Dan s life has fallen apart at the seams All he s ever wanted is to keep his family toge Exceptionally beautiful, emotionally charged and inspirational MIRANDA DICKINSON A wonderfully told tale of devastation, grief and ultimately hope, with a narrative that grips from the start and doesn t let go until the final page KATHRYN HUGHESIs holding on harder than letting go Dan s life has fallen apart at the seams All he s ever wanted is to keep his family together, but everything seems beyond repair and, try as he might, he can t turn back time.Maria is drowning in grief She spends her days writing letters that will never be answered, unable to connect with the real world.In the face of real tragedy, can this couple find a way to reconcile their past with a new future And is love enough to carry them through Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes and Amanda Prowse.

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    1. This book was one of those reads that was designed to slowly unfurl its secrets to you. The book followed three characters and their seemingly disparate storylines. Maria's chapters were told in a letter format to a person named Sam: unfortunately to me the writing felt very stilted and unnatural; these chapters were often used as unimaginative info-dumps to get the storyline across. Dan's storyline started in the present and worked its way back from there. His chapters were probably my favourit [...]

    2. I have no idea what I expecting before I read this book, apart from the need for some tissueswell I didn't find the book that emotional at all, but I did think it was a beautifully written story that was incredibly easy to follow and that I was absorbed in completely from the first few pages. There are three very distinct story threads in this book, and it took a while for me to see just how they were completely connected. We have Maria who is writing letters to Sam, mainly streams of conscious [...]

    3. There was something very wrong, the man just knew, where was he? Nothing was familiar to him, in fact he wasn’t even familiar with anything about himself. It was like this is day one and nothing had gone before it. He only existed from the moment his eyes opened. He knew what things were but nothing about his past apart from the headache, he knew about that. With the eerie appearance of Dr. Miles the tale became even more strange. There were rules, no clocks or computers, no T.V’s or newsp [...]

    4. A powerful portrayal of grief, and the way it can destroy relationships, following a family tragedy. The novel is told in three strands - Dan, newspaper editor, partly set before the tragedy happened; his wife Maria, unable to handle her sorrow - this strand is given in letters by her that will never reach their recipient; and an amnesiac who may be called Jack, who finds himself in a surreal and sinister world, unable to discern what is real. I found Maria's letters the least satisfactory part [...]

    5. If I Ever Fall is a compelling novel, it's not a heavy read but intelligent and insightful and a real page turner.This is a wonderfully constructed novel with an element of mystery to the storyline which was quite sad in places but I did find it to be very enjoyable and I read it quickly as I was desperate to know what happened.I love the way the author draws you in to his believable characters and their lives. S.D. Robertson has written a superb book and I think it's one of those books that wil [...]

    6. I was given an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and independent review. I really liked the style in which this was written - part normal narrative and part told through letters written. It therefore took a while to get to know the individual stories and how it all linked but the "journey" there was interesting. Without being sexist I have to say that I was surprised that the author is a man. His ability to deal with a lot of the sensitive subject matter with so much empathy and emoti [...]

    7. If Ever I Fall has been sitting on my Netgalley list for far too long (my apologies to the author and publisher) so I thought it was about time I bumped it to the top of my list and I am very glad that I did. It isn't an easy read by any means. It's full of emotion and raw grief, but it's quite beautifully written. It's going to be one of those books which are hard to review though as it would be so easy to give too much away.Maria and Dan have struggled with their marriage since losing their 14 [...]

    8. Dan and Maria through their emotional struggles with marriage and grief show us how life tests us and how we do or don't fight back. Grappling with grief, a marriage having run its course and the mind dealing with it all, if ever i fall is emotional but not in the sentimental, crying manner. The issues presented are not easy to come to terms with but present beneath every relationships surface. Once you start reading don't think and let the story unfold sentence by sentence only then you will re [...]

    9. If Ever I Fall is boldly recommended for fans of Jojo Moyes -an author I really enjoy. And it was that claim which first drew me to the book. Well ok, the cover too, because yeah. I'm a sucker for a pretty cover. Anyway, after investigating further I was convinced, this did indeed sound like a book that would be right up my street.I picked it up to read last Saturday morning. Typically, I had woken up early on my day off (why does that always happen?) and even though I had a list as long as my a [...]

    10. There are psychological twists, and there are twists. This book had me completely fooled until the end. Brilliantly written and told in an unusual and exciting way.Dan and Maria lived in a small town and enjoy all the benefits of living close to the countryside. They have two daughters, Sam and Ruby. Or rather they HAD.The story shifts between the now, a year before and what happens after the event. It is not clear until close to the end exactly what did happen.Understandably they are struggling [...]

    11. I was enjoying this book and found it interesting engaging and intriguing BUT as the threads started to come together I found it just didn't work for me. The ending was too contrived with too many loose ends very disappointed as until about 80- 85% it was looking like a 4* book.Others have loved it, but it just didn't float my boat.

    12. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I didn't know much about this story before I started to read it. It is better to go into this story blind. The story is somewhat a mystery. We meet jack who has amnesia after an accident who is being looked after by a retired doctor called Miles. We also meet Maria through letters that she is writing to Sam. Very slowly the mystery of what is really going on unfolds through Jack and Maria. I knew from the blurb that i [...]

    13. If I ever fall by SD Robertson is an emotional read which if you're like me then you'll need a good pack of tissues to accompany this story. The book is easy to read but is a sad one surrounding bereavement and grief. It was enjoyable though

    14. The prologue of this novel opens with the most unsettling words to ever come out of anyone's mouth:"I don't know who I am."Not only that, this anonymous character has no idea where they are, what has happened to them and why they are struggling to come to in a strange room with a strange person. Then, before we have the chance to work out who this person is and what they might be doing there, we start Chapter one which is set in 2017 and takes the form of a letter.What intrigued me about this bo [...]

    15. With Dan and Maria’s lives in free fall and the mysterious Miles looking after amnesiac Jack, the world is not all it seems.If Ever I Fall was completely different to my expectations. I imagined I was about to read a cosy and emotional women’s fiction narrative that I would thoroughly enjoy. I certainly enjoyed If Ever I Fall and I did find it emotional, but this three stranded story exceeded my expectations, with an almost psychological thriller or mystery element too.It’s quite hard to s [...]

    16. This novel deals with the experience of grief and how a family and their marriage implode. Dan and Maria have lost their eldest daughter. Maria , who has OCD sees a therapist and writes letters to her dead child. Dan, her husband cannot cope with her grief and his job whilst being supportive of their other child, who is also suffering. The marriage breaks up and whilst Dan attempts suicide one day, he suffers a head trauma which leads him to suffer a loss of consciousness and amnesia. He suffers [...]

    17. Wow, just wow what a roller coaster ride of emotion! S.D Robertson weaves a truly magical tale, spinning an intricate web that is both beautiful and complex.Imagine waking up, not knowing your name, where you are or how you got there? Add to that being in a strange house with a man calling himself a doctor and a mysterious girl in a red coat who looks familiar but who nobody else seems to see.Anyone would be confused and scared, right? Jack has woken up in just such a situation. He has absolutel [...]

    18. This novel doesn't give anything away. Not right away at least.It keeps you on edge. Keeps you asking questions that won't be answered almost until the very end.Basically, it keeps you turning the pages, looking for those answers. And this is brilliant. It's what keeps readers, well, reading.The plot unfolds carefully, as I just hinted.Bits and bobs are given almost casually by the author until we get to a point (quite early in the book) where we start figuring out – mind you, figuring out, no [...]

    19. This was a very strange book. The chapter's were very 'all over the place' and despite only finishing it less than a minute ago, I can't really begin to explain what it was actually about plot-wise? Essentially at the heart of the story are three individuals, Dan and Maria - parents to Ruby. Their other daughter Sam had died. Both experiencing their own versions of extreme grief. Dan's is a little harder to get my head around. I've not much to really say about this book. Did I like it? Well I'm [...]

    20. Wow!!!!!!!! What a book. Having just finished this I'm still shocked that I didn't see the end coming.I'd been gripped from the start as it was such a weird, intriguing book and pretty much everything I thought I'd guessed, turned out to be wrong. It's seemingly very disjointed and jumps from past to present a lot but it comes together in the end.I loved S D Robertson debut book, Time to say goodbye, so I was excited to read this book too. It certainly did not disappoint, I can't wait to read an [...]

    21. This book wasn’t all terrible, it did have some redeeming parts – parts which I enjoyed – yet I found “If I Ever Fall” to be confusing, long and at times drab. I’ll give this 2 stars overall.Read more here: whatrebeccasread.wordpress

    22. There was so much going on in this book,I sometimes had a hard time keeping my attention to what I was reading and I used quite some time reading this book.That said,there was enough elements to keep me curious to keep on reading.There were scenes that touched me deeply.The grief - how it got handled.But the end came to fast, I think the author could have written this part a little better.The conclution came to quickly - but it did give me some answers though

    23. This book really does get you in the heart. The lives of the three lead characters take you on a journey filled with emotion in all its forms. A wonderful read.

    24. Sob! Sob! What a beautiful book! If you only read a few books this year, make this one of them!I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    25. Thanks to Net Galley & Harper Collins for an ARC of this book. An excellent read. A story of a family shattered & struggling to survive following the suicide of their young teenage daughter & sister. Dan & Maria, Sam's parents & Ruby their younger daughter, all three of them missing Sam, hurting and struggling with their grief. Both parents blame themselves, Maria feels she didn't make time when her daughter wanted to talk a few days before she ended her life, she also worked [...]

    26. Dan is not a likeable character and neither really is his wife. That said they travel a hard road and life has not been kind to them. I found although i enjoyed the book parts confused me and i felt detracted from the story such as the time Dan spends on the coast. Its not until the end of the book that it makes sense.

    27. I find myself having to be very careful about how I write this review. There is so much within this story which I don't want to giveaway, as I really believe that it is important for the reader to live this story through the characters, finding out the details as the characters decide they are ready to tell them. This story follows the lives of a family who have suffered a great trauma and focuses on the different ways people deal with difficult situations and how this can start to come between [...]

    28. It’s always a bit of a gamble reading a book by an author you’ve never heard of before, but I thought If Ever I Fall by S D Robertson looked as though it would be a book I would like. It’s a story about a family in crisis, struggling to come to terms with a terrible tragedy. It is his second book, due to be published on 9 February 2017.And reading the Prologue it seemed as though I was right. It begins mysteriously as a man surfaces from his dreams only to discover that he doesn’t know w [...]

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