• Title: From the Dark
  • Author: Michele Hauf
  • ISBN: 9780373617500
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the Dark HER BLOOD WAS POISON TO HIMCenturies past through mists of a dark time where vampires and witches lived side by side vampires gained power by enthralling a witch ultimately draining her of her stre
    HER BLOOD WAS POISON TO HIMCenturies past, through mists of a dark time where vampires and witches lived side by side, vampires gained power by enthralling a witch, ultimately draining her of her strength and depriving her of immortality Until the enslaved witches rebelled and cast a spell making the blood of a witch deadly to a vampire.Now, past and present are aboutHER BLOOD WAS POISON TO HIMCenturies past, through mists of a dark time where vampires and witches lived side by side, vampires gained power by enthralling a witch, ultimately draining her of her strength and depriving her of immortality Until the enslaved witches rebelled and cast a spell making the blood of a witch deadly to a vampire.Now, past and present are about to collide Michael Lynsay is a man in the spotlight, at the height of his career, with the ability to mesmerize audiences But he has a secret he is a vampire, fighting the darkness of his nature And it looks like it s a losing battle until he meets Jane Renan, the only woman who can understand his conflicted nature And the only woman who can destroy him through love.

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    1. The story's basically about a rock star, who also happens to be a vampire. He meets a not-witch called Jane when they accidentally cross paths, and is totally smitten by her! The chemistry between them is sizzling as they slowly learn new things about each other. Not going to go into it much more than that because I might spoil something for anyone that hasn't read it yet!I was intrigued by one of the secondary characters called Ravin Crosse, which I think Michele is currently writing a book wit [...]

    2. Actually quite painful to read in places. To many flowery words and thoughts. The potential for a great book. Read for challenge involving a book set in Minnesota otherwise it would have been a DNF.

    3. Dari Balik Kegelapan by Michelle HaufPaperback 328 pagesPublished Maret 2008 by Gramedia Pustaka UtamaPenerjemah: IianglianaRating 3/5Setelah era Twilight series, baru sekarang saya kembali 'berkenalan' dengan vampir lagi. Kapan itu ya, rasanya sudah seabad lalu. Ah, vampir kah saya? #bangunwoyMichael Lynsay adalah penyanyi band rock n roll terkenal, The Fallen, yang saat ini tengah meraih popularitas tertinggi. Dia sangat lelah di tengah hingar bingar kepopulerannya, hingga ia nyaris membuka ja [...]

    4. Okay. This is bluntly rare. Crazy rare. But I actually didn't like this Michele Hauf novel too much. I didn't like Michael. And I didn't like Jane. And I didn't like their relationship. When I think of Michael, automatically a bright neon sign that reads "douche bag" goes off in my head. Of course he was sexy with a rockin bod and his internal struggle was heart breaking, thanks to Michele Hauf and her writing, but he would always refer to Jane as his "plain Jane" as, most of the time, some kind [...]

    5. Bercerita tentang Michael Lyndsay sang vokalis grup musik "The Fallen" yang "menyepi" dan tinggal di rumah peristirahatan milik teman satu grup musik, dikarenakan ingin memulihkan kondisi tubuhnya setelah keletihan.Padahal alasan utamanya adalah untuk menyembunyikan kenyataan bahwa Michael adalah seorang vampir dan karena sudah berbulan bulan tidak dapat "mangsa" maka ia menyepi untuk mencari mangsa sekaligus memikirkan bagaimana ia bisa meredam nafsu vampirnya.Saat berlibur, ia bertemu dengan J [...]

    6. From the Dark has some interesting ideas, nothing original but good still the same; it's just too bad the story couldn't come together. I got to the end of page 170 and just could not go on. I hate to be so harsh but I was not going to force this torture onto myself anymore.The main problem with the book was how hurried it was; the book had too much going on and was light on a decent plot, yet it still ended up boring. For the most part the story consisted of parts that were redundant, cheesy, w [...]

    7. I had read book two of this series 1st because it was a free Nook read and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I loved the love/hate relationship between the vampire and the witch. This review for the 1st book in the series was a little hard to write because I felt that the writer had a good idea that didn't translate well once written. The writing didn't flow well and felt choppy at times. The character development was poor. I felt as if I knew a ton about Jane and not enough about Michael to make [...]

    8. omg are you kidding me with this? its like an even worse version of twilight. sloppy writing (here in the form of overly simple sentences and awful point of view changes)? check. male character who wants to kill female character? check. female character completely ok with this? ok well I didn't make it far enough to know this for sure but you can probably assume this one. here's the difference between the two. though. twilight admittedly has no redeeming qualities: god awful writing, an unhealth [...]

    9. From the Dark berkisah (Jane) Jeanne Renan yang lahir pada tahun 1881, telah hidup 125 tahun,memiliki orangtua, Vicomte Baptiste Renan adalah vampir, dan Roxane Decrues seorang penyihir, berkat darah ayahnya yang mengalir dalam tubuhnya, Jane dapat merasakan vampir melalui getaran yang hanya dengan merasakannya. Dan berjumpalah Jane dengan Michael Lynsay, Vokalis The Fallen seorang penyanyi yang sedang naik daun, teramat dikagumi oleh penggemarnya, tapi ada rahasia besar yang orang tidak tahu, b [...]

    10. Ceritanya bagus klo dr standar harlequin:)Michael seorang vampir sekaligus seorang penyanyi rock, yang sangat terkenal dan dipuja-puja banyak orang terutama wanita. Memutuskan untuk break sejenak dari dunia hiburan. Ia pergi dan tinggal di rumah seorang temannya, Jesse. Tak sengaja Jane seorang yang ditugaskan untuk memperbaiki kaca di rumah Jesse-pun bertemu dengan Michael. Mereka-pun harus bersusah payah menahan kedua perasaan mereka.Sayang-nya Jane adalah half witch, and half vampire. Darah p [...]

    11. This was an ok book. I couldn't really get into it though. There were some good characters and a good basic story line but I didn't really favor the actual journey. I had to kinda make myself finish this one, not because I didn't like it but because I couldn't get interested. There was no grip for me and I couldn't really connect or understand the characters. They didn't really feel fleshed out and were more 2D than 3D to me. It felt kinda like a script with no oomph. I did like the concept of t [...]

    12. In an already flooded market of vampires, this one didn't knock my socks off, but it wasn't bad. Pretty fast read about a vampire named Michael who is also a rock star who decides to take a self-imposed exile to get his head together and learn to control his blood craving.Jane, the heroine is a witch, who we learn is the offspring of a vampire and a witch. A plot twist I found interesting is that drinking a witch's blood is toxic to vampires, but having sex seems to give the vampire more power. [...]

    13. Rock star Michael Lynsay loves to hypnotize his adoring fans with his singing and moves, his darkness is rising up to the surface of his vampire nature. When he spots Jane Renan in the crowd he knew that she would help keep his darkness at bay for a little while. What he ain't know is that she is very old and in order for her to stay young looking she must do a spell once every ten years with the heart of a vampire. He might be her unintended victim but it's her heart that makes her take pause i [...]

    14. Yippie, I found a new series that I can like.Witches and vampires, allergic -even deadly- for each other, but of course it is never that easy.In this book by Michele Hauff, From the Dark, we find two individuals that try to find seclusion, in a friends empty house at exactly the same time. Needless to say: One is a vampire, on is a witch and due to the fact that these two species had a fallout sometime back they should not be getting along as well as they doSee for yourself!A fun read for a sunn [...]

    15. Gambaran tentang Michael dan Jane benar-benar gamblang kadang-kadang masih sering ngebayangin gambaran Michael dan Jane walaupun dah selesai baca buku ini, mhuahuhaa Michael bener2 badboy, Jane bener2 cuek awalnya Endingnya bikin terharu waktu Michael menyerahkan jantungnya sendiri supaya Jane bisa tetap hidup walaupun ujung-ujungnya dia minta Jane melakukan sihirnya untuk bikin Michael juga tetap bisa hidup, mhuahuahaa

    16. Loved this book. Read them out of order, but that didn't matter. Each book can stand alone or be read in order (4 books in all). I got one free so I read it to see what it was about. It was fantastic. I love the different spin on the Vamps and how she pulls witches in. She also has some 1/2 breeds which is awesome. Very dramatic, sexy, and romantic. Definately recommend this book.

    17. This one was a huge flop for me. The whole book wasn't thought out and well written. I did however enjoy the ending and of course the counting thing was funny but for the whole of the book it felt like to me MH had an excellent idea but just couldn't bring it out well in the finished work. This one won't be staying on my shelves as I have no desire to read it again.

    18. All in all the story line was fantastic! The beginning was a bit rough around the edges. I am far from being grammatically savvy, ( my spelling and grammar suck BIG TIME) but there were portions of the writing that just screamed "incorrect". Once I got past that, I loved it. The characters were perfect. The inner struggle was profound. Looking forward to the next book.

    19. Salah dua dari Harlequin Nocturne terbitan GPU yang dulu pertama dibaca. Dan bela- belain baca lanjutannya versi Bahasa Inggris.Ternyata Michele Hauf ini aktif banget nulis buku, dan dunianya From the Dark ini dikembangkan lebih luas lagi sama beliau. Sayang juga yah ngga dilanjutin GPUEdisi bacas kuliahan dong :P

    20. This is the book I was asking about. The tormented Rockstar Vampire meets the artist witch and they fall in love. Embarrassed to say it is a Harlequin Romance. I liked it though, it was sweet and will read the next one.

    21. I found Michael a very unlikeable character, guess that was what kept me reading this one. Not usual to find a weak hero. Wasn't impressed with Jane too much either. It did have a good story line though the characters were less than likeable.

    22. I really enjoyed the twist with the vampires and witches. It's a first for me, and I found it very refreshing.That said, I think I need to move on to a new genre, these stories are becoming too predictable for me, and I like to be surprised.

    23. Its Interesting how they meet though the rock star type character has been overdone. I had to skim a lot on the middle due to too much info and slowness of storyline. But then it got better toward the end after her father arrives especially how they solve the crisis.

    24. Nemu di rumah. Berhubung tidak ada yang ngaku, ya sudah kubaca saja.-edit on nov 1st, 2011-Cerita mengenai kisah cinta vampir dan seorang keturunan-penyihir-n-vampir-yang-bukan vampir-dan-tidak-bisa-menyihir.Bingung kan?! Sengaja ^_^Lebih dari itu bisa spoiler :D

    25. Rock 'n' roll and blood sex magic, too! Did I mention black birthday cakes with glitter? Very enjoyable book.

    26. Es una lectura ligera, trata sobre una media bruja y un vampiro con miedo a perder el control, que ademas es una estrella de rock.

    27. I really liked Jane, and she was a fun match with the rock star vampire hero. I was a little disappointed in the ending, but it worked out. A very enjoyable read.

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