• Title: The Curse of the Blue Scarab
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781945802102
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
  • The Curse of the Blue Scarab Who or what is responsible for the gruesome deaths of members of the secret society known as the Order of Osiris Dr Armiston an irascible confirmed bachelor who believes in medicine not mysticism i
    Who or what is responsible for the gruesome deaths of members of the secret society known as the Order of Osiris Dr Armiston, an irascible, confirmed bachelor who believes in medicine not mysticism, is certain the deaths are only tragic accidents.The members of the Order of Osiris suspect something sinister is at work They profess to believe an ancient curse has beeWho or what is responsible for the gruesome deaths of members of the secret society known as the Order of Osiris Dr Armiston, an irascible, confirmed bachelor who believes in medicine not mysticism, is certain the deaths are only tragic accidents.The members of the Order of Osiris suspect something sinister is at work They profess to believe an ancient curse has been visited upon their society Handsome and mysterious Captain Maxwell requests Armiston s help.Tarot cards Egyptology Spiritualism Armiston has little patience with the superficial and silly pastimes of the rich, but he does love a good puzzle Or could it be that he is drawn to young Captain Maxwell than he wishes to admit Either way, Armiston must solve the secret of the cursed sarcophagus very soon, for Captain Maxwell is the next slated to die

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    1. A short review would say: NO.A slightly longer review could be phrased like: Good for you for trying a new genre and writing style, but still no.A regular-length review would go like this:I really like Josh Lanyon's writing style, and I'm also quite fond of mysteries featuring the curse of ancient Egyptian mummies. So in theory combining these two, should've made for an awesome experience.Alas, a change in genre also brought with it a change in writing style and that kind of sealed the fate of t [...]

    2. I really regret giving my favorite author such a low rating.I'm not sure if it was the unusual genre (and the 'Regency romance language' used here) or the plot, but this novel didn't satisfy me.First of all (big spoiler): There was (view spoiler)[ no undead mummy! I was foolish enough to expect a walking mummy in this story. I mean, a 'monster' mash-up without a monster?(hide spoiler)]The plot, I frankly didn't fully understand.Maundeville, a professor of Egyptology, brought a mummy case (with a [...]

    3. What a great story! Fast paced, clever dialogue and a mysterious mummy’s curse.Dr. Quentin Armiston gets roped in to helping members of the Order of Osiris club after two of them are found dead. The deaths both occurred while the men had the mummy case in their possession. The more Armiston finds out about the whole affair the more intrigued he becomes, and he wants to prove there is no curse.Armiston forms very interesting friendships throughout the book and the author really develops them. C [...]

    4. 2.75 stars rounded upA different 'read' coming from Josh Lanyon. This story takes place on the yesteryear (I think around 1910's?) and I felt that Lanyon adapted writing style of that era. I remember reading a lot of Agatha Christie's books with this style. I couldn't exactly explain it, I could only say that it felt "old" and made me feel detached with the characters throughout the story.The mystery was good, though. I did guess the villain the exact time Quentin did. Which was why I thought th [...]

    5. I loved the mystery part. The romance wasn't that strong. There was no wooing, really. I'm okay with there being no sex scenes, but I would have loved seeing the two men spending more time together, especially since one of the two spent most of the book being sick. The story had some parts that were boring and felt dragging, if those moments had instead been spent having the two MCs getting to know each other (the knowing each other better parts were all off page and told, rather than shown), th [...]

    6. A secret society,A series of untimely deaths,An Egyptian mummy and a curse,and an intrepid doctor who is determined to get to the bottom of things!This is a good story but rather different to many of the other stories by this author. It is similar in style to Sherlock Holmes, or Agatha Christie and it has a frisson of Raiders of the Lost Ark!And this shadowy mystery also involves a slow romance, hidden love and polite early 20th century society.This is a kind of re-telling of the 1912 story 'The [...]

    7. The Curse of the Blue Scarab (A Monster Mash-Up)By Josh LanyonBy the author, 2016Cover by K.B. Smith, artwork by Svetlana RibFour starsI withheld one star from my rating for this book purely because, as Ms. Lanyon makes clear, this book is a mash-up along the lines of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” I think she has done a brilliant job, but she has not done it entirely by herself. For inspiration, Lanyon took the fairly obscure 1912 mystery by Riccardo Stephens, “The Mummy” and used i [...]

    8. It is a while already since I finished this book, and I have to admit, I’m still is in two minds about it.Considering the writing quality and the fact how the style and language harmonized with that period and with a created historical atmosphere The Curse of the Blue Scarab is a nice piece of fiction.However, judging by my personal enjoyment, I cannot give this book more than 3 stars, and I am generous here.Had the author published it under another name, I would have never guessed that it cam [...]

    9. First of all, as indicated on the cover, this is "A Monster Mash-Up" book. I’ll admit I was unfamiliar with the term and had to look it up. A mash-up is a work of fiction combining text from a previously published book now public domain property (in this case, "The Mummy" by Riccardo Stephens) with another genre (Josh’s seamless addition of M/M romance as well as obstacles for the men to overcome). You know, the usual Josh Lanyon mystery with romance and angst. Since I had never read Mr. Ste [...]

    10. Loved it! The atmosphere, the mysteriousness and thrilling sense of adventure, the characters, and the humor permeating the story. And Bird. But perhaps most of all, i loved the poignant, emotional, breathtaking scenes between Armiston and Maxwell.

    11. DNF @35%I began reading this without realizing what a "mash-up" was, until, that is, I became suddenly struck with an odd sense of deja-vu. Undoubtedly, that is because I had read this before, under its original title, 'The Mummy' by Riccardo Stephens, from which title a slew of complete sentences have been purloined throughout this entire work. Call me backwards thinking, but plagiarism still holds true whether or not there are legal repercussions due to expired copyrights - stealing the work o [...]

    12. Review on Prism Book Alliance®Everything about this novel felt reserved or restrained, held back. This worked regarding some aspects for the story and not so much in others.One of the best things about this story is Armiston, arguably the main character since he’s one among many, who is comfortably inside the range of middle age. Well, comfortable in terms of the number but not so much in how he views himself when in the company of younger people. This is particularly true regarding Captain M [...]

    13. This took me nearly a week to read, which is unusually slow for me. It's well written, as you'd expect from Lanyon, but the story just didn't interest me much and the romance is a very minor component of the tale. But if you're a fan of the period or the original The Mummy, you should enjoy this.

    14. Perfect. Josh has perfectly captured the spirit of the classic early 20th century mystery. The characters, language, mannerisms and manners of the period and the locations are fully drawn.

    15. Another wonderful story from this author. Dr. Quentin Armiston is a physician known best by his West End neighbors for his practical, stoic and unflappable nature. Attended to by his manservant and confidant, Bird, Dr. Armiston’s days are predictable and regimented until he is called in to consult on the unusual and premature death of an affluent young man. The circumstances of this death and, as they mystery deepens, additional deaths of other members of a secret society known as the Order of [...]

    16. I enjoyed the slow build up of this story — the pace felt very true to its era. I've never read a mash-up book before so I was curious to get my hands on this one. Well, it didn't disappoint! Lanyon's voice blends well with Riccardo Stephens' who wrote the original book that inspired Lanyon to write hers. In fact, I was hooked from the line "Drip. Hiss. Drip. Hiss." on the very first page. A sure sign of a Lanyon book: always making me committed and intrigued with the first lines of the story. [...]

    17. *I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book*A great mystery of a mummy with a curse. Dr. Armiston is brought into give his expertise on a death that brings him to cross paths with many new people and one in particular named Maxwell. Throughout the story Armiston tries to solve if the deaths are paranormal or murders. He also grows close to Maxwell, who is dealing with a disease that Armiston offers to help cure. Armiston ends up playing a deadly game and begins being corrupted by the mu [...]

    18. 2.5 stars.I haven't read The Mummy, and I didn't realize that mash-up meant literally taking whole sentences from other books and creating a story with a slightly different plot. Guess this is why it didn't feel like reading a Lanyon story at all.I have read ALL of her books, and be it historical, contemporary or fantasy - Josh Lanyon has a unique, distinctive style of writing, and here I didn't feel more than a barest hint of it. This was a dragged out, boring affair, the writing was awkward an [...]

    19. Josh Lanyon is my absolute favourite author, so to be giving one of her books 1 star is so unlike me. But I just didn't like anything in this book. I forced myself to finish it just because it was by Josh Lanyon, and because I kept a spark of hope until the end that something would make me like it even a little more. But no--I was just bored throughout the whole book. I guess even Josh Lanyon cannot make me love historicals.

    20. This is a beautiful mystery novel ♥ !!I must say I haven´t read the original mummy book in which this book is based, but reading this as an independent book I totally love the mystery, the characters and the developement!I have a huge rank of emotions reading this from sadness to a supperfluffly happiness. ALso can put it down these days until I finally knew the TRUTH!About the relationship, It starts angsty, it gets on my nerves a bit until you start to know more about the characters and the [...]

    21. This was really good. It felt a bit like reading an Agatha Christie novel. This was definitely a mystery first and a romance second, which is often the case with JL's books but the mystery and all the players made for compelling reading. And I liked the romance too -- it was slow burn, like glacially slow, but I never felt annoyed by it because the rest of the story was so good. I would definitely read another mystery with Dr. Armiston, Captain Maxwell and Armiston's faithful servant, Bird. What [...]

    22. It wasn't as good as I hoped it would. It was like a pale imitation of a sherlock holmes story.Nonetheless, it was easy to read.

    23. This was a gift from a Christmas elf - THANK YOU secret unicorn elf!4.5Thoroughly enjoyable and I want to read more like it.

    24. Worth It!The flowery language of the book is a little confusing at times. I had to re-read certain passages more than once but it's a good, suspenseful story.

    25. Quiet, sagacious Dr. Quentin Armiston finds himself suddenly immersed in a gruesome situation involving secret societies, ancient curses and inexplicable deaths. He soon discovers his life is in danger, but that is not as important as getting to the end of this mystery…First of all, this is not romance, it is a mystery mashup. So we cannot expect Josh Lanyon's masterfully insight in character's emotions and slow build of relationships. In fact, I failed to see the reason for the attraction bet [...]

    26. A huge fan of Josh Lanyon's, I was eager to listen to this story. The setting was bit of a surprise but once I got over the initial shock, I became enthralled in the story. The mystery aspect of the story was good and I figured out who dunnit about the same time that Quinton Armiston did but to be honest, I had a hard time understanding the drive that led the villain. I also will admit that I would have loved more development and insight into the relationship between Quinton and Hillary. That sa [...]

    27. A different spin on the classic Mummy story. It took me a few chapters to get into the time era style of story telling. Very different for a Josh Lanyon story. But once I got into the groove it was a great mystery.

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