• Title: Grant & I: Inside and Outside the Go-Betweens
  • Author: Robert Forster
  • ISBN: 9780670078226
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Grant I Inside and Outside the Go Betweens The Go Betweens one of Australia s most talented and influential bands very nearly wasn t Grant McLennan didn t want to be in a group and couldn t even play an instrument That didn t stop the singe
    The Go Betweens, one of Australia s most talented and influential bands, very nearly wasn t Grant McLennan didn t want to be in a group, and couldn t even play an instrument That didn t stop the singer songwriter duo of Forster McLennan becoming one of the most acclaimed partnerships in Australian music history.Just as The Go Betweens always defied categorisation, GrantThe Go Betweens, one of Australia s most talented and influential bands, very nearly wasn t Grant McLennan didn t want to be in a group, and couldn t even play an instrument That didn t stop the singer songwriter duo of Forster McLennan becoming one of the most acclaimed partnerships in Australian music history.Just as The Go Betweens always defied categorisation, Grant I is like no other rock memoir At its heart is a privileged insight into a prolific artistic collaboration that lasted three decades, and an extraordinary friendship that rode out the band s break up to remain strong until Grant s premature death in 2006.Unconventional in lineup and look, noted for near misses and near hits, always a beat to one side of the mainstream the band s unusual beginnings were followed by twists that often confounded its members as well as fans and record companies The story of The Go Betweens is also the story of the times, and Grant I is a wonderfully perceptive look at the music industry and a brilliantly fresh take on the sounds of the era.As distinctive a writer of prose as he is of songs, Robert Forster is wise and witty, intimate and frank, astute and knowledgeable There could be no better tribute than Grant I to this partnership and band who remain loved and revered.

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    1. Written by the founder of the ultimate cult-band, you probably wouldn't approach this one if you weren't a fan--and Go-Betweens fans are rarely half-hearted in their devotion to the group. A casual reader, however, will find a tightly written account of life devoted to an often unrewarding art, the craft of songwriting, and the often distant and unspoken kinship that spurred it all.Forster, with his foppish posturing and oblique lyrics, can seem a bit pretentious and self-important for some (rea [...]

    2. I was always going to love this - Forster is a smart, engaging writer and The Go-Betweens are one of my all-time favourite bands. It didn't disappoint, carrying the reader through the late 1970s Brisbane scene, the whirlwind 80s and the revival of the band in the 2000s until Grant's untimely death. It's a moving tribute to McLennan and to the duo's shared decades (even if it inevitably sells Lindy Morrison a little short). I read it while listening to timely songs from their back catalog, which [...]

    3. Dieses Buch habe ich als Rezensionsexemplar von Heyne Encore erhalten. Die Rezension wird zum Erscheinungsdatum der Deutschen Übersetzung am 03. Oktober 2017 bei Artnoir aufgeschaltet und später dann auch hier veröffentlicht.

    4. There was no way this wasn't going to be good, and there was no way I wasn't going to love it. That said, I was still impressed with how well Robert Forster told the story of The Go-Betweens and his friendship with Grant McLennan. For the music boffin, there was just the right amount of detail about the songwriting process, studio sessions, band dynamics, various music scenes, memorable gigs, good and bad. But there was more to this memoir than this and Forster has a novelist's eye. I delighted [...]

    5. Picked up my copy at the book launch on Wednesday night at the Greek Club in Brisbane. Robert was in fine form. After nearly an hour of reminisces and snatches of song, the interviewer complained that we hadn't yet reached the formation of The Go-Betweens. Robert was non-plussed: 'Oh we can stay until midnight if we have to.' I wished we had.You don't have to be born in 1957 in Brisbane and be a Go-Betweens fan to appreciate this very generous, wry and humorous memoir. Don't think I've ever smil [...]

    6. Robert Forster's account of the career of great Australian indie band the Go-Betweens is at different times witty, heart-warming and, ultimately, sad. There are revelatons here, such as the deep acrimony that the band broke up in, and the sickness that afflicted both leads in the band's final years. This is an excellent rock-and-rolll story, with the quirky erudition of its flamboyant author shining through. There are times when Forster's self-regard becomes a bit much, but this is still a great [...]

    7. Beautiful read chronicling the history of one of my favourite bands, and the friendship that started it all. Forster is an engaging, thoughtful writer who has a wonderful turn of phrase.

    8. Loved it! not only a great songwriter but a great author too.I love them.Love is beyond rating.

    9. The Go-Betweens were a band that seemingly came out of nowhere for me, a Midwestern kid in the states. I knew little about them, I new they were from Brisbane and in the in the 1980s, college radio, word of mouth, fanzines and such were the only outlets to keep up with bands you loved. My fascination came when I first heard the Before Hollywood LP, those songs!, like the post-punk leaning "Cattle and Cane", "On My Block" and the slinky "As Long as That" would accompany me everywhere, thanks to t [...]

    10. This memoir has taken me back to the music, which I'm really enjoying listening to. I enjoyed the wry humour and self-deprecating tone in Forster's writing style. However, he does tend to draw a tactful curtain over lots of stuff that happened in the '80s. It's interesting to read about the challenges and rewards of a rock 'n roll lifestyle. Listening to great pop songs like 'Right Here' it really is amazing that they weren't more successful maybe they were just ahead of their time:)

    11. Automatic mandatory star loss for repeatedly referring to CBGB as CBGBs, Cash's I Walk The Line as I Walked The Line, and for not troubling to make even a brief passing remark about Tuff Monks and/or their After The Fireworks single. Picking the nit aside, very well written, engaging and dotted with charm and insight.

    12. The mere existence of this book is a revelation to people who followed the Go-Betweens in their heyday: how on earth did an underselling, slightly bookish, slightly melancholy, fitfully brilliant indie band from Brisbane get a worldwide book deal to tell their story? Part of the reason is that Robert Forster has now cut his teeth as a journalist, the other is that The Go-Betweens have somehow managed to endure. Where many of their peers, including the wonderful and doom-laden Triffids, have fall [...]

    13. This is a very sweet book about two friends. I've been a fan of The Go-Betweens for a few years now, having previously only known one or two of their songs simply by growing up in Australia. Once I finally put a name to the songs and began to explore their back catalogue, I realized they were one of the most under rated bands who ever lived. Robert Forster is an interesting man it seems, never one to be modest, he doesn't mind being completely honest about himself. His quirky egotism makes you l [...]

    14. 'Grant & I' is worth unpacking even if your interest in the Go-Betweens or Australian rock music is cursory at best. It’s a book about friendship more than anything, and about the way relationships never finish but only change form. Robert the charismatic showman and Grant the sensitive recluse—when together, a force of nature. Robert describes it beautifully: “Grant had too many melodies, I had too many words.” It was a special partnership, not forced, but honed over decades with se [...]

    15. I'm kind of lost for words here. A long time Go-Betweens fan, a Brisbane girl (at heart) and a book and music nerd this was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. Forster writes The Go-Betweens story with both grace and a healthy level of egotism. From the band's genesis at a suburban battle of the bands through their long career, the albums, shows, tours, band members, disagreements and relationships (also a roll call of some of my favourite musicians). Most of all though he has written the [...]

    16. My partner and I have an ongoing debate regarding the use of the adjective 'amazing' when it comes to the Go-Betweens. I guess her point has always been that they had such a perfectly humble and understated sound, that the word just doesn't fit. I'm sitting here listening to Oceans Apart, just having finished the book, and am willing to double-downis book was pretty amazing too. More pretentious in the book than they were in their sound, Robert Forster captures it well. Like a songwriter would.W [...]

    17. I read this straight after reading Steve Kilbey's autobiography — and in many ways, they are companion pieces, covering the same time frame, and being linked by both men's friendship with Grant MacLennan.Of the two, I think Robert's is slightly better, and a book I could recommend for non-fans. I found the final chapters very emotional, especially having attended Robert and Grant's final concert. It brought back a lot of sad memories.

    18. The recently released and highly regarded documentary Right Here by Kriv Stenders has brought me back to The Go-Betweens, and to this book. I've had an arms-length relationship to The Go-Betweens and their music. In fact I began listening to them in a back-to-front fashion, as I was fairly lukewarm about them until I was blown away by Grant McLennan's album Watershed, which led me back to re-evaluate The Go-Between's output, with a better understanding of how I reacted to their songs. Basically, [...]

    19. It's like a Go-Betweens song, actually: detailed, humane, curiously relaxed in its flow--and DAMN good. It does make you even sadder that Grant (who remains a bit of an enigma) departed so soon, but even if he hadn't, this was definitely Robert's tale to tell.

    20. A really well told story - about a friendship, and music and the constant inspiration of the arts and the power of self-belief. But mostly this is the memoir of a friendship, lovingly told with a heavy heart.

    21. Though I'm giving it a hairsplitting and reluctant demotion to three stars, Robert Forster's "Grant & I: Inside and Outside The Go-Betweens" is another winner here in what's certainly the golden age of music memoirs/biographies. In a nutshell, Go-Betweens fans — I can't imagine many folks reading it who aren't — are likely to enjoy this book a lot.Forster, co-leader of the late, great and criminally underrated Australian band The Go-Betweens, tells a sharp if too-brief story of his life, [...]

    22. Having previously read Robert's other book 'The 10 rules of rock and roll' I was really keen to see how he wrote about his and Grant's relationship in longer form. The peices in his first book were some of my favourites. Robert writes in a thoughtful, reflective and respectful way. He treads the line between 'his' truth and 'the' truth, especially when it comes to the inner relationships and breakups within the Go-Betweens. I'm sure there are many sides to the story when it comes to how Lindy an [...]

    23. Grant and I is a warm and affectionate account by Robert Forster, one-half of the Go-Betweens, of life in Brisbane in the 60s and 70s, forming the band with his friend Grant McLennan (who died far too young in 2006), and making songs and performing music over more than 25 years. If you are a Go-Betweens fan, the book is essential. I particularly liked the way Forster describes the isolation of growing up in Northern Australia, and having to search for music, and culture generally, outside of the [...]

    24. A well-written, intelligent, and informative autobiography (Forster) and biography (McClennan) that takes you through the history of the Go-Betweens and the Australian, British, American, and European music scenes of the late 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s, and early 2000s, up to May 6, 2006. As that date nears and the shadow of Grant's approaching death falls deeper over the story, Forster the writer reminds us of both his and Grant's talents as songwriters, capturing the beauty in the quiet days, [...]

    25. Ive been a fan of The Go-Betweens music since i first heard 'Streets of Your Town' back in 1988/89. I discovered their great back catalogue and got any new albums that came out. I seen them live in Dublin in 2003 and 2004. But i didn't really know much about their story. So this book was great for me to learn more about the band and the 2 main players in the Go-Betweens story.What a well written book it is and i can say that i really enjoyed, the ending was so emotional. Robert Forster has a gre [...]

    26. Songwriters Robert Forster and Grant McLennan formed the Go Betweens 40 years ago , creating angular, literary pop that captured both the hearts and minds of their biggest fans. They were brothers united in a campaign to become a hugely successful rock n roll band and they had the talent — and an exceptional drummer named Lindy Morrison—to do it. Unfortunately, it never happened. Fans of the band will want to savor every word of this book, but even those who haven’t bought into the cult of [...]

    27. I have read a lot of rock'n'roll bios in the past few years, from Dylan's "Chronicles" and Bleddyn Butcher's "Save What You Can" to both of Patti Smith's volumes and Chrissie Hynde's "Reckless". They were all interesting in their own fashion, some more engaging than others, some leaving the reader with the feeling that something had been left unfinished, but none was as engaging and well written as Robert Forster's telling of his friendship with Grant McLennan and their musical journey, both tog [...]

    28. I'll admit, I really enjoyed the ease with which Forster seems to retell the story of the Go-Betweens. It was interesting to read about the almost successes of the band's early years, especially since I wouldn't be aware of them until much later in their career. When it ended, I might have even shared a tear or twojust a reminder how sad Grant's passing was. But, while you knew where the book was going, I feel like Forster wrapped it up too quickly. I know it's a a great loss in his life, but he [...]

    29. Unsurprisingly superb read, detailing at length the rise and fall and rise again of The Go-Betweens and in particular the relationship between Forster and McLennan. More an insight into Forster than McLennan who even after reading this remains as much of a mystery to me as he always has. My only niggle is that fact that I Just Get Caught Out (my favourite song by the author), doesn't even get a mention. Like all the best music biographies this had me ordering various bits and pieces to plug the [...]

    30. I guess we already knew that Robert Forster could write, right? Of course, this is only half of the Forster/McLennan story, but it’s told with such wide-eyed tenderness that the reader cannot help but be drawn along. Shame we will never get to hear the other half still, the fabulous music remains.

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