• Title: The Heyday Of Spiritualism
  • Author: Slater Brown
  • ISBN: 9780671781538
  • Page: 246
  • Format: None
  • The Heyday Of Spiritualism None

    One Reply to “The Heyday Of Spiritualism”

    1. Intriguing and balanced survey of 19th century Spiritualism. I read out of interest in this sometime host of Hart Crane, and felt amply rewarded.

    2. The guy does a marvelous job of recounting that craze in America (as well as other places). He has a perfect attitude toward the material throughout: neither too skeptical nor too trusting. And his frequent touches of humor and drollery are well-matched to the subject matter as well (in all its surpassing strangeness). No wonder he was E E Cummings' best friend! :)

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