• Title: The Last Vampire
  • Author: Willis Hall
  • ISBN: 9780745185002
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • The Last Vampire Lost on a camping holiday abroad Henry Hollins and family find themselves camping near a crumbling castle called Alucard Noting the reverse spelling of the name Henry explores the castle where he me
    Lost on a camping holiday abroad, Henry Hollins and family find themselves camping near a crumbling castle called Alucard Noting the reverse spelling of the name, Henry explores the castle where he meets Count, who sometimes changes into a fruit bat, is vegetarian and quite appalled by his ancestor s antics.

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    1. A bedtime read with a lovely sense of fun. When the Hollins family take a camping holiday in Europe, they find themselves lost in a dense pine-forest and forced to camp in the shadow of a derelict castle, the Castle Alucard. Surrounded by ravenous wolves, camped next to the abode of the reclusive Count Alucard, last descendent of the infamous Draculas and a confirmed vegetarian, the Hollins family is also about to beseiged by a mob of fear-stricken villagers.

    2. De familie Hollins is op vakantie in Europa wanneer ze verdwalen in een groot, donker dennenwoud. Zijn dat wolven die huilen tussen de bomen? En wie woont er in het schijnbaar verlaten kasteel waar ze hun tent opzetten?Heerlijk hoe dit boek is geschreven. Je hebt geen moment het gevoel dat de schrijver het tegen kinderen heeft; ook volwassenen kunnen zich helemaal wentelen in de humor verborgen in de beschrijvingen van de stereotype dorpelingen, de trieste graaf, de hongerige weerwolven en de na [...]

    3. ¿Alguien se ha dado cuenta de que me encantan los vampiros? Pues, sino es así se los aclaro: Me. Encantan. Los. Vampiros "Llevaba el negro pelo peinado hacia atrás y tenia los ojos bordeados de rojo. Vestía traje negro, camisa almidonada y lazo negro al cuello. Un medallón de oro colgaba de una cadena sobre su pecho, y se cubría los hombros y la espalda con una capa negra con vueltas escarlata." Puede que para algunas personas esto les haya parecido algo repetitivo pero, a mi me ha encanta [...]

    4. "El boom de la literatura de colmillos sigue rescatando títulos olvidados en nuestras estanterías durante largo tiempo. Es el caso de El último vampiro, de Willis Hall, que Noguer nos presenta en sus novedades. La familia Hollins, compuesta por el matrimonio Albert y Emily Hollins y por el pequeño Henry Hollins, se encuentran de vacaciones. Pero, para desgracia de Mr. Hollins no se encuentran tranquilamente veraneando en su acostumbrado hotel Miramar en Cockleton-on-Sea, sino que están de c [...]

    5. The Last Vampire used to be one of my favourite books as a child, and even now it still has a soft spot in my heart. Simply put, it follows the story of the mild-mannered vampire Count Alucard, as he befriends Henry Hollins and his parents during one of their family holidays.As children’s stories go, this is one of the better ones, and it’s actually as entertaining for adults as it is for children. The kind of horror involved is a play horror, and so it’s not going to scare the youngsters [...]

    6. I just love these kind of books! As a child the genre of fun-n-fear or Gys og Grin, as they are called in Danish was my absolute favorite. Quirky, weird stories with supernatural and magical element to them are always a hit with me! And this book is no exception!There is just some form of childhood logic over the fact that – of cause, Vampires are people too. And who says they all drink blood, some of them can live of blood oranges (like in my favourite series of books in this genre) or perhap [...]

    7. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did; I've read and enjoyed another book by Hall (Dragon Days), and for the most part this is a delightful read, full of delightfully demented characters and hilarious incidents. However, there seems to be a point at which Hall simply lost interest and gathered in all the threads to quickly bring the book to a rather unsatisfactory ending.

    8. 42 WORD REVIEW:A quintessentially middle-class English family encounters the last (vegetarian) vampire in this YA comedy of happenstance and misunderstanding. By fleshing out every character — even the wolves! — Willis Hall both draws attention to, and disabuses his readers of, the vampire tropes of legend.

    9. Great comedy with typical 70's sitcom family, who embark upon a nice quiet camping trip in the wilds of Transylvania. Plenty of wolves and villagers with burning torches `n pitchforks but of course only one vampire!Babette Cole's wonderful illustrations in this edition really bring the characters to life. Love this book!

    10. One of my favourite kids books, rereading as I came across it on a shelf and remembered how much I loved it. Witty and will appeal to a wide range of ages, this is a funny take on the last vampire who isn't quite what he seems.

    11. As a vampire books collector I love to read children books too and this one was quite funny with such a british sense of humor. I'll sure read it to my son when he's old enough!

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