• Title: Death Beckons
  • Author: J.C. Diem
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: None
  • Death Beckons Working late one night Natalie Pierce is kidnapped by a creature that looks like a harmless old man but is something far terrifying Waking up in a creepy mausoleum she is forced to endure three nig
    Working late one night, Natalie Pierce is kidnapped by a creature that looks like a harmless old man, but is something far terrifying Waking up in a creepy mausoleum, she is forced to endure three nights of indescribable agony Her life is forever altered when she is transformed into a monster of myth and legend a vampire Lonely and full of despair, she comes faceWorking late one night, Natalie Pierce is kidnapped by a creature that looks like a harmless old man, but is something far terrifying Waking up in a creepy mausoleum, she is forced to endure three nights of indescribable agony Her life is forever altered when she is transformed into a monster of myth and legend a vampire Lonely and full of despair, she comes face to face with the irresistible and enigmatic Lord Lucentio Justice bringer for the European Vampire Council, Luc has been sent to Australia to kill Natalie s maker, but someone has already beaten him to it He quickly discovers that Nat is far from an ordinary fledgling He suspects that she is Mortis, a figure of both hope and dread among their kind Natalie is propelled into a dark and mysterious underworld that takes her far away from her hometown of Brisbane Her arrival was foretold long ago and her fate is already sealed Nat s entire species is in danger and it is her job to save them She desperately wants to escape from the burden that has been thrust upon her, but she is inextricably linked to a two thousand year old prophecy An unknown enemy has begun to whittle down their already limited numbers If Nat fails to accept her destiny, all vampires will soon cease to exist.

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    1. Let us say that the idea for the story is great. A Mortis vampire that has powers that other vamps don't ie holy water and objects have no effect, stabbing through the heart with anything has no effect and fire has no effect. The Mortis vamp is supposedly set to wipe out vamps, which is just silly, but that's the rumour that has been handed down for 20,000 yrs. So all the vamps are crazy scared that the Mortis vamp will get them.However, the writing is a little stiff for the first half of the bo [...]

    2. It's so bad that it's almost good. Almost. It's hard to explain.Everything's fucking ridiculous, but almost charmingly so. Almost. I mean, she accidentally skewers two vampires with the sword sticking out of her chest. How can you not enjoy that level of wtfery?I read the blurb for the sequel and it sounds so hilariously absurd that I'm almost interested in reading it. Almost. I feel like this book was unintentionally hilarious and awful - I started out thinking I was going to DNF it because thi [...]

    3. The story was very stiff.She's an awesome bad ass and I love it, but the way the whole thing was executed made it hard to properly enjoy the book like it should be enjoyed- uninterrupted. The main dude didn't blow my socks off and their relationship in the first half of the book was a little weird, it wasn't even funny. Some parts of their whole "thing" was confusing and I don't think even they knew much of what was going on.50/50 chance you'll love or forget about it. It has potential, but it d [...]

    4. Holy of all cliffhangers!!! You can't end a book like that!!! Of course I am the sucker that will by the next book, lol. I was a little iffy on reading this book when I saw that I had it on my kindle, just because vampires books can seem to be all the same but this one is different and I really enjoyed the change from the standard vampire stories!! I am excited to find a new author and look forward to reading more by this author! If you have not read this book I definitely recommend it!! On to t [...]

    5. This was probably the weirdest vampire book I have ever read. At times I thought is was just ridiculous but I still kept reading. The story starts out in Australia where Natalie Pierce is turned into a vampire then surprisingly kills her maker. Then before you know it Lord Lucentio a very handsome vampire turns up. From there Natalie is whisked overseas into the true world of vampires. The funniest thing was not only do vampires have blood lust but they also have an even bigger lust for sex. It [...]

    6. Australian Vampire Slayer? Sign me the fuck up.One of my favourite things about Diem besides her writing (obv) is the length of her series! Theres always enough books and world exploration that it truly feels like you go through the journey with the characters rather than getting like a summary every so often of a specific adventure. Also super love Luc. what a man.

    7. This was an engrossing read. The main characters were interesting and engaged my interest. The differences between the vampires in the book and mythical vampires was a pleasant change, these are not sparkly vampires. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    8. Holy smokes, this series is amazing! I got sucked in so fast that my head spun!Natalie Pierce, an Australian, gets kidnapped and turned into a vampire by some weird vampire who escaped from Europe. Once Natalie picks up a cross that burns into her hands and decides to throw the cross at the vampire who turned her, her journey has begun. As the old vampire exclaim with surprise as he lay dying, he realizes that he just created the Mortis. All vampires know about an ancient prophecy that talks abo [...]

    9. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsDeath Beckons begins when Natalie ends up making a mistake that will cost her her life, literally. After becoming a vampire, Natalie realizes she's much different than her kind, and she's got to help the vamps before they are taken out. But Nat doesn't want to fight, she just wants to live, however, that's not going to happen if she wishes to continue on. This book was pretty interesting. I enjoyed the vampire aspect of the story, and I really liked Nat' [...]

    10. 2.5'sAgainst all the odds, I LOVED the Shifter Squad books so decided to give the Death's a go. Have just finished 1 and am not convinced I'm going to be able to finish the series. Not quite sure how to explain it, but it all feels a little bit 'detached' to me. Not so much disjointed or anything, but just didn't have the strength to pull me in. Might try 2 to see if it can catch me, but I don't have high hopes. 

    11. At first I wasn't sure what this book would be about - I thought it would be 'just another vampire story'. However. Once it grabbed me, it really held on and I read the whole thing in a couple of hours. :) Thoroughly enjoyed it, don't want to give anything away but must say: the end was VERY unexpected!!! I need the second book NOW!!! :)

    12. Natalie’s life takes a turn for the unusual when she’s turned into a vampire. However, after she kills her maker she soon learns that she’s anything but normal, even for a member of the undead.Natalie pierce is very down to earth character. You’ll see what I mean for yourself when you watch her begin the process of becoming the feared and much unanticipated Mortis. She’s not even aware of the supernatural world when she’s suddenly plunged into it. Luckily for her she’s got a possib [...]

    13. OK, while I was about to forsake all the free e-book reads when I saw the cheesy amateurish cover of the book I'm reviewing today I actually stumbled upon something worth reading! Yaaassss!I have no idea what's going on in Australia which naturally lacks vampire myths in their folklore but somehow they are becoming a strong voice in vampire literature. Now that I think of it - it actually makes sense that a sunny country without vampires would come up with something refreshing. No bias there. Se [...]

    14. One of the best books I've read all year. This newly made vampire is slightly crude and uncouth, and has no idea how to survive this nightmare that's now her life. She's killed her master and touched a holy relic, both of which should've ended her own life, but she wasn't aware at the time and how truly remarkable that made her. Natalie had no idea she had just become the prophesied destruction of vampires, the mythic Mortis. Fortunately, she meets Lucentio. He's the only hope she has of uncover [...]

    15. I liked the premise of the new vampire with extra-cool powers who was also bumbling her way through learning. However, the main character is just a little too much of a rube, and takes virtually the entire book to start developing a fun personal mojo. Still, I may press to book 2 to see what happened; nice cliffhanger at the end!

    16. Surprisingly good!I will admit, I was about 80 pages in and not sure if I'd finish the book as I really wasn't liking it. The storyline was decent however the writing style bothered me. However I gave it a bit more of a try, and glad I did. Now I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the series.

    17. I skimmed a lot. The story itself wasn't horrible, but it seemed to take a lot of babbling to get to it. 2.5 stars

    18. There were five errors on the first half a page. I'm not going to waste time on a book whose publisher didn't bother with a professional editor. Plus, so lacklustre it almost hurt.

    19. Great beginningI read the Shifter series first, but the books to blend the three young women comes out soon and I wanted to read Natalie's books first and finish the Hell books before I started the blended series.

    20. This is definitely not the usual vampire story.The main character, Natalie, doesn't really like to be turned and behaves/thinks out of the box. This might have something to do with the fact that she is not just an ordinary vampire but the long predicted Mortis, the Death of the Vampires. She kills her Master, handles holy objects and isn't just interested in her physical needs. Thank G-G-G (the Lord) she meets Luc who supports her when they find out what being Mortis really means.The main charac [...]

    21. The first thing that attracted me to this book was the awesome cover art. I will be honest, a big part of why I read this book was the cover. The story for Death Beckons in a little bit original when compared to other vampire books. In this story, the vampires have a link to aliens and that is pretty neat. I like the idea and feel like the story had lots of promise to be awesome. Unfortunately, the writing was pretty dry and the characters were boring. I didn't really like Natalie all that much [...]

    22. As urban fantasy books go, this one actually surprised me with how good it was. The storyline would seem pretty stock: mousy girl encounters supernatural world, gets turned into a vampire, realizes she has supernatural powers, has plenty of sex with a hot guy, becomes hot herself, and ends up saving the world. Definitely heard that one more than a time or two, in some variation or another. The thing that I find interesting is the idea of her being the Mortis- the scourge of the damned, one might [...]

    23. I am really starting to love this author. The story, if told by an average author, would boarder ridiculous and too far fetched, but Diem tells it with with such flourish and dry humor, I can't get enough. It very well could be just me, and my sense of odd humor, rather than the writing, but I am enjoying the hell out Diem's books so far. They're fun and fantastic, and addictively entertaining. Like one of those quirky mini-series that few have ever heard of and you get sucked into binge-watchin [...]

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