• Title: Animals Do, Too!: How They Behave Just Like You
  • Author: Etta Kaner Marilyn Faucher
  • ISBN: 9781771385695
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Animals Do Too How They Behave Just Like You Do you like to dance asks the first spread of this playful nonfiction picture book Honeybees do too responds the next Illustrating the simple text are joyful drawings that visually connect the childr
    Do you like to dance asks the first spread of this playful nonfiction picture book Honeybees do, too responds the next Illustrating the simple text are joyful drawings that visually connect the children enjoying a dance party to the honeybees performing their own dance in the hive A block of in depth text fleshes out what the honeybees are actually doing an Do you like to dance asks the first spread of this playful nonfiction picture book Honeybees do, too responds the next Illustrating the simple text are joyful drawings that visually connect the children enjoying a dance party to the honeybees performing their own dance in the hive A block of in depth text fleshes out what the honeybees are actually doing and why their waggle dance tells other honeybees where to find a tasty meal Using this same rhythmic question and answer style throughout, the book compares a series of children s favorite activities to similar things that animals do From playing tag and leapfrog gazelles and cattle egrets to blowing bubbles and getting piggyback rides gray tree frogs and marmosets , there are seven activities animals in all And though the behaviors might look the same, while the children are playing, the animals are performing essential tasks such as finding food or caring for their young Award winning author Etta Kaner has created a fun, engaging exploration of some ways animals behave just like people By highlighting connections between human and animal behaviors, she encourages children to develop compassion for other creatures and to recognize their place within the natural world This book would make an excellent resource for early life science lessons on the characteristics of living things, especially with the expanded information in the back matter about each of the animals found in the book The question and answer pattern of the text together with Marilyn Faucher s inviting, detailed illustrations work as an entertaining, interactive read aloud as well.

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    1. This book asks the child a question followed by a discussion of how a particular animal likes to do the same thing. It is playful in that it makes animal behavior seem childlike and fun. A couple of examples are: honeybees dance and gazelles play tag. There are eight such children activity – animal behavior comparisons explored in this book. This is a great read for any young animal lover, aged 2-5. Thank you to netgalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

    2. Kids love to pretend they are animals, and roar, walk on four legs, or move they arms like flying. For this reason I find the idea of this book incredibly interesting. Animals sometimes "act like kids", since they also dance, play tag or leapfrog, have piggyback rides. For each of these examples there is an explanation for this behavior. Grey Tree Frogs, for example, blow bubbles to build a nest on trees above water where they lay their eggs, allowing the tadpole to fall into the water when they [...]

    3. This is a very colorful picture book that talks about how our human behaviors are very similar to certain animal behaviors. I actually learned a few facts myself. Kids love the bright and colorful pictures with the non fiction attribute. Thanks to Netgalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    4. I am grateful to have received this book through a Giveaway. Now that I have finished reading it, I intend to donate it to the library I work at in order to add it to the collection.This book combines an adorable, easy to read picture book with nonfiction and unique information about animals. I learned a lot reading this short book! I had no idea of many of the animal facts, which are presented in a manner that a young child can understand. I believe this book is correctly geared toward 4-7 yea [...]

    5. I received an advanced review copy of this book.I am only barely joking when I say that this book should be required reading in university introductory ecology courses. The illustrations are bright and bombastic, but also full of wonderful detail that brings the worlds of animals to life. The language is accessible to virtually all age groups, while conveying information that was new to my ears as an ecological science professional. I was captivated from the first page, and I have no doubt that [...]

    6. SynopsisThis visual aspects (aka the illustrations) of this nonfiction book, even in the ebook, are wonderful! The text and illustrations are wonderfully connected through a rhythmic question and answer format in the book. In addition to the comparison between the animals and how we handle our family.Summary and rating of 4.5Wonderful! Wonderful! This was a really good book and a great mentor book to illustrate rhythm and comparison to the students. I think that teachers will have a wonderful ti [...]

    7. This book is very informative and the illustrations are perfect. In this fun and engaging tale the reader discovers how similar humans and animals act. Kids will delight in the similarities thus appreciating the wonders of the animal world. What seems to be animals engaging in playtime turns out to be animals foraging for their daily food, building strength and agility in their bodies, and taking care of their babies. I personally learned a lot of interesting facts and had some "who knew?" momen [...]

    8. What a great idea. A book about how animals and kids are alike. In this very interesting yet quite fun title, readers are asked it they like to do something such as blow bubbles or play tag. On the next two-page spread, there is an illustration of a type of animal doing the same thing with a description about what they are doing and why they do it. There were several in this book that I did not know about. A great book about animals for young children, but it can be used for many things. When te [...]

    9. I received this book via Netgalley for an honest review.This is a truly lovely book. It's beautifully illustrated and well written. For every animal included there are some facts that will interest any young child, especially one like mine who loves animals and trivia. We read this last night and she's been sharing facts from it with all and sundry (not entirely sure the pharmacist wanted to hear what leaf-cutter ants do with leaves's pretty gross). It's good to read aloud but challenging enough [...]

    10. Animals Do, Too! introduces kids to how wild animals and humans are alike. We dance, grow food, play tag, and blow bubbles. And guess what? Animals do too! The picture book also explains how, in the animal world, these activities serve other purposes too like practicing evading predators or creating a nest for their eggs.Animal lovers will appreciate learning about these human-animal world connections.*A copy of this book was provided free of charge for an honest review.

    11. Animals Do Too! How They Behave Just Like You is a wonderful picture book that can be read on so many different levels and in many different ways. Preschoolers would enjoy the basic predictable story pattern that compares their action to that of an animal (e.g. “Do you like to dance? Honeybees do too!). The young elementary student will enjoy the scientific description of what the animal does that is like what the child does and why. The slightly older student would enjoy reading the book inde [...]

    12. This book takes different activities children love (dancing, blowing bubbles, etc.) and shows that animals like to do the same activities. I really love that this book can be used for a wide variety of ages. My youngest kids love just hearing the basic "Do you like to dance? Honeybees do too!" whereas my older children really enjoy hearing the more detailed explanation of how the animal does the activity. No matter the age group, you will have children pretending to be animals in all sorts of ne [...]

    13. Kaner, Etta Animals Do, Too! How They Behave Just Like You, illustrated by Marilyn Faucher. PICTURE BOOK. Kids Can Press, 2017. $17.Do you play leapfrog? Well, so does the cattle egret! Do you ever have a babysitter? So do young flamingos! Kaner and Faucher combine text and illustrations to paint a picture of what members of the animal kingdom do that is something you do too. Each page has a paragraph of text explaining a bit more in depth about each animals habits, creating a perfect science le [...]

    14. Interesting selection of animals to compare. One double page spread shows children and adults at some activity, the next spread show an animal, with a rather lengthy paragraph describing how and why the animals does that. I think these are a tad long for the intended audience, but the reader could summarize. Additional information in the back includes range or habitat.Watercolor illustrations are cute but not realistic enough for me to shelve this in the non-fiction section.

    15. What a fun way to learn about the animal kingdom.This picture book uncovers the similar behaviors of animals and humans. What people do for enjoyment these creatures do for survival. Young readers will find something different to search for in the lively illustrations on every page. Children ages four to seven and even adults will be surprised by these fun facts

    16. Young readers will discover how much they have in common with a variety of animals in Animals Do, Too! How They Behave Just Like You. It is an engaging and entertaining introduction to animal behavior.

    17. This playful question answer format is very inviting. Kids will love to learn things they can do that other animals can too. Great mentor for primary writers to notice.

    18. Love the way this draws kids into learning about animal behavior by comparing it to their own. I wish the illustrations of kids included more children of color.

    19. Any book that helps kids to make connections between themselves and the natural world is a good book, IMHO.

    20. Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy seeing the animals behaving the same way as humans. Older kids and even adults may be surprised as well. Illustrations are very nice.

    21. Bees dance, gazelles play tag, and cattle egrets play leapfrog. There are many things that animals do that humans do too. This is a wonderful approach to teaching children about animals. There may be more children becoming ethologists after reading this book.

    22. This book was so fun! My students enjoyed acting out their enjoyment of each activity and loved learning how alike animals can be. I even learned some things about animal behavior. We especially like that wonderful illustrations and text were paired with in depth information about each animal.* I was provided a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

    23. This book is so interesting! It parallels human behavior with animal behavior and gives facts about why animals do these certain behaviors, i.e. babysitting, leap frogging, dancing, playing tag, etc. The prose can either be simple, for ages 2-4, if you only read the large text. But it can be expanded for ages 4-6 if you also read the smaller text with the animal facts.I love when books make non-fiction interesting for kids, and this book is the perfect example. Even I learned several things whil [...]

    24. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This is a definite future buy for my nieces -- and anyone else who loves fun animal facts and sharing the love of nature and animals with little ones. The illustrations are fun and colorful while also being more realistic than cartoonish (though they are a little). This is a definite plus for my sis-in-law who prefers the more realistic stuffed animals and [...]

    25. I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.A book about how animals and kids are alike. In this very interesting yet quite fun title, readers will learn about how animals do things that children do too. Children love to dance, but did you know that bees love to dance too? How about leap frog and blowing bubbles? With fun illustrations and activities that kids can act out, this will be a great book for young children and animal lovers alike.

    26. This is a nice book about how things humans like to do, are often done by animals as well. Bees dance, Gazelle play tag, there is is even a type of frog that likes to blow bubbles. And interesting cross between picture book, and nonfiction book. It works quite well.

    27. Cute illustrations, I think my favorite has to be the marmosets. The three year old saw the giraffe in the background and said that was his. Great little fact book that teaches how animals can behave like humans, specifically children.

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