• Title: Of Love and Corn Dogs
  • Author: Parker Williams
  • ISBN: 9781941841471
  • Page: 227
  • Format: ebook
  • Of Love and Corn Dogs With money than he could spend in ten lifetimes Darwin Kincade still couldn t keep death from stealing his lover A little older and a whole lot wiser flirting with his twice a week waiter is the per
    With money than he could spend in ten lifetimes, Darwin Kincade still couldn t keep death from stealing his lover A little older and a whole lot wiser, flirting with his twice a week waiter is the perfect no risk substitute for a real relationship Until the night his routine is upended by the restaurant s newest employee.Ricky Donnelly loves people While being a seWith money than he could spend in ten lifetimes, Darwin Kincade still couldn t keep death from stealing his lover A little older and a whole lot wiser, flirting with his twice a week waiter is the perfect no risk substitute for a real relationship Until the night his routine is upended by the restaurant s newest employee.Ricky Donnelly loves people While being a server isn t his dream, he s good at it When a grumpy man is seated in his station, Ricky sees there s to him than he lets on, and when the man relaxes, he s actually sweet.As the two men bond over a discussion about corn dogs something Darwin s never heard of he realizes how much he s missed out on in his life He vows to open himself to new experiences including, perhaps, a chance at finding love again.Not wanting anything to muddy their blooming relationship, Darwin hides part of himself from Ricky He likes the look in Ricky s eyes, unclouded by Darwin s notoriety Unfortunately, the truth can never stay hidden, and when it comes out, Darwin may lose any hope of holding onto the future they ve begun to build.

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    1. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsIf you are fan of Parker Williams and you read Haven you are probably reading the blurb for Of Love and Corn Dogs and thinking you have the wrong author – this book is as sweet as they come! This is a quick, light and mostly angst free story that has a modern day fairy story feel to it and that left a smile on my face.At first glance Darwin has it all but as is often the case looks can be deceiving. He has the money, oh boy does he have the money, he ha [...]

    2. Meh. Honestly, I found this dry (the writing) with a side of boring (the storytelling/plot). Probably it's one of those "me not the book" situations *shrugs*.

    3. This was a sweet romance about one MC getting a second chance at love and leaving his ivory tower, and the other MC learning that his worth isn't in his wealth or lack thereof, but in what he offers the first MC - love, companionship, challenging perspectives, and honesty.Darwin Kinkade is very wealthy, but lonely and lost in his grief after his long-time lover Dean died a few years ago from cancer. He spends his days working at his company, and some of his evenings ogling the hot server at Asia [...]

    4. It has been far too long since a new Parker Williams contemporary romance was unleashed on the unsuspecting public. I love this author's writing and his stories are always sweet and hot, with a little drama… pretty much an all-around comfort read for me. If nothing else, the title certainly grabbed my attention! *grins*Darwin comes from serious money. I mean the kind that doesn't just pave the way… it is the way. Kincade International is not just a powerful company, they do take good care of [...]

    5. This is the sweetest love story I’ve ever read. Oh, it has its moments of tension, and sometimes you want to smack some sense into the two heroes, who are both rather lost but for different reasons.Ricky is a waiter at a five-star restaurant, but it seems like no matter what he does, he is criticized unreasonable by management for it. The reason is revealed, but I won’t share here because it would be a minor spoiler. Ricky replaced another waiter, who was Darwin Kinkaid’s favorite server, [...]

    6. Enjoyable Enough.This was a nice read. Good characters, familiar storyline, no huge angst. Well written just lacking a slight edge, for me. I do want Henley's story, though.

    7. 4.25 Darwin Kincade is like a fairy tale prince. He’s rich as blazes and runs an incredibly successful company but he is also kind, good to his employees, nice to people and very closed off in his heart since the death of his beloved, Dean. The one bright spot in his week is flirting with Roy, is favorite waiter at Asiago. He keeps hoping the man will see him as a potential date. So he’s a little upset when he shows up at Asiago only to find Roy has quit and he has a new waiter, Ricky. Ricky [...]

    8. *I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*How sweet this story was….First we have Darwin; being seated in a specific section at a resteraunt he visits every week to check out a hot guy only to find out the hot guy isn’t there anymore. He’s a bit grouchy about it but quickly apologizes when he sees the new waiter and feels guilty for taking out his disappointment on him. Ricky is a new server at Asiago and he’s just met Darwin. I’ve got to say, D [...]

    9. This week was reviewer’s choice, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was in the mood to read. I had just finished a pretty angsty book so I know I needed something light, sweet and a guaranteed happy ending. Well I got that in spades with this book.You know that saying that money can’t buy happiness? Well money also can’t keep cancer from taking the man that Darwin thought he would spend the rest of his life with. My heart broke for Darwin, I can’t imagine finding love, thinking you have a [...]

    10. It's rare to read a book about a billionaire that's actually sweet. That's what you get with this book, and I think the title helps in that regard. If you're looking for a sticky sweet read, this is your book. Darwin, CEO and owner of his own company, has been stagnant in the love department since his "husband" passed away 6 years ago, burying himself in work. He started going to this restaurant because one of the waiters caught his eye, but seeing as how the waiter never showed any interest, he [...]

    11. I won a copy of this in paperback but then went and bought it for my kindle too as I just had a feeling I was going to love thisd Wow I was right.This was an absolute dream of a book to readIt is one of the best books i've read this year.Darwin and Ricky were just beautiful togetherThe way they met was perfect.I had doubts for Darwin keeping who he was from RickyHe really should have told him but the way they both come together and the way Ricky realises that Darwin loves him for him and not for [...]

    12. A gorgeous sweet read with three-dimensional characters you can love and empathise with. Highly recommended.

    13. If you are looking for a tender romance with relatively no angst and a fairy tale-like ending, then you need look no further than Parker Williams’ novel Of Love and Corn Dogs. While it could be defined as a rags-to-riches love story, you just need to look a bit deeper to see that there is, at the heart of this story, a quiet statement about taking chances and finding love all over again after great loss.Darwin Kincade is no stranger to love. He had found the love of his life, once upon a time, [...]

    14. Money cannot bring happiness… In fact, it can destroy your very chance at it.Despite being as rich as Croesus, Darwin Kincade lives a lonely life. The best moment of the week is when he visits a fashionable restaurant to ogle at his favourite waiter… Until the day he is not there any more. Darwin lashes at the new waiter, Ricky Donnelly, but soon he realises of his mistake and tries to make amends. Ricky is not as handsome as Roy, but he is sweet and genuine. They feel attracted to each othe [...]

    15. This quick-read was a slow-burn romance reminiscent of the Harlequin romances I read as a teenager. We get a lot of backstory about Darwin - unexpectedly inheriting his family's business, his upbringing with his parents, the fallout with his elder brother - but I wish there had been more about Ricky. All we really learn about him is surface stuff: his father died when he was young and he's a poor college student waiting tables until he can open his own restaurant. I'm not sure what more it would [...]

    16. (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the publisher / author for an honest review.)I wasn’t sure what I was accepting when Dani asked me if I would like to review Parker Williams’ new book. My only experience with his writing before this one was his very dark, Haven’s Creed, and though I had heard his other books were less intense, I hadn’t personally tried any yet. Honestly, Haven’s Creed was more in my typical comfort zone and reading tastes. Some of his [...]

    17. This book truly surprises me. Not in a bad way. I figured it would be a good read by the description of it but it truly was a wonderful read.Ricky and Darwin would be what most people would call the odd couple because they come from totally different backgrounds. Darwin has known what love is like because he lives it with Dean until Dean got sick and lost his battle with cancer. Darwin was shattered after that and I honestly believe he never truly recovered after it. I think after losing Dean, D [...]

    18. Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars!I absolutely adored this story! Darwin and Ricky are so perfect together and they are exactly what the other needed when they needed it. They’re both so sweet to each other and I could feel their love and devotion for each other clearly as I read. They both had to get over their fears to be together and watching them tackle those obstacles was beautiful to see.Ricky was a wonderful character that I couldn’t help but admire for his convictio [...]

    19. 3.5 starsI was provided with one copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.Of Love and Corn Dogs by Parker Williams is all about getting a second chance at true love. Darwin is rich and incredibly lonely. He lost the love of his life 6 years ago and has become a workaholic with little interest in outside relationships. He seems to have this balance of rich and snobby but also slightly down to earth and human at the same time. He falls for the new wa [...]

    20. 4.5 StarsDarwin Kinkade is a billionaire CEO running his family business and being a decent human. He’s out, and always has been, but hasn’t dated any man since his first love and former husband, Dean, died of cancer six years ago. He takes a little salacious pleasure in observing his favorite waiter at his standing reservation–and is upset when that man doesn’t show one evening. Ricky, the replacement, is kind and attentive, in a way that disarms Darwin, and gets him moving out of his w [...]

    21. Of Love and Corn Dogs is, for the most part, a sweet feel-good story featuring two adorable, be it at times frustrating, protagonists I couldn’t help but fall for.Ricky is such a good guy. He’s nice. He just wants people to be happy, doesn’t appear to have a selfish bone in his body, and charmed me from the moment he appeared on the page.Darwin was a different story. Initially he came across as rather short and stand-offish. Of course the fact that he at first appeared to be rather arrogan [...]

    22. I received a free copy of this ARC for an honest review.The heart wants what the heart wants whether it’s corndogs or the cute waiter who suggests them…Darwin Kincade has everything—almost. He lost his beloved partner to cancer some time ago and has yet to make his way back to a new romance.Ricky Donnelly has personality, looks, and tuition bills to pay that keep him working in restaurants in order to get his degree.The only thing they have in common is they never expected to fall in love [...]

    23. > > Judging a Book by it's Cover < < Cross-cut cover design featuring two men, one appearing to be a waiter, the other in a suit. Below, there's a combo plate of corn dogs and fries. Funny title, cute synopsis. Love other works by this author and wanted to give this one a try. > > Looking Deeper < <Third-person POV.Ricky first meets Darwin when Darwin comes to the 5-Star restaurant Ricky is a server at. After a short conversation, Darwin leaves to eat a meal which was rec [...]

    24. This is a quick, sweet read that will lift your spirits and leave a smile on your face! While there is a bit of ‘insta-love’ the characters really have to work hard to make a go at a real relationship. Darwin is definitely a fairy tale prince! Looks, money, heart and soul, he has it all! Unfortunately, when dealt a tragedy he basically stops living. I love how he treats his ‘staff’ and his employees. He is such a good man. When he meets Ricky and he comes to life we see he’s quite ador [...]

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