• Title: The Road to Paradise: A Vintage National Parks Novel
  • Author: Karen Barnett
  • ISBN: 9780735289543
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Road to Paradise A Vintage National Parks Novel In Margie Lane an avid naturalist convinces her Senator father to procure her a position at the fledgling Mount Rainier National Park Since Ranger Ford Brannon lost his father in a climbing ac
    In 1927, Margie Lane, an avid naturalist, convinces her Senator father to procure her a position at the fledgling Mount Rainier National Park Since Ranger Ford Brannon lost his father in a climbing accident, he doubts his ability to protect the park and its many visitors He certainly doesn t relish the job of watching over an idealistic and privileged young woman with noIn 1927, Margie Lane, an avid naturalist, convinces her Senator father to procure her a position at the fledgling Mount Rainier National Park Since Ranger Ford Brannon lost his father in a climbing accident, he doubts his ability to protect the park and its many visitors He certainly doesn t relish the job of watching over an idealistic and privileged young woman with no practical survival skills When Margie s former fiance sets his mind on developing the Paradise Inn and its surroundings into a tourist playground, Margie and Ford will have to work together to preserve the beauty and simplicity of this mountain hideaway, but the developer s plans might put than just the park in danger.

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    1. Karen Barnett's writing makes you feel as if you are right there in the forests, seeing the mountains, delighting in nature's beauty. As I read, I really felt transported to Mount Rainier National Park. Her writing instills courage, strength, and faith in the reader. You feel like you too can do everything that Margie does and that Ranger Brayden's path could just as easily be yours. This was a very enjoyable read for me, the book cover is simply gorgeous, and I can't wait to read more in this s [...]

    2. This was a sweet story about Margie, a young woman who grew up in the upper society, yet had a heart and desire for the simplicity and beauty of the natural world. It was easy for me to admire Margie because she reminded me so much of my younger self. She was a book learned botanist and admired God's beautiful world with excitement. I really enjoyed how this novel focused so much on the flora and fauna of Mount Rainer National Park. Now, I want to go see this National Park and scale to the summi [...]

    3. If you like a story that has really well-developed characters, a wonderful message of how God is in the beauty of nature, a romance between a nature-loving young woman and an emotionally broken park ranger, then you need to pick up The Road to Paradise. I was touched and inspired by Marge's love of nature. It made me relate to how I feel when I am at a national park or just when I commune with nature at daybreak. With a menacing entrepreneur named Philip shows up the fight begins to save the par [...]

    4. The first thing that caught my attention about this book was its amazing cover. I collect the vintage-style postcards from national parks, sites, memorials, and cities that we visit on our road trips, and earlier this year I mounted them all on my living room wall :) Since I love national parks and I enjoy this author's writing I knew this would be a perfect book for me! The early 20th century setting in the Washington wilderness had a distinct feeling and I appreciated seeing the park and chara [...]

    5. Fans of historical and ROMANTIC fiction, don't you just LOVE this cover? It really does a lovely job capturing the essence of this clean, faith-based, nature's bounty history/mystery love story. A story celebrating pioneering female naturalists, and set in beautiful Mount Rainier National Park in its infancy. Sweet, enlightening, well written with integrity. And somewhat topically unique. But also, a bit predictable when it comes to the romantic elements. And far more sentimentality swooning tha [...]

    6. A story as invigorating, inspiring, and perilous as Mount Rainier itself! The Road to Paradise by Karen Barnett pulled me in with humor and fascinating characters and a delicious romance, then kept me up late as Ford and Margie strive to save the national park that seems determined to kill them. The author’s experiences as a park ranger give this novel both authenticity and passion, and I can’t wait for the next book in the Vintage National Parks Series!

    7. A true delight. With its expertly rendered setting of breathtaking beauty and danger, combined with charming characters and a swiftly moving plot, The Road to Paradise is a journey worth taking more than once!

    8. "My soul is at peace here. Like God has led me to the promised land."Margaret Lane has made her great escape; leaving a life of social obligation and burrowing herself into life at Mount Rainer National Park, as a result of her father's generosity, she finds herself dubbed a "naturalist" by Chief Ranger Ford Boynton to whom she is assigned. Surrounded by wildlife and flora to her heart's content, Margie's love of the outdoors flourishes, in spite of Ford's initial concerns about her ability to s [...]

    9. Readers, get ready to go on a full out adventure as you hit the wilderness with Margie who loves Mount Rainer. Don't be fooled by the title "The Road to Paradise." This book is nothing but a road to paradise, but an adventure of a lifetime that Margaret takes. She doesn't hike the forest alone but meets a very charming and handsome chief park ranger, Ford Brayden. He is determined to keep her safe, despite the fact she tries to put her life at risk to save the mountain. Will Ford and Margie be a [...]

    10. Historical Fiction is my favorite. I adore mountains, hiking and nature. Unfortunately, I didn't love this novel and found the characters and story line to be just ok. I am glad so many adored this novel. It just wasn't a good match for me.I have another novel by the author, Out of the Ruins, and look forward to reading it.

    11. What a truly enjoyable read!I really liked the characters in this book, and you just can't beat the fact that a huge portion of the story has a great backdrop of the beautiful nature God has created.I've always loved the freedom and beauty of the outdoors. I can totally relate to Margie, and her fascination of the beauty that surrounds her at Mount Rainer National Park.Great characters, well- written plot, and a beautiful faith theme that I loved. I love when the faith theme is intricately woven [...]

    12. I read Karen Barnett's book, Mistaken a few years back and really enjoyed it! The Road to Paradise intrigued me from the first moment I read the description, I thought ooh, I've gotta read that! And I am thrilled to say that this book was completely delightful! Having grown up on 75+ acres of land I am a huge nature lover, so I could totally relate to Margie's love of the outdoors and her joy in seeing God's fingerprints on every bit of nature! It was such a great idea to write a historical seri [...]

    13. Full review on Faithfully Bookish wp/p7ngfE-13NMargie Lane is brave enough to break out of the grasp of social expectations and so much more. I admire her work ethic, her eagerness to learn, grow, and experience, and her appreciation for the natural beauty of creation. Margie has a heart of gold and enduring spirit.Ford Brayden is a quintessential mountain man! His dedication to the park is deeply rooted in his identity and his father’s legacy. Ford’s initial Darcy-esque demeanor is easily e [...]

    14. Absolutely enjoyed every moment with this story (starting with the incredibly lovely cover)! The Road to Paradise is a delightful historical romance by a new-to-me author, and I'll definitely look for more from her. The story is sweet but not too, adventurous (love all the outdoor & hiking scenes), tender and humorous, and quite romantic! The hero's spiritual arc is realistic and touching, and the antagonist is well, he's quite the baddie. (I kind of wanted to smack him through the pages.) I [...]

    15. Can I just say how much I love this cover?!? Probably my favorite cover all year. Gorgeous. I wanted to read the book based on it alone. Well, the fact that I can see Mt. Rainier from where I live increased my curiosity. ;) The story was cute with a satisfying ending. Looking forward to more National Park books.

    16. This book made me want to put on my hiking boots and take a long hike away from civilization. I really enjoyed reading about the early days of US national parks and had a hard time putting it down!Margie and Ford were genuine, likeable characters and it was awesome to see their (Ford’s especially) faith journeys. The plot also kept my interest (though I did feel like some parts and background stories could have been expanded). Overall, I had fun reading this and felt “refreshed” (with all [...]

    17. My ThoughtsI loved this book and everything about it. It was wonderfully written, with characters that are real-to-life, a setting that will sweep you away to the Mount Ranier National Park and a plot that will leave you dying for more of this talented authors work. It was such a fabulous feeling reading this book. This novel is a mix of historical and beautiful scenes. I felt as though I was right there with Margie and the Rangers, looking at the parks in front of them. I loved feeling as thou [...]

    18. A great start to a wonderful new series! Enjoyed reading this with images of mountains still fresh in my mind after a vacation in another mountainous national park. Living in view of Mount Rainier in all it's glory made this especially fun to read. It is a dangerous place to hike and climb still today. Interesting, solid characters with a believable plot line made this a satisfying read for me. Loved the detailed descriptions of the places they explored, along with their perilous moments on the [...]

    19. 4.5 starsA delightful story about a young woman and a man from vastly different backgrounds. Margie was gently raised among the best of society; Ford grew up in the wilderness. When Margie wants to escape society and become a forest ranger, exercising her favorite pursuits as a naturalist, she joins Ford's staff. He feels the need to look after her, since she's their first woman on staff and has a habit, annoying to him, of looking at nature with awe and wonder and joy rather than with respect o [...]

    20. Karen Barnett has begun writing a new series about National Parks beginning with Mount Rainier National Park. I decided I wanted to read this book because Mount Rainier is only a three hour drive from my house. I have been to the Paradise area of the park and I have camped in one of the campgrounds. My husband has hiked the Wonderland Trail around the base of the mountain. It truly is a natural playground. Margie has come to the park to work for the summer and to escape what is alluded to be an [...]

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. For one, it was refreshing to read a historical not set in the Victorian era but instead in 1927. I loved the authenticity of the era, the old tricks, the wool trousers, the jargon, the cigarettes, and the early days of national parks. The setting was stellar! I mean. Mt. Rainer. I recall the first time I set eyes on its peak beautiful. Ms. Barnett tells a hefty story built around its base. Thick with history and references to Muir and Thoreau and other great lov [...]

    22. About this book:“An ideal sanctuary and a dream come true–that’s what Margaret Lane feels as she takes in God’s gorgeous handiwork in Mount Rainier National Park. It’s 1927 and the National Park Service is in its youth when Margie, an avid naturalist, lands a coveted position alongside the park rangers living and working in the unrivaled splendor of Mount Rainier’s long shadow.But Chief Ranger Ford Brayden is still haunted by his father’s death on the mountain, and the ranger takes [...]

    23. This was the first book I've read by Karen Barnett and I really enjoyed it. The setting in Mount Rainer National Park was excellent. The author really knows her stuff. The main character, Margie, reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. She is optimistic and frequently quotes poetry. Her love interest, Ford, is very down to earth. They balance each other out well.The story moved along at a good pace, and I found myself cheering Margie and Ford on as they tried to save the park from Margie's former f [...]

    24. Oh.goodness. First, I'll say I really didn't want to read this book. I couldn't tell what genre it was and I just felt so annoyed by that lol. When I found out historical romance I'm like I'm not much on romance books anymore. But after several recommendations & feeling burned out on my "usual" I had to give it a chance. I'm SO GLAD I did. This takes place in Mount Rainer national park and the setting is like a character all on its own (in the best way) 😍 the hero is to die for! Strong an [...]

    25. . The Road to Paradisewas beautifully and vividly written!Amazing characters!! I loved every twist and turn, every adventureeverything about this book! I'm so glad I read ithighly recommend!!

    26. It’s long been a dream of mine to visit each and every U.S. National Park. When I learned Karen Barnett would be writing a series of books set in three parks around the time of their inception, I hastily added them to my must-read list. The Road to Paradise was my introduction to Barnett’s writing and admittedly I felt an instant connection with the author through her protagonist. Perhaps it's because Margie and I share a proclivity for praising God as we explore His creation.Margie, Chief R [...]

    27. 3.5 Stars shall start out this review by commenting on the cover - because it's beautiful, is it not? I read some other reviews of this book, and several others have said that the cover is what drew them to the story, and I have to agree. It's so unique, and well-put together; it really attracts the eye! And even the back-cover has intricate little details that match the story so well. Very impressed!Now onto the inside. :)"The Road to Paradise" was a good book ~ well-researched and presented. M [...]

    28. There is so much to like about this book. The writing is good and the faith aspect is great, simple but strong. I liked the characters a lot except Philip. I really don't enjoy his character type in the stories I read but that is just my opinion. The cover is really cool with a catchy vintage vibe but unfortunately, for me, it just didn't come through in the story. Without the dates the writer notes at the beginning of the chapters I would have had a hard time knowing what decade it was set in.

    29. Karen Barnett is a new-to-me author. I was so intrigued by the concept of a series set in our national parks that I immediately volunteered to join her book launch team. Barnett's descriptive prose allows the reader to feel as if they have set foot in Mt. Rainer National Park. Her experience as a seasonal park ranger is joined with her talent with the pen to weave a beautiful tapestry of words for the reader. I have a feeling that Barnett's appreciation of God's creation is reflected through her [...]

    30. Beautiful vintage cover is different for this market. It'll stand out on the shelf for sure. The concept and plot line is fantastic and I enjoyed that this was set within Mount Rainier National Park. I love the outdoors, hiking, and boating. Being in places like this give me a lot of peace and joy. God's creations show us how deep His love is for us. This is the take away for me, you have a young lady who loves the outdoors, and though the whole set up is orchestrated by her powerful Senator fat [...]

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