• Title: From the Stars
  • Author: C.S. Wilde
  • ISBN: 9781537231587
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the Stars For her he will go to the edges of the universe Literally James Bauman s life flipped upside down when he fell for Miriam Haworth an alien researcher who is incapable of feeling strong emotions Jame
    For her, he will go to the edges of the universe Literally James Bauman s life flipped upside down when he fell for Miriam Haworth, an alien researcher who is incapable of feeling strong emotions James will do everything in his power to show Miriam what love is, but if he succeeds, the wrath of an ancient alien race might crash upon him and doom Miriam forever.

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    1. What an interesting science fiction book. A nerdy IT guy falls in love with a girl who's computer he's working on and then finds out that she's an alien and not capable of love. The book was well written and the characters quirky and interesting. Some twists and surprises. I don't usually read science fiction but I found this book a quick enjoyable read. I received an arc copy and voluntarily chose to review it.

    2. I am not sure who the audience of this book is intended to be. There was a little too much sexual description for young readers, and too little for more sophisticated ones. The book changes POV too quickly to get to real know the characters. Not sure it wouldn't have been better to have written it in the 3rd person. The story is about an IT guy and an alien girl, which is a bit of a switch from the usual. The IT guy is basically a nerd and the girl is, of course, beautiful. Her beauty is not rea [...]

    3. I loved this book! Miriam is researching deep emotions and chooses an IT nerd as her subject. Oh, yes, there are aliens involved, too! Fast, fun read with fascinating characters, surprises and romance.I received a free copy of this book with NO strings attached.

    4. When it comes to enjoyable science fiction romance, this is a prime example of how to make it work. Having previously enjoyed reading C.S. Wilde's novel A Courtoom of Ashes, I was looking forward to checking out her quirky new novel; I'm pleased to say it's a great read. The setup is something like a sci-fi take on Neil Gaiman's Stardust: once again, we have an average, nerdy guy, who just happens to meet a girl who is a bit different. Basically, it turns out that Miriam is an alien forbidden [...]

    5. Right off the bat you meet the two main characters, James and Miriam, or “Mir”, like the space station. He’s an IT guy and first meets Mir when he’s called to set up her computer. Little does he know, Mir is not exactly what she seems.Each chapter is told from a different characters’ perspective, which wasn’t confusing at all and you knew within a sentence or two who was narrating the chapter.This was a fun read, although I didn’t quite connect with the characters as much as I norm [...]

    6. James falls in love with this girl he works with at his office job, Miriam. They start to hang out then she tells him her secret: she's an alien. Things begin to become complicated between themI'll be completely honest and say that this book wasn't my cup of tea, there was a bit too much romance and not enough sci-fi for me, but that's just me.One thing I liked was that the aliens had both human and their alien names.Continue my review here: kirstyreadsblog.wordpress

    7. pooled ink Reviews: (3.5 Stars)This was a short, fast-paced sci-fi adventure full of action and romance. It was both nerdy and delightful. While some aspects felt a bit rushed, it is clear that the author put a lot of thought into creating this story and overall it was very interesting to read. I quickly became invested and curious to know what would become of James and Mir. Great job, Wilde!Read my FULL review here: pooledink/2016/10/25/from

    8. What's love got to do with it? Everything!This review is from: From the Stars (The Dimension Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)Great beginning to the series. I'm certainly hooked. Sweet office romance of a nerdy IT guy that falls for the new gorgeous girl who is way out of his league. He's happy though just to be in the friend category so he can be near her. Oh yeah, she's an alien researching humans. This is a fast reading story that is hard to put down. I'm ready for the next one.

    9. From the Stars by C. S. WildeHave you ever wondered if aliens were real? From the Stars is a wonderful tale of a human male, James, who is an IT professional who is called to fix the computer of Miriam, a Whispar. More Whispars are revealed as James deals with more people around him. Love is a criminal emotion that is achieved between Miriam and James. I really enjoyed this book.

    10. Boy meets girl or in this case nerd meets alien in its avatar. Fast paced, good storyline where love conquers all. Excellent fun read.

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