• Title: The Diplomat's Daughter
  • Author: Karin Tanabe
  • ISBN: 9781501110474
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Diplomat s Daughter During the turbulent months following the bombing of Pearl Harbor twenty one year old Emi Kato the daughter of a Japanese diplomat is locked behind barbed wire in a Texas internment camp She f
    During the turbulent months following the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, twenty one year old Emi Kato, the daughter of a Japanese diplomat, is locked behind barbed wire in a Texas internment camp She feels hopeless until she meets handsome young Christian Lange, whose German born parents were wrongfully arrested for un American activities Together, they live as prisonersDuring the turbulent months following the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, twenty one year old Emi Kato, the daughter of a Japanese diplomat, is locked behind barbed wire in a Texas internment camp She feels hopeless until she meets handsome young Christian Lange, whose German born parents were wrongfully arrested for un American activities Together, they live as prisoners with thousands of other German and Japanese families, but discover that love can bloom in even the bleakest circumstances.When Emi and her mother are abruptly sent back to Japan, Christian enlists in the US Army, with his sights set on the Pacific front and, he hopes, a reunion with Emi unaware that her first love, Leo Hartmann, the son of wealthy of Austrian parents and now a Jewish refugee in Shanghai, may still have her heart.Fearful of bombings in Tokyo, Emi s parents send her to a remote resort town in the mountains, where many in the foreign community have fled Cut off from her family, struggling with growing depression and hunger, Emi repeatedly risks her life to help keep her community safe all while wondering if the two men she loves are still alive.As Christian Lange struggles to adapt to life as a soldier, his unit pushes its way from the South Pacific to Okinawa, where one of the bloodiest battles of World War II awaits them Meanwhile, in Japanese occupied Shanghai, as Leo fights to survive the squalor of the Jewish ghetto, a surprise confrontation with a Nazi officer threatens his life For each man, Emi Kato is never far from their minds Flung together by war, passion, and extraordinary acts of selflessness, the paths of these three remarkable young people will collide as the fighting on the Pacific front crescendos With her elegant and extremely gratifying USA Today storytelling, Karin Tanabe paints a stunning portrait of a turning point in history.

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    1. :Wails and wails::Sees she has an audience, composes herself, and starts to speak:Let me tell you a little story, people.The day is finally here: the release date of your most anticipated book. You preordered it months ago after reading the synopsis. Said synopsis contained all the plot points you loved. It would be a slam dunk read. It had to be. You hit the preorder button. You wait patiently for release day to arrive, low-key stalking the book’s page for reviews.Then the day comes. The mai [...]

    2. Karin Tanabe’s “The Diplomat’s Daughter,” outwardly a meditation on love in a time of war, pushes boundaries to reveal a sensitive exploration of three young adults forced into confronting the fragility of a world where, as Yeats once so aptly noted, “the center cannot hold.” Through Emi Kato, the novel’s heroine (and eponymous diplomat’s daughter), we are introduced to separate, but equally harrowing, representations of the decaying human condition: Anti-Semitic Austria, America [...]

    3. This is my favourite read of this year so far & will probably remain my favourite by the time the year ends. I adored everything about this story & its characters & I cannot wait to write my full length review on my blog.The Diplomat's Daughter is in part a story of love, but is also a story of hope, tragedy & survival. I read scenes unlike any other I've read before & also learnt things about the war that I did not know before. This book is beautiful in every way & Karin [...]

    4. I would actually rate this book a 3.5 if I could.I love historical fiction and have read many books about WWII but this book promised a different aspect of the war that I hadn’t heard about. The author’s note at the beginning of the book states “My Japanese father was three years old when the firebombing of Tokyo and Yokohama occurred in May of 1945. . . . .his first memory was seeing his city on fire. My uncle who was ten remembered more including the swishing sound the napalm made as it [...]

    5. This is the story of three young people during WWII. The story is set in a wide variety of locations from an internment camp in the United States to the Japanese countryside and many points in between. The writing was acceptable, however the characters were extremely stereotypical and flat. There are many books that are set during WWII era. Unfortunately, The Diplomat's Daughter does not rank as one of the best for me.

    6. “She watched the world in front of her, the horizon line now impossible to discern, and thought that even when men were trying their best to become monsters, nature refused to give in. What was beyond her couldn’t be easily altered by human stupidity.” ("The Diplomat’s Daughter", Prologue)At its best, historical fiction transports you to a time and a place where reality and the imaginary co-exist. From the outset, "The Diplomat’s Daughter" by Karin Tanabe did just that. It surprised me [...]

    7. I have not found many books with stories told from the point of view of Asians and their American experiences. As an Asian American, I am always thrilled to come across a title that incorporates real world Asian perspectives, especially those that can mix in multicultural characters and varied geographical settings. This book manages to do this wonderfully. The experiences are vividly drawn from true accounts, and the global nature of World War II is depicted beautifully in the book.Where I foun [...]

    8. This story brings lesser known aspects of WWII of German/Japanese internment camp in Crystal City in South Texas; of the FBI right to search any house of German descent since US was at war with Germany. And that’s what happens to Christian’s prominent family. Their house is searched and they are sent to the camp, where he meets Emi, daughter of Japanese diplomat.The story goes back in time to 1937 Vienna, when Emi’s and Leo’s story is revealed. It touches upon the brewing anti-Semitic mo [...]

    9. I was looking forward to reading this book due to the subject matter. I was hoping it would be thoughtfully addressed in a meaningful and intellectual way. Instead what I got was a lite version of history. It's as if the author created a silly love story and then plugged it into a moment in history that she thought was interesting. It sort of trivializes history, but if you know nothing about this era of history then I suppose it is worth a read. The story flows smoothly, if a bit preposterously [...]

    10. Emi Kato is the daughter of a Japanese diplomat, moving around the world with her family. Unfortunately, she is caught up in America and sent to an internment camp with her mother. Prior to her American posting, Emi and her family are in Vienna, during the late 1930's, where she falls in love with Leo, a young Jewish man. While in the internment camp, Emi meets Christian, a German-American who also ends up interned when his parents are falsely accused of being pro-Nazi. The story is much more th [...]

    11. It's difficult to give 5 stars to a book that details the devastation of WWII. This novel intertwines the lives of three people-- one who is a Japanese diplomat's daughter, one who is German American, and one who is an Austrian Jew -- and outlines the utter devastation of the fruit of hatred in Austria, an American internment camp, Shanghai, the Philippines, and a Japanese mountain town. I'll be thinking about this one for a while.

    12. FANTASTIC! I feel like I have been through the wringer. I have been reading this for a good seven hours of the day, when I get tense I find my tongue pressed tight against my teeth, I see I will have to shower to relax myself and step away from the vibrancy of war. I think the synopsis does a disservice to this book, it sounds like a romance novel, something I detest, but I was intrigued by the cover and gave it a go. I don't even know where to begin, the book evolves so deeply you forget the go [...]

    13. This book takes place during WWII, but it encompasses a Japanese girl and a German American boy who are put into an American internment camp. There is a third person in the love triangle, a Jewish boy whose family escapes to Shanghai. I enjoy new perspectives on historic events, and learning about what life was like for those ostracized during the War, even while living in America, was interesting. The book was a little juvenile in parts, then very graphic in others. It had exciting parts, but m [...]

    14. I am genuinely disappointed and relieved that I did not buy this book. I had though, waited a long time to get to read this and felt that if so many people were waiting for this book to become available, then maybe it was a good read. Or maybe they just thought the blurb sounded really good like I did and wanted to get stuck in - that's more likely it. However, I thought it would be more based along on WWII. I am a little bit of a fan of the history and of the second World War and so fiction and [...]

    15. This book was just short of 5*I really enjoyed this book as it takes on several personas as WWII takes over the whole world. The US government collects all German And Japanese people in Internment Camps as one the darkest chapters opens for America. This story follows three specific people involved in a love triangle. The beautiful daughter of the Japanese Ambassador falls in love with a Jewish boy, Leo while posted in Vienna when Hitler takes over Austria. Her father spirits Leo and his family [...]

    16. Tghabks Atria Books and netgalley for this ARC.We travel from the US to Japan with Emi. Emi will win you to hear side with honesty, humor, and a candidness that makes her a unforgeable heroine. The journey thru life is celebrated in this novel. It's not always peaches and cream- and that makes this novel tart and enduring.

    17. Having a long time interest in and a pretty extensive familiarity with Japanese culture and history as well as a fondness for historical fiction the blurb about this book piqued my interest. Unfortunately, for me it was just about equal parts disappointment as it was success. The success was its having taught me about German American internment in the USA, the European Jews living in Shanghai, and the foreign community being placed in Karuizawa Japan during WWII. Not knowing about any of these I [...]

    18. I heard about this book on NPR and this one lived up to the author's summation. Historical fiction set in the pre-WWII thru end of war. Emi Kato is a Japanese diplomat's daughter and moves around the world as a child when she accompanies her father and mother to his new postings. She meets Leo Hartmann, an Austrian Jew, when her father is stationed in Vienna. They fall in love when they meet in high school. Emi watches as Leo is subjected to more and more bullying and taunting as Hitler begins h [...]

    19. The novel, The Diplomat's Daughter, by Karin Tanabe (2017), severely lacks the connections between fiction and actual events. Ms. Tanabe's writings about the two WWII American internment camps located in Texas, Seagoville and Crystal City, shows an obvious lack of true research. Even though there were numerous false statements in her book, the most disturbing is when Ms. Tanabe wrote in Chapter 10; "Christian Lange, June 1943" page 131: "Right before you came [February-March 1943], two Japanese [...]

    20. I wasn’t swept away at the outset of this book, nor in the first 100 pages. It might have been the fact that I’ve read several WWII novels but I’m so glad I stuck with this one. 3 distinct voices make up this romantic Multi-point of view story, the romantic elements appeared early in the novel but I was pleasantly surprised by the grit and realistic nature as their stories progressed. 4/5 stars.

    21. This book has been crafted to allow the reader to experience WWII from several different perspectives. The story is not linear in the beginning and we jump back and forth in time and country, which is a good thing, considering how intense some of these situations are, though near the end of the book no part of the story is easy reading.Emiko the diplomat’s daughter had two great loves. One is a Jewish boy she met in Vienna. Leo lets us experience the uprising of the Third Reich and a desperate [...]

    22. A big thanks for Simon & Schuster for giving me the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. This is my second book by Karin Tanabe; I read "The Gilded Years" in 2016 and I was looking forward to this new perspective on WW II.Indeed this book did provide a multitude of information that I had never read about before regarding the Japanese and Germans interned together in Texas and then exchanged for citizens coming back to America from their respective countries. For concept and new [...]

    23. Emi Kato has lived all over the world. As the only daughter of a Japanese diplomat, the Kato family has been stationed in Berlin, London, Vienna and America. Emi is a beautiful, talented, multi-lingual young woman whose life turns upside down during WWII. The Kato family thought they were safely tucked away in Washington DC, but when Pearl Harbor is bombed, the Japanese are quickly the enemy and are sent to internment camps, stripped of all their freedoms and slowly returned to Japan. At the ten [...]

    24. A WWII triangle romance that captivates you from the beginning. Add to it the historical turmoil of WWII, the devastation, the suffering and starvation that came with it and you get a fantastic read. The historical events in the book are very well researched and described with great artistic talent. The protagonists are portrayed with great care and made to be these excellent people that you can't help but like. But what made me enjoy reading the book more is reading about WWII events from a dif [...]

    25. The Diplomat’s Daughter intertwines the lives of three people. Emi is a daughter of a Japanese diplomat who has traveled extensively with her parents and is use to a life of privilege. Her family is forced to flee Vienna when Hitler invades and find themselves deported to a internment camp in Texas. Christian is an American born boy who lived with his German parents in a wealthy suburb. One night his family is taken away by American authorities to be sent to the same internment camp as Emi and [...]

    26. This was an interesting story of a love triangle with a daughter of a Japanese diplomat, a German american teen boy, and an Austrian Jewish boy during the most horrific times of WWII.Emi Kato is the daughter of a Japanese diplomat who has lived her life away from Japan. She went to high school in Austria, learned German, and fell in love with an Austrian boy who happened to be Jewish, Leo Hartmann. After the Nazis occupied Austria and the horrible event of Kristallnacht, Emi and Leo had to say t [...]

    27. Thoroughly enjoyed! Other reviewers found weak portrayal of characters, but I am action and cultural understanding driven and this had plenty of both for me. There was the lead Japanese "Diplomat's Daughter", Emi Kato and her parents, her 1st love, Leo Hartmann, who is a German Jew of wealthy parents, her 2nd love, Christian Lange, who has German born parents lives in America. The time period, World War II, is perhaps the main character, or perhaps it is the efforts of each person born in differ [...]

    28. Emi Kato is Japanese. Her father was a Japanese diplomat. The family traveled all over the world. Emi was an only child, could speak three languages, was free spirited. When the story starts, they are in Austria.Leo Hartmann is Austrian, the family is Jewish and quite wealthy. He and Emi meet and eventually fall in love. Christian Lange is a citizen of the USA. His mother and father are Germans who came to the USA after WWI.The time is from about 1938 to 1945, The story is connected extremely we [...]

    29. I decided to pick up The Diplomat's Daughter after having read Tanabe's The Gilded Years. The Diplomat's Daughter, much like The Gilded Years, features a strong, somewhat aloof female character. Both books are entertaining reads however I found The Gilded Years to be more enjoyable. The Diplomat's Daughter is set in WWII and Tanabe's writing failed to convey the gravity of the times. Furthermore I found that Emi (the main character) was so aloof that the love stories weren't that convincing. She [...]

    30. Main character Emi, is the daughter of a Japanese ambassador. He is sent home after Pearl Harbor, but Emi gets tuberculosis and she is unable to travel home to Japan. She and her mother are eventually imprisoned with others in fine hotels and then to a camp in Texas. Here she meets Christian, a German-American whose German parents are arrested for sending money to a cousin in Germany. They are also to be sent home to Germany. Previously when Emi and her parents lived in Vienna, she got to know a [...]

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