• Title: Silver Bullet
  • Author: Stephen King Bernie Wrightson
  • ISBN: 9780451821287
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Silver Bullet The story of a werewolf who terrorizes the remote Maine town of Tarker s Mills is accompanied by the screenplay for its movie version
    The story of a werewolf who terrorizes the remote Maine town of Tarker s Mills is accompanied by the screenplay for its movie version.

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    1. Cycle of Werewolf by Stephen King is NOT about a poor Werewolf searching for his stolen bicycle, without which he will not be able to stalk his victims during the full moon.No, seriously it's not. Such a confusing title! The cycle here refers to a year of the gruesome werewolf attacks from January to December 1983, in a small town called Tarker's Mill. All murders took place during the full moon and they were committed by a classic murderous Werewolf (I got to use the word "Classic" because the [...]

    2. Welcome to the small town of Tarker’s Mill in Maine. It’s a night in January and a snow blizzard “has choked the sky with snow”and“the wind rises to a shrill scream.”What happens in such an ambience! Terror attack! A bid bad werewolf brutalizes a defenseless man.Stephen King’s “Cycle of the Werewolf” is a long story and not a full length novel. Anyways, the werewolf would terrorize the small town for a whole year. Each chapter corresponds to a month.The hero of the story, Marty [...]

    3. Under the light of the full moon, a werewolf stalks the people of Tarker's Mills. Can anyone stop The Cycle of the Werewolf?!?!?!?I first read this in high school, younger than my dog is now. It took me a few chapters to realize that Silver Bullet was based on it. Anyway, I found it for a buck at a yard sale a couple years ago and decided I could use a reread.Like Kempertold me while I was reading it, Cycle of the Werewolf is essentially a Stephen King calendar. Each chapter is a month out of th [...]

    4. فى منتهى السذاجة و التقليدية و الغريب ان المؤلف هو ستيفن كينج و المترجم أحمد خالد توفيق الا انك تكاد تجزم أنها لطفل فى المرحلة الاعدادية اه عفوا لمراهق فى تانية اعدادى و ليس لطفل حتى اننى قررت ان اعطيها نجمة واحدة و لكن ضغط اصبعى نجمتين فقلت لا بأس بذلك. نجمة لكينج و نجمة لتوف [...]

    5. Fun, fast, and frightening. Great pictures that make the story come to life. Terrific tale of a town terrified once every month; and even though it's short it has characters that grab you and make you care, as you read of each full moon rising. It was first meant to be a calendar, one short story for each month (it would have been kind of neat, reminding you to be on the lookout that one night every month), so the words are sparse. Somewhere along the way that idea was abandoned for some reason [...]

    6. Un libro que cumple su objetivo de entretener y que además lees en un santiamén. No hay que olvidar que es un libro de terror para publico infantil y por ello la velocidad de la trama. Puntos buenos:1. Utiliza los elementos adecuados de la mitología de los hombres lobos o licantropia que es: El transformarse con la luna llena, el beber sangre para incrementar su salud, las balas de plata como elemento para acabar con ellos y claro el hecho de que no reconozcan nada mientras la metamorfosis. 2 [...]

    7. 4.5Well that was fast.The story itself is enjoyable to read, but it isn't anything special. What made this book special, and why I gave 5 stars in the end, were illustrations. They were really well done and they fit to the tone of the story so well. If you're a fan of Kings work, and haven't yet read this, I suggest giving it a go. Just don't have high expectations going into it, because you might end up disappointed.

    8. Primer libro del reto Casa encantada.Sinceramente, vaya decepción! Es el primer libro que leo de este autor y el último!!!

    9. Now that's what I call a werewolf. Forget teenage boys with chiseled abs of steel, THIS is what real werewolves are like in actual good stories. At 128 pages this book takes less than 20 minutes to read but it is better than 300 page novels full of fluff. Every entry is in the form of a month & tells of an attack by a werewolf in the small town of Tarker Mills, Maine where everyone is not only a potential victim but also a potential suspect as the massive killer beast runs rampant at every f [...]

    10. As far as I can tell, Cycle of the Werewolf was Stephen King’s first venture into an illustrated novel, a marriage of a story and graphics. It’s cool that he tries different things, new mediums to express his thoughts for the Constant Reader. Why not? It makes sense. That said I am not the best judge of this method. I have a preference for reading the words and letting my brain do the visualizing.My rating skews to low side compared with many. I may never have bothered reading this Werewolf [...]

    11. After I abandoned two werewolf novels -- The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt and Bitten by Kelley Armstrong -- that were nothing but Kibble, I ran for cover with Cycle of the Werewolf, a lycanthrope tale that I knew would deliver, authored by Stephen King and illustrated by Bernie Wrightson, the artist who'd collaborated with King on the motion picture Creepshow.Published in limited edition hardcover in 1983 and mass market paperback in 1985, the project was the brainstorm of Land of Enchantment [...]

    12. Se trata de un libro sumamente conciso, cruento y ligero, en el que presenciamos la evolución de un temible hombre lobo que acecha a los habitantes de Maine. Cada capítulo está dividido por meses, atravesando así cada festividad típica en Estados Unidos, y contando en cada ocasión el desafortunado encuentro entre la bestia e incautos personajes, y su terrible desenlace. Es una historia muy sencilla pero entretenida, sin mayores pretensiones. Mi edición (la misma que figura en la reseña) [...]

    13. Ok, maybe this classic (but for the monster origin), straight werewolf tale was too short for a novella an too long for an anthology short tale, I already knew the story and the creature identity having seen lots of times the "Silver bullet" movie based on this one but King is still THE KING for me and I loved how he fleshed for good characters and story in just few words here.And Bernie Wrightson's illustrations are just creepy moody masterworks the one of the beast ripping off the constable's [...]

    14. 4.5 STARS. Brilliant story and exquisite writing skills by Eminent Author.I was completely immersed in the story and It was like so much alive my goodness.I felt that frightened beam of moonlight as were depicted in story.Lovely.

    15. ستيفن كينج للمرة الثالثة هذا الشهر، لم أحبها اطلاقا مملة رتيية شديدة التقليديةلو قارنتها بالرجل الذئب لأحمد خالد توفيق ستربح الأخيرة حتمًا.

    16. Odlična kratka priča ispraćena još boljim ilustracijama Bernija Vrajtsona. Koncipirana kroz dvanaest meseci, radnja prati brutalna ubistva koja se odigravaju na veče punog meseca. Disklejmer koji je King stavio nije bio potreban, no isti glasi da je zanemaren sled mesećevih mena i da je samo veče punog meseca simbolično stavljano na važniji datum u okviru jednog meseca. Ovaj detalj može zasmetati čitaocu usled nejednakog protoka vremena između dva puna meseca, ali ne šteti priči ni [...]

    17. I found this one to be a cut above many of Stephen King's other novels, and the way the werewolf is described? So vivid! :D

    18. Let's get a few things out of the way: First, this is a classic. Second, there's only one version of this book that counts, and that's Plume's 1983 trade paperback. Thirdly, the film adaptation, "Silver Bullet" (written for the screen by Stephen King), is a deeper overall experience: better character development, cooler kills, the inclusion of that most-epic motorcycle/wheelchair every 80's kid wanted whether they were handicapped or not, and mo' frakkin' Corey Haim partnering up with crazy-as-b [...]

    19. In the small American town of Tarker's Mills, a series of grisly murders has people talking. Not just about the way they are killed - brutally mauled to death as if by an animal - but also because of the pawprints found near the bodies and the howling heard in the nights. And the way that the killings only take place every full moon. Could it be a werewolf?It’d be funny if it wasn’t, right? Stephen King calling this Cycle of the Werewolf and have the creature be Frankenstein’s Monster taki [...]

    20. I am a big fan of Mr. Kings writings and even if I am Dutch by nationality I find his words work far better in English. I found this illustrated paperback short story in a 2nd hand book store, had heard of it before but never found a copy.This short story told in 12 chapters as in the months of the year tells the tale of a small town being under attack of a werewolfish killer. It is a brilliant short tale and the illustrations add to the mood of the story. As always King does not need a lot of s [...]

    21. 3.5 stars.This was actually so much better than I expected!Cycle of the Werewolf is an illustrated book, which was something of a novelty as I'd never encountered a King book before like it. The book has 12 chapters, one for every month of the year, and follows an entire year of a small Maine town called Tarker's Mills, where they experience the coming of a werewolf every full moon. At first I thought each chapter was going to be an isolated incident in the town, with no real plot or connection [...]

    22. I picked this novella up in college, and shortly thereafter the movie SILVER BULLET was made from the story. CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF is sort of an "under the radar" King book. Probably not the most talked about, but I think it's a hidden treasure. I love his monthly chronicling of the monster's evolution in the small town of Tarker's Mills, Maine. Part of what makes this a 5 star book for me were the superb illustrations, which are similar to those found in CREEPSHOW. This is a terrific tale by on [...]

    23. This is a really good book. It was also adapted into a film called Silver Bullet starring Gary Busey. I enjoyed both.🐯👍

    24. Reto de la Mansión Encantada. Primer libro.Los primeros meses me aburrieron, pero se lee rapidísimo (influye mucho que tiene páginas enteras con dibujos xD). Es una historia corta y sencilla.Siento darle esta calificación porque todo mundo habla súper bien de Stephen King, y esta es la primera vez que leo un libro suyo.Pero es que me parece que dejó muchas cosas inconclusas, (view spoiler)[¿Cómo llegó el hombre-lobo a convertirse en eso? ¿Lo explican o es que me perdí de algún detall [...]

    25. Cycle of the Werewolf is a fun, quick read that can easily be finished in just a couple of hours. Each chapter is only a few pages long and covers the supposed moon cycle for one month in a year of terror. The story centers around a small New England town that is being terrorized by the savage and violent attacks of a werewolf. Each vignette centers on the werewolf's activity for the full moon of htat month. King acknowledges that he manipulated the fall of the full moon to fit his own scheme of [...]

    26. I saw this today at my local library and thought, wait, Stephen King wrote a werewolf book? How did I miss this? I promptly added it to my small stack of books and checked it out.It's a very short book so I read it in one sitting. Classic werewolf story with a classic ending. It was good but not great, so I get why it's not talked about very often. Apparently there was a movie adaptation from the 80's called Silver Bullet, which is considered a cult classic. Definitely going to have to give it a [...]

    27. Simpleza en vocabulario, simpleza en desarrollo, simpleza en historia. Podría considerarla una historia de terror infantil. Me gustó, algo distinto a todo lo que se conoce, algo concreto, algo entretenido.

    28. 2017: Short and sweet, and terrifying. I will always have a tender spot for this story, seeing how the movie, Silver Bullet, was the first horror to scare my socks off at the tender age of eight. Not as complex as King's other books, but very well-done for a calendar-style novella.

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