• Title: Worth the Wait
  • Author: A.J. Pine
  • ISBN: 9781633757950
  • Page: 147
  • Format: ebook
  • Worth the Wait I like to think of myself as a man of pleasure I enjoy a good pint of ale being in the arms of a beautiful woman and living by my own rules The only thing I try to avoid Commitment And I ve got a th
    I like to think of myself as a man of pleasure I enjoy a good pint of ale, being in the arms of a beautiful woman, and living by my own rules The only thing I try to avoid Commitment And I ve got a three year success rate to prove it.I wasn t planning on Grace the beautiful, funny, totally off limits massage therapist who keeps popping up in my life She s on a six montI like to think of myself as a man of pleasure I enjoy a good pint of ale, being in the arms of a beautiful woman, and living by my own rules The only thing I try to avoid Commitment And I ve got a three year success rate to prove it.I wasn t planning on Grace the beautiful, funny, totally off limits massage therapist who keeps popping up in my life She s on a six month mission to rid her life of toxins No alcohol No red meat And, yeah, no men I m talking full on man cleanse.I know I should walk away, but I can t and the only way to keep her in my life is to live by her rules I ll need to prove to a woman who s lost all trust in men that I m worthy of her love And do it all without so much as a single kiss.The only problem If I win, I ll lose the one thing I swore I d never give up My heart.Each book in the Kingston Ale House series is a standalone, full length story that can be enjoyed out of order Series Order Book 1 The One That Got Away Book 2 Six Month RuleBook 3 Three Simple WordsBook 4 Worth the Wait

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    1. *****THREE STARS*****Netgalley ARCThis was not my favorite out of the three I have read so far in this series.I just never connected with the story or the main characters.Honestly, I never felt like the character of Jeremy really needed his own book.I kept hoping that things would click into place and I'd get lost in the story but it just never really got interesting for me.It hasn't been the greatest week for me either so maybe that caused the reaction I had to this book. Who knows?The author [...]

    2. 4 To Trust Again Stars* * * *Spoiler Free It's Live!!!When we are little, we learn to trust freelyter all, our family is there to look out for us, take care of us and we learn that all those grown-ups are there to guide us towards safe placesAt least that is what hopefully happens. As we mature, other people start to interact with us and we learn the hard way not everyone is looking out for our best interestsWe start to assess watch and see and not give away our trust so easily. But then when we [...]

    3. This was a sweet story about two people who were afraid to trust their hearts again.Jeremy was left heartbroken three years ago when his girlfriend turned down his proposal and left town. He's on a "no commitment" diet. Grace had her heart broken by a boyfriend who stole her money and has forced her to work two jobs to make ends meet, all while keeping her family out of the loop. It's complicated.Jeremy was intelligent, handsome and pretty easy going, but didn't seem to take anything seriously. [...]

    4. 4 starsI'm a huge fan of author A.J. Pine's writing and once again she's delivered another great read with Worth the Wait.The storyline was sweet, fun and very entertaining.Jeremy and Grace were likable characters that will entertain you while watching their relationship unfold. They amused me with their banter and I loved how they took the time to talk and get to really know each other while Grace was on her "life cleanse". Overall, Worth the Wait is a well written slow burn romance with a hear [...]

    5. WORTH THE WAIT is HERE!!! Thank you so much for reading! This is the fourth and final book in the Kingston Ale House series, but it can be read as a stand alone. So if you're looking for a sexy romcom, Jeremy and Grace are ready for you! And if you've already read and have a chance to paste your review onto , the Kingston crew (and I) would really appreciate it. Thank you so much for supporting this series! <3 <3 <3

    6. Slick's review:I’m really sad to see the Kingston Ale House series come to a close as I’ve enjoyed this crazy, fun group of characters. Worth The Wait is a book the author didn’t have planned but the hero convinced her he needed a happily ever after and he got it, but it took time, patience, and quite a bit of inventive foreplay to get there. From the way these two met, to the way the universe kept throwing them together, to the three months of celibacy, to the “reality show” type arra [...]

    7. Jeremy's story - YAY!!!! Bonus - it's fantastic! After having his heart handed to him three years ago Jeremy has been happy living his life free of commitments. A good pint of ale and a beautiful woman was all he needed. Meeting Grace, the beautiful massage therapist, was never part of his plan. Add in the fact that she is currently doing a man-cleanse and he knows he should run - fast. Yet he can't. Something about her calls to him. Could she be the one that he could open his heart to or will s [...]

    8. I received an advanced copy of this book with the promise of an honest review. Holy Crap. I have enjoyed every book in this series, but this one is my absolute favorite. Jeremy is AMAZING and I love him. I even started using #Jeremyisbae to express how much I love him. Jeremy meets Grace when he is away at a weekend conference. After sitting in a comfortable chair all day, his back starts to bother him. He makes an appointment for a massage and Grace is his masseuse. The two are immediately attr [...]

    9. Oh, you guys.I cannot resist a delicious ginger. I cannot. It’s impossible. And if he also has a sense of humor, a sense of loyalty, and a great big…heart? I am powerless against his charms. And so, my friends, meet Jeremy Denning. He is all of those things, and so much more.I truly was completely and utterly charmed by the relationship between Jeremy and Grace. I mean, Jeremy alone has charm oozing from his pores. It’s impossible not to lose your heart to his easygoing personality, his qu [...]

    10. Find this and other reviews at Ramblings of a Daydreamer.AJ Pine’s Kingston Ale House series quickly became a favourite of mine. Starting with Brynn and Jamie’s story in The One That Got Away, then Holly and Will’s story in Six Month Rule, then Annie and Wes in Three Simple Words, and finally Grace and Jeremy in Worth the Wait, I loved each new book more than the last.We got to see Jeremy throughout the series, so I was excited to finally read HIS book. After having his heart broken by his [...]

    11. Jeremy Denning is the brother of Annie Denning, the bookstore owner from Three Simple Words, after his almost-fiancee brutally dumped him three years ago he has shied away from commitment of any kind. But now he has a shot at becoming a partner in the Ale House if he can prove he is interested. After a long day studying brewing techniques he gets back to his hotel room only to find that his ex has moved back to Chicago and is presenting the weather on the local TV station. In order to dissipate [...]

    12. This is just what I needed after the last few weeks I've had.Going in to this I knew I was intrigued by the blurb. Other than reading that I had no clue what I was in for. It takes a lot in a story to keep me interested when there isn't a lot of the horizontal mambo going on. I love sex in a book, infact its something I insist on having in the books I read. So colour me purple when I realised that I wasn't getting a lot of the hot and Nasty from this. BUT.Even better, Is that I didn't miss it.Qu [...]

    13. Commitment and trust: two sticky words that I thought the story was going to be about, though there isn’t much in the blurb that hints at what would really unfold but it intrigued me enough to want to pick it up to see if it’s quirky enough to entice. It did start out interesting, but my engagement dipped somewhat when the unnecessary drama seemed to make the story go in loops—a man cleanse, several conniving ex-es, a blackmail scheme, a deliberate wait to finish a contract—and I found t [...]

    14. First and foremost, I adored Jeremy. He was witty, fun and easy-going, but serious when it really counted. I loved Grace's conviction in her pursuit of finding something deeper with the right person and learning to trust herself to know who and when that would be. I appreciate that she wanted to see things through but that she didn't disregard the possibility of what was already right in front of her. This story wasn't full of descriptive sexual encounters but the sexual tension between Jeremy a [...]

    15. What a great story! This book had me captivated from page one. The books opens with a little flash of the end of the book, it sets the stage for what is to come.You can read the blurb, so I'll skip right on into the story. Grace- working two jobs to dig herself out of a hole that her ex put her in, although she blames herself for trusting him. The douche is also a partner at her parents very visible and prestigious law firm. Grace finds book that the author touts a brand new you kind of thing; f [...]

    16. Title: Worth The WaitAuthor: A.J. Pine4 unexpected starsIf there's one thing I enjoy in books, it's to be surprised and enchanted by the characters and the storyline in such a way that you'll remember it for as long as possible. Worth The Wait was that kind of book and for that reason, A.J. Pine is an author that I'll enjoy following for as long as she'll be writing. It's the type of novel that has a little bit of everything all rolled into one - humor romance, sexyness and so many emotions that [...]

    17. ***4 ‘Commit to possibility’ Stars***The whole ‘man cleanse’ idea peaked my interest and the fact that the guy was more than willing to go with it in order to get the girl and needed to see how it all played out and found Worth the Wait to be a sweet, enjoyable and realistic love story about two people colliding at what looks to be at the worst time ever, but turns out to be anything but.I loved Jeremy and Grace. Jeremy is at crossroads that he didn’t necessarily mean to put himself in [...]

    18. Jeremy stays far away from any kind of commitment. He's three years out of graduate school and still happily working at his friends pub. Grace is half way through a six month cleanse of food, alcohol, and men.When Grace is asked to document her cleanse for a local network, with a live kiss to break her fast in three months, Jeremy can't seem to help himself from signing up to be in the line up of men competing to be worthy of the kiss. But the more dates Grace goes on with different men, the har [...]

    19. *A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley and I'm freely giving my honest review.*Grace is on a cleansing cure after being betrayed by her ex, she's not supposed to have any physical relationship and eat "clean" food to get a more emotional connection to people. But then she meets Jeremy.I just love the crazy theme of cleansing your life, and I love Grace and Jeremy. This story made me laugh and cry. I've read the other books in this series except for the first, and I love [...]

    20. Oh, how I loved these two.We have Jeremy and Grace in this one. We heard of Jeremy in previous books so I was excited to finally read what he was about.Jeremy is more about living in the moment, and he’s been fine with that until Jamie offers him a good deal, something that would force Jeremy to settle a bit more. In that moment of indecision he meets Grace, a woman with some trouble in her past.I loved both Jeremy and Grace. He was super cute and an absolute gem once he decided to pursue Grac [...]

    21. AJ Pine's Worth the Wait was definitely just that. Worth it! I've waited patiently for Jeremy, the loveable side character and brother to have his own story. What shy's him away from commitment, love, and finding that happily ever like the rest of this loveable group? What keeps him from moving on and challenging life? In Worth the Wait we finally find out that poor Jer has been burned severely from his college sweetheart. It isn't until he keeps meeting the delightfully quirky, hippie massage t [...]

    22. A quirky read that will have you smiling often! A sexy bartender meets a gorgeous massage therapist, they flirt, they go their separate ways and then proceed to run into each other a handful more times over the next couple of days, even in different states! Obviously fate has spoken right??Jeremy Denning is a self-proclaimed lover of women! He's a great guy, loyal friend, loves his family but he is never going to commit to a relationship again. Previously burned, twice well, never going to [...]

    23. Hold onto your heart with this story! Both Jeremy and Grace will steal it. Not once in this story was there a moment where I was frustrated with either character. I could understand Grace's decisions on her man cleanse and admired her determination. Jeremy was just as charming as he could be. He was supportive, flirtatious, sexy as all get out, protective, and loving. I enjoyed the way they met, the in depth way they got to know each other, and their many fun times. I have read the first book in [...]

    24. This is my first read by this author. The book is part of a series but I had no issue reading it as a stand alone. I love the cute meet with Jeremy and Grace. She is a massage therapist and Jeremy is sure he will get a "happy ending" from her. She holds her own and doesn't give in. Jeremy has his work cut out for himself. As the title suggests, Grace is worth the wait. The book has great humor and some steamy love scenes. The friendships and family love shine throughout the story. Love reading b [...]

    25. Oh Boy It's Worth It! Although this is the 4th book of the series, it's the 2nd book that I've read (so far), and although they have been the two newest I don't feel as though I'm lost. Each of these stories are standalone novels that one way or another are connected to the Kingston Ale House. This one is another great story from A.J. Pine. The way she weaves the love story between these two charactrrs"ers is awesome. The secondary characters that show up and try to reek havoc is spectacularly a [...]

    26. What happens when two people who were burned by their exes find themselves falling in love again? Do they jump in eyes closed? Or do they come up with some bizarre way of doing things to get around it? Both Jeremy and Grace have been busy nursing broken hearts. Their temporary solution is to give up on relationships. These days, Jeremy likes being unattached as he happily goes through a series of women. Grace has sworn off guys, at least for six months as part of a man-cleanse, an idea she got f [...]

    27. This was a fun, cute and surprisingly sexy read for a book where the two main characters can’t even kiss for the majority of it. Yet somehow, it works and works really well. I wasn’t all that impressed with Jeremy in the last book, but he definitely comes into his own here and I could fully understand Grace’s reasons for her cleanse, even if it I didn’t always agree with all her decisions. It’s a slow burn romance that doesn’t mind turning up the heat, even if close contact is in sho [...]

    28. Worth the Wait was a sweet story about two people who have been badly burned in relationships finding love again.Jeremy and Grace have no interest in relationships when they first meet, or when they meet again, or once again. Wait, is the universe trying to tell them something, perhaps? ;)I really liked the two of them together--so cute!--and loved that Grace's "cleanse" meant that for 90% of the book their relationship had nothing more physical than the occasional kiss on a forehead or hand. (A [...]

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