• Title: A Bride, a Barn, and a Baby
  • Author: Nancy Robards Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780373623594
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Bride a Barn and a Baby And the prince wore spursA bourbon tinged evening turns into a night of spur jangling passion And wrapped in the arms of hunky cowboy Zane Phillips Lucy Campbell feels like her dreams have come true
    And the prince wore spursA bourbon tinged evening turns into a night of spur jangling passion And wrapped in the arms of hunky cowboy Zane Phillips, Lucy Campbell feels like her dreams have come true all at once But she knows Zane needs a chance to let their move from friends to lovers sink in That is, until reality knocksd Lucy discovers she s pregnant.This wasn tAnd the prince wore spursA bourbon tinged evening turns into a night of spur jangling passion And wrapped in the arms of hunky cowboy Zane Phillips, Lucy Campbell feels like her dreams have come true all at once But she knows Zane needs a chance to let their move from friends to lovers sink in That is, until reality knocksd Lucy discovers she s pregnant.This wasn t how Zane imagined daddyhood would happen And with pretty Lucyhis best friend s little sister He wants to do right by her and the baby, but Lucy wants the fairy tale, not a marriage of obligation And while this simple cowboy isn t sure he can measure up as her Prince Charming, the real magic is that he s had her heart all along

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    1. A Bride, A Barn and A Baby by Nancy Robards Thompson is a heartfelt addition to the Celebration, Texas series. The novel features Lucy Campbell and Zane Phillips and explores the true meaning of the word love. The couple were featured in Ms. Thompson’s The Cowboy’s Runaway Bride and I have been patiently waiting for their story! Wedding planner Lucy Campbell has had a crush on cowboy Zane Campbell for years. Zane is aware of Lucy’s feelings but doesn’t return them- he sees Lucy as a frie [...]

    2. Emotional friends to lovers story. Lucy and Zane have been friends for most of their lives, and Lucy has been in love with him for almost that long. But Zane doesn't see her that way - after all, she's his best friend's little sister. When Zane's mother dies, Lucy shows up one evening with Chinese food and old movies, hoping to give him a little respite from his grief. With a little too much bourbon blurring the lines, comfort turns to a passion filled night together. Lucy thinks that Zane has f [...]

    3. A Bride, a Barn, and a Baby is the 11th in the Celebration, TX series. Although this is a series, every book is also a stand alone and everyone is uniquely entertaining. This is Lucy and Zane's story. Lucy and Zane have been friends since childhood but Lucy has been secretly in love with Zane all this time. Zane is dealing with the death of his mother and Lucy decides to distract him with movies and food one night. Their night ends in passion that result in an unexpected pregnancy. Zane wants to [...]

    4. A totally enjoyable story, this is another fantastic addition to the Celebration, TX series. This time it is Lucy's turn and in trying to help her friend Zane deal with the death of his mother, things take an interesting turn after a night of bourbon added to the mix.A great story to enjoy over a rainy weekend or at the beach.

    5. Lucy Campbell finally has the life she wants. Her dream of turning an old barn on her property into a wedding location has been more successful than she thought. When she decides to try and give her friend Zane something other than grief to focus with a night of Chinese and 80s movies, the bourbon he adds leads to more than either of them bargained for. Zane is determined not to repeat the night of passion with Lucy, not only is she a good friend, she is his best friend's little sister and he ha [...]

    6. Zane Phillips and Lucy Campbell have been close friends all their lives. After Zane's mother passes away, Zane is devastated and Lucy goes to his place hoping to cheer him up; this leads to one night of alcohol filled passion. Zane is set on moving to Ocala, FL for a new job and a new life until he finds out that their one night of passion had unexpected results. He proposes, Lucy refuses; she has a new business taking off in Celebration in her converted Wedding barn and he needs to get on with [...]

    7. Delightful! Two friends, one booze filled night and . congratulations, you're pregnant! The latest in Nancy Robards Thompson's Celebration, TX series was a fast and easy read filled with friendship, the awakening of young love, and the promise of a brighter future! The characters and the setting are familiar from earlier in the series, and this story just adds more to the magic of Celebration, TX! Loved Lucy & Zane's happily ever after!Lucy Campbell has worked hard to get her life just the w [...]

    8. A Bride, a Barn, and a Baby by Nancy Robards Thompson is the second book in the Celebration, TX series and just as satisfying as the first book. When two friends make the move from friends to lovers, there is bound to be a lot of emotions going on. Lucy has wanted Zane for so long, but Zane never returned the sentiment. Alcohol can help people grieve, but it can also leave people with unexpected gifts. Zane and Lucy have a journey a head of them and their story is one you don’t want to miss. I [...]

    9. **I was given this paperback as an Advanced Readers copy from the author.**A night where two friends emotions are wired, too much bourbon and attraction causes a night of passion and an unexpected surprise. Lucy feels her fairy tale has come true, but Zane has different dreams and goals which may take him to Florida. He wants to do the right thing by Lucy and marry her to be a better father to their child than his father was to him. Lucy wants to marry for love, not obligation, even though she h [...]

    10. This was a cute story. Zane and Lucy have known each other for years. She has been in love with him for a long time, but he doesn't feel the same way.Then one night changes everything when she ends up pregnant.I loved Lucy's character. She had worked hard to get her business up and running and was very driven and right where she wanted to be. Zane was a bit more of a wanderer, but wanted to do right by Lucy and the baby. But Lucy refuses to settle for a marriage without love.Zane's character was [...]

    11. This was a wonderful edition in the Celebration, Texas series.Lucy Campbell is a true romantic; she believes in fairy tales, Prince Charming and happily-ever-afters. Unfortunately, the man of her dreams has his heart set on leaving Celebration.Zane Phillips wants a change in his life. Since his mother passed away, nothing is keeping him in Texas, so it's finally time to move on.A few drinks, an outpouring of emotion and a single passion filled night, leads to the one thing that will change their [...]

    12. Excited to be back in Celebration, TX - one of my favorite series. Lucy and Zane will pull you right in and keep those pages turning. Lucy was so set on not being an obligation and poor Zane, personal experience has taught him not to think real love even exists. He really pulls on my heart strings as he stumbles through his days discovering what he really wants. With some surprises thrown in along the way, was a really good book that left me with a huge smile on my face. I hated to see it end - [...]

    13. I just love the way Nancy writes it flows so well and her characters you just fall in love with. It was wonderful spending an afternoon back in Celebration, Texas. You must have the kleenex next to you as I found myself shedding tears with this one. This was a grand slam for Nancy and I just can't wait till the twelfth book about Celebration, Texas comes out. They can be read in a series or you can pick up any one of them and it will just take you away for awhile!

    14. A Bride, A Barn, and a BabyNancy Robards ThompsonAnother great visit to Celebration, Texas. This time Lucy and Zane are at odds. Zane's mom has died and he is planning on leaving. Lucy who is in love with him wants to show him what he really wants is right in front of him in Celebration. One night of bourbon leads to a baby. Can they ever find their happy ever after? A sweet read that draws you in from the beginning. I voluntarily read an ARC for an honest review.

    15. I have been waiting patiently for Zane and Lucy's story and it was worth the wait! I love Lucy's strength and character. She knows what she wants, but also whats best for her and the ones she loves! More importantly, I love her Zane song list! I'd love to play it when i read the next Celebration story!

    16. The end. What happened to the end? I was really enjoying it and couldn't wait to see what happened and then it abruptly ended. Good buildup of conflict, okay character development, but a poor resolution. Also, no epilogue?

    17. A good story of girl loves guy but the guy doesn't know he already is in love with the girl. I enjoy Nancy Robards Thompson Celebration, TX series. The town is charming & the wedding barn has added a fun attraction to the town. There is romance in this town & highly recommend the series. I enjoyed this story & really loved the ending.

    18. LOVED IT!!! This book made me SWOON. It is such a sweet romantic story. My favorite character is Lucy. She doesn't put up wirh Zane's crap. It took aehile for Zane to see what is right infront of him. The sparks fly in this book. I highly recommend reading this book.

    19. Lucy Campbell thought she could have a one night stand with Zane Phillips but she found out she is pregnant and he wanted to marry her and she was tough woman. and she found out that she love him and they found love.

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