• Title: Longhorn
  • Author: Chance Maree
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Longhorn A chiller book shot where a longhorn rancher pays the price for messing with nature Told in the spirit of Ray Bradbury
    A chiller book shot where a longhorn rancher pays the price for messing with nature Told in the spirit of Ray Bradbury.

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    1. Longhorn is a well written chiller. I can’t say this is a horror story but a story that has the potential of creating awareness against GMOs and its lethal effects on not only the livestock but also on humans.The writing is smooth and impressive. All the characters including the secondary ones are well developed and very well explained.The author has done a tremendous job in conveying a great deal of valuable information in such a short read. The writing boasts Maree’s commanding grasp on co [...]

    2. I received A copy of Longhorn for free in exchange for a review.Despite Longhorn diverging from my usual reading preferences, I rather enjoyed it. It's a short story and the pacing is quick so I finished it in one sitting, but it felt complete. I feel that the conclusion of the story was a little bit of a stretch, though, a sojourn in the fantastical where the rest of the story felt grounded in reality. Beyond that, my only other qualm is that the starting prose read a little awkward. The prose [...]

    3. While horror isn’t exactly my favorite genre, I do have to say that this was well written. The author did a great job!I would not recommend this story to be read at night, in the dark, on a cow farm. Or maybe you should, just to freak yourself out. It was monumentally scary, with a nod toward the potential dangers of GMOs. The characters were well written, especially Ray, Cecilia, and Jesse. I felt kind of sorry for Cecilia, but not much. Her back story brought up some pity for her, but only a [...]

    4. Longhorn, by Chance Maree, is a fast-paced thriller with an underlying message. That underlying message is the danger of the effects of GMOs on crops, animals - and also humans. Set on a cow ranch, the story opens with the birthing of a longhorn calf that doesn't go as planned. In fact, from this starting point, the story flys quickly from one calamity to another, with protagonist Jesse getting caught up in more than one bloody encounter. Not for the faint of heart, Longhorn is a chilling story [...]

    5. While going to observe a calving of one of his prize longhorns, Jesse meets his new veterinarian, come to give him news. On the way to the calving, they pass men in hazmat suits traipsing around in his wife's neighbor alfalfa fields. The vet enquires, but Jesse doesn't know much about his wife's business. Jesse and the doc reach the calving pens in time to witness the birth of a monstrous amalgam of calf and scorpion. Horrified, Jesse shoots the deformed calf, and the vet takes the body away to [...]

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