• Title: Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night
  • Author: James Patterson Ted Bell Raelynn Hillhouse Gregg Hurwitz Alex Kava J.A. Konrath John Lescroart David Liss
  • ISBN: 9780778322993
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thriller Stories To Keep You Up All Night Written by a cadre of major thriller authors this collection s contributors include James Grippando Alex Kava John Lescroart Eric Van Lustbader and Douglas Preston
    Written by a cadre of major thriller authors, this collection s contributors include James Grippando, Alex Kava, John Lescroart, Eric Van Lustbader, and Douglas Preston.

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    1. A book of thrilling short stories, what could go wrong? Choosing James Patterson as an editor is one answer.My edition features a typo in the introduction page THANKING the editor to start the book. The stories are not even that interesting and feature characters that, if not familiar with the authors in the first place, render them rather pointless.The only reason this (and it's sequel) are going to sell is because of who's name's are on the book. To be fair, one of my favorite authors has a st [...]

    2. I find myself enjoying short story anthologies more and more these days so I was looking forward to reading this one.I actually read this while reading the third anthology in the series and I found the commentary from James Patterson before each story to be so long and tedious. I much preferred Sandra Brown’s in Thriller. I read this book for the short stories and while I find a little bit of commentary interesting, I don’t need another short story telling me about the short story before I s [...]

    3. THRILLER - How can I get a snapshot of thirty established—and, rising writers--in the thriller genre? I love to read but don’t always have as much time as I would like. That’s the phenomenal thing about Thriller, edited by James Patterson, something not seen often in publication. Sure, there are anthologies focused on single authors, examples like the Norton Anthology or the Best-of-the-Year compilations. It’s awesome to have these short stories compiled. I read one when I have time and [...]

    4. I thought this product would be a good way to broaden my horizon of thriller writers, especially since I drive a lot and get sick of the radio. It certainly includes a lot of stories from a lot of writers, many of them famous. But I was disappointed. The stories are weak, compared to the novels of those writers I've read. One of the best stories is the first, by Lee Child, who is probably my current favorite thriller writer. Beyond that I would say there are three stories that really work out of [...]

    5. I was hesitant about reading this one as James Patterson's name is on the front but once I realized it was a collection of short stories by various authors I decided to try it out. Like most books with a variety of authors sharing a short story you will find some you read just to get through the book and some you read where you wish the story would just go on. This is a good way to get introduced to some authors you have probably never even heard of. Go ahead and try it but do not be fooled by t [...]

    6. I'll be brief: This is a 500+ book with a LOT of stories. Some of them are good, others are pretty boring, and some I had to FORCE myself to finish. If you're the type that can pick up a book of short stories and ONLY read the ones that interest you . . . . go right ahead! If you're the annoyingly anal type that has to read a book cover to cover . . . . you may want to plunge needles deep into your eyes to make it stop. There are a lot of spy/espionage thriller stories that just aren't my favori [...]

    7. Based upon my ratings I go with a 3.1.I would probably call it 3.5 just because I love short story anthologies and found this fun. I enjoyed the chance to get to read some stories by authors whom I have heard but not really read, as well as to meet characters from their mostly reknowned series. Through this collection I found some authors I will certainly check out in the future, while others I will continue to ignore. I am not sure that the title thriller is appropriate as close to half of the [...]

    8. The good thing about an anthology is that you can read 15-20 pages and get a complete story. Some of these were so-so, others were too deep in espionage and/or politics for me, and a handful were really good page-turners. The last story, though, belonged in a horror anthology because it was creepy and scary to the extreme (and graphically violent). Why do I feel as though that's the one that's going to take up permanent residence in my mind?

    9. There are times when no matter how hard you press down on the accelerator, the vehicle does not seem to go any faster. The needle appears to stay stationary and you feel frustration welling up inside you. Until I finished this book, I had bucketed these feelings to the time spent on a vehicle. There is a sense of stasis that this book imparts which is hard to break free of. While occasionally there are stories which help you breathe free, most of the reading experience is like swimming in amber. [...]

    10. Преди около месец издателство “Enthusiast” ни представи първия том на новия си сборник с криминални разкази - “Трилър”. В моето семейство почти всички имаме слабост към криминалния жанр и веднага купихме книгата. Мина още около седмица докато и аз успея да се добера до томчет [...]

    11. Candice L. Hope OBrienOctober 11, 2016English 10Thriller by James PattersonAuthor’s BackgroundHe was born on March 22, 1947. He released 13 book in both 2012 and 2013. 14 books in 2011. His first published book was The Thomas Berryman Number which came out in 1976Literary time periodThis book was written in 2006.Setting“James Penney”In Laney California, a man named James Penney is layed off after seventeen years on the duty; James burns down his house and tries to start a replacement life. [...]

    12. I read a lot of short stories when my children were young and I couldn't have finished anything else and have since gotten out of the habit. "Thriller" short stories were authored by some of my favorites, Lescroart, Child, Konrath, Berry, just to name a few, which I enjoyed. I was also introduced to many authors I haven't read before, Denise Hamilton, Gregg Hurwitz, David Morrell, James Siegel, just to name a few, and will be adding to my TBR list because of it! A definite win/win situation.

    13. Most of the stories in this anthology are excellent. I have discovered several new authors whose novels I'm eager to explore. Some of the stories have really stuck with me, making me think and ask new questions.

    14. I severely miss the development of novels. Short stories leave me unfulfilled. Hence, I am finished with short stories. 2 of 10 stars

    15. A fast, entertaining collection of stories.Well, most of them.Inconsistency is the main flaw.Some of the stories were tasty little morsels.Others were little piles of poop.

    16. This book is fairly mediocre. I would rate most of the stories a 'C,' with just a few as 'B's.' Several of the plots have interesting premises and some have good writing, but few have both. Some reviewers at were put off by the amount of introduction provided by Patterson, but I found it interesting. In many cases the background that resulted in each story was often more interesting than the story itself. In many cases the writing was better as well. This is a book that could be kept on whateve [...]

    17. Disclosure: I did not read the whole book. In fact, I read only one of the short stories included inside its covers, Kowalski's in Love by James Rollins. I love his Sigma series and requested this from the library to specifically read this particular tale. Rollins does not write romance and I was delighted that the character remained true to his straight forward self and laughed at the end. It was a fun add-on, little extra snippet of one of the supporting characters to his more than a dozen boo [...]

    18. This collection, featuring thirty-two well-known, award-winning authors, offers readers a wonderfully diverse collection of thriller tales. Highlights in the impossible-to-set-aside volume include Lee Child’s Jack Reacher tale, James Grippando’s Jack Swyteck story, and Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone narrative. Lieutenant Vincent D’Acosta, the creation of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, makes an appearance and Brad Thor heads to Greece for a thriller about the 17 November terrorist organi [...]

    19. This is a collection of short stories featuring many well know authors and featuring their most famous characters . There is an up and downside to this collection. On the upside, you can get a feel for some authors you might not have read before. This may encourage you to read their books. On the downside, the authors often use these short stories to fill in gaps in their characters back stories. So, you are at a disadvantage if you are not familiar with the characters . But , an overall good re [...]

    20. If you are looking for a new author in the "thriller" genre this has short pieces from 31 popular authors. Each author is introduced with a writing biography, and list of works. The genre covers, legal, spy, action-adventure, medical, police, romantic, historical, political, religious, high-tech, and military stories. Who knew there were so many varieties.

    21. Thriller Anthology 🍒🍒Edited by James PattersonThis anthology was given to me by a neighbor when I lived in Cathedral City. She said it wasn't her thing, and hopefully, although this volume has many of the best selling thriller authors, it does not typify a thriller novel in many of the stories.Most of the stories were suspenseful and had elements of mystery and intrigue, only a few really captured me. But I guess it depends on how you define the word "thriller". The stories I enjoyed most [...]

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    23. Très décevant! Si on a pas lu les livres de chaque auteurs de cet anthologie (sauf Christopher Rice), il nous manque des bouts. Pas une lecture agréable selon moi. Dsl.

    24. I only read 2 of the short stories because of the authors, and didn't read the rest because I wasn't interested. The 3 stars was for the 2 short stories.

    25. The stores where pretty good, but the book says, “stories to keep you up at night.” They didn’t. They, in my opinion, weren’t scary or thrilling.

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