• Title: The Bruce R. McConkie Story: Reflections of a Son
  • Author: Joseph Fielding McConkie
  • ISBN: 9781590382059
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • The Bruce R McConkie Story Reflections of a Son This portrait of Bruce R McConkie is painted on the canvas of faith in colors as bold as the sermons he preached In the pages of this biography written by Elder McConkie s son Joseph the reader is i
    This portrait of Bruce R McConkie is painted on the canvas of faith in colors as bold as the sermons he preached In the pages of this biography, written by Elder McConkie s son Joseph, the reader is invited to become acquainted with the man as he was known to his family and closest friends The book captures something of his humor, the depth of his faith, his love of liThis portrait of Bruce R McConkie is painted on the canvas of faith in colors as bold as the sermons he preached In the pages of this biography, written by Elder McConkie s son Joseph, the reader is invited to become acquainted with the man as he was known to his family and closest friends The book captures something of his humor, the depth of his faith, his love of life and of his dear Amelia, his devotion to the gospel, his discipline, the extent of his suffering, and his endless efforts to mentor his children No one in the history of the Church has written by way of testimony of Christ than Bruce R McConkie In this work the members of the Church are invited to meet the man whom they have quoted so often.

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    1. I have always been impressed by the powerful talks of Bruce R. McConkie. However, like many others, I did not see him as an especially warm person. In the mid-1980's, I took an Organizational Behavior class by J. Bonner Ritchie as part of the MBA program. Professor Ritchie said that before he joined the faculty at BYU, he had to be interviewed by a General Authority. His interview was with Bruce R. McConkie. If you know Professor Ritchie, you know he could not be more opposite in terms of person [...]

    2. I loved reading about Elder McConkie and his life. I found the way he lived his life inspiring and uplifting. I can see so many ways in which I can improve. I also learned some important doctrinal things, as I suppose it would be impossible to read anything about Bruce R McConkie without learning something doctrinal in nature that he spoke or taught about. I liked that Joseph included those things in this book. The things I didn't like about the book: sometimes I felt like Joseph was unfairly bi [...]

    3. This book was clicking on all cylinders and on its way to be the best Mormon Biography I have ever read. Then after Elder McConkie goes to Australia to be mission President, the book went from a linear writing based on Chronology to a stream of conciousness writing style. one minute he is a mission president and the next minute he is an apostle, then a mission president got a litle confusing. It was as if there was a different author for the second half of the book (conspiracy theories at work h [...]

    4. I started reading this book not sure if I would really finish the whole thing but get a pretty good idea of the contents and just skim it. But after reading the first two chapters I really knew I would have to finish it. It is a well written book and I enjoyed getting first hand experiences of the LDS legend apostle. It was fascinating to hear many stories of his life and also get an insiders look as his incredible family. He was quite an incredible man of the Lord. I truly believe he was prepar [...]

    5. I love reading about the lives of leaders of the church. They are so inspiring. I attended and Institute class taught by Bruce R. McConkie's daughter, Vivian Adams, who expanded my horizons and got be fired up about church history! She has an incredible knowledge of church doctrine, which she obviously got from her dad. I wanted to learn more about how their family studied and lived the gospel, and I was not disappointed. I also enjoyed learning about happenings of the Chruch in that time period [...]

    6. I was simply amazed by this book. I have been reading it for awhile, simply because I was dreading having it end so I dealt it out to myself in small pieces as a reward. I have not words to describe what I have learned from it other than to say that I laughed and I cried. More importantly, I learned from what a marvelous example this man was. I had the honor of meeting Elder McConkie when spent a weekend at my home as a child and I remember it vividly. Now knowing so much more about him makes th [...]

    7. An astonishing admission of Mormonism from the son of a leading cultist. I liked it: you read it in the same way you watch the Sopranos -- as the story of a horrible group of people who somehow win you over. He takes one through the moral horrors of the 1980s -- the hideous era of that senile puff adder Ronald Reagan -- but still gives one the sense of what it must be like to have 47 wives. Too many for me! But then again, the crazed Al Queda people want even more than that. You'll laugh; you'll [...]

    8. I thought this book was so well written and very insightful. There were several doctrinal points made that I learned from. Things that I didn't even know I misunderstood were made clear. I had no idea all of the resources that we use daily that we wouldn't have if it weren't for Bruce R. McConkie. The account of his last testimony brought me to tears because it was so powerful. Great book written about a great man!

    9. This book is so personable because Bruce R. McConkie was so great, but it illustrates that he started out as an ordinary person who was good, and from those efforts came extraordinary things. He was willing to do the work to better himself. There's a list of things he wrote in his journal while on his mission of ways he needed to change and they were the same as on my list. It gives me hope that the Celestial Kingdom is within reach.

    10. This is a great book. It really gave a softer side to a strong man. I love books that teach true principles and help me want to be better. This book did that in a number of ways. My testimony is definitely stronger from having read it. J.F. McConkie's love and admiration for his father are strong (of course they would be)! I would really recommend this book.

    11. I loved this book. I learned a lot about Elder McConkie that I didn't know before. I really appreciated learning about his personality and ideas. One thing I loved is that he used to send some of his hate mail along to his kids. His son said his dad knew that they were often told flattering things about him, so he wanted them to see that not everyone loved him.

    12. This book is a biography of the legendary Bruce R. McConkie by his son, Joseph Fielding McConkie.In many ways it is a straight-forward and candid assessment of Elder McConkie's personality, but it also debunks many myths and offers insights into many important events such as the publication of Mormon Doctrine and the 1978 Priesthood Revelation.

    13. I am really enjoying this book. It has been nice to get a behind the man look at this man. I have gained a lot more respect for his thoughts and teachings because of what I have learned from this book.

    14. This is a GREAT biography! I really enjoyed reading about Elder McConkie's life and ministry. The last chapters about the end of his life, and dealing with faith and his health issues are very powerful.

    15. An apostle in every respect. The forward speech and clear doctrine taught by Elder McConkie is reflective of the life he lived. In fact I would say that the way one teaches the gospel is a reflection of how they live it.

    16. The book was excellent. I learned a lot about one of the great gospel scholars in the church. Together with some friends, I even tried something he did as a Mission President in Australia. It worked for him, failed for us! The caravan moves on.

    17. This was honestly one of my all-time favorite books. I didn't know what to expect, but I laughed (a lot!), I cried, and I appreciated that it was actually written by a family member instead of someone who was so removed from his life. Definitely worth your time to read!!!

    18. This was an amazing book about an amazing Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I couldn't put it down! He led an incredible life and made some significant contributions in getting church doctrine to the people.

    19. I would've given this a five star if the son hadn't put in just one story that I didn't think belonged and I didn't appreciate and it didn't really tell anything or fit with the story and I didn't like it.

    20. an autobiography of Bruce R. McConkie through his sons eyes. A really good good good book. Derek told me to read this to help give me insight on my own personal scripture study and to help with teaching with the Spirit. Its pretty long, like really long, but so unbelievably great.

    21. I loved reading about this wonderful man. It made me want to raise the bar in my own life. I was especially impressed by how diligently he studied the gospel and how hard he worked on being a great gospel teacher.

    22. Great insight of an apostle of the Lord. I have always been a fan of Elder McConkie's talks, books and writings. This book only solidified it for me. I also enjoyed reading about the other aspects of his life. What a good guy he was.

    23. Great stories about Elder McConkie. Truly unique. Loved the informationwriting style was ok; could have been better. Definitely worth reading to get more insight about Bruce R.

    24. This was my third time through the book. Loved it again. I need to read it a fourth time to pull out the BRM gems in the text. Gems to ponder.

    25. I really liked this book because it gave an upclose look at Elder McConkie. I think it presented a man quite different from the one seen at conferences.

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