• Title: The Last Message Recieved
  • Author: Zoe Ingram
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: None
  • The Last Message Recieved None

    One Reply to “The Last Message Recieved”

    1. Not going to rate it as I feel uncomfortable doing so since it's based on a lot of hard times on people's lives, but it was a quick and eyeopening read. Pretty much TW for everything, though.

    2. Picking up this book from my local library could not have come at a better time. As the one year anniversary of a close friends passing approaches and a recent break up, this book had me relating to it on so many levels. Last messages truly do make an impact in your life. This collection of final messages is so familiar and so sad.

    3. Very depressing. Have Kleenex. Glad I read it before I passed it to my 14 year old daughter. That would not have been a good idea.

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