• Title: The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King
  • Author: Max Brallier Douglas Holgate
  • ISBN: 9780425288719
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King Life after the zombie apocalypse is pretty good for year old Jack Sullivan he lives in a mind clobberingly cool tree fort with his best friends speeds through town playing Real Life Mario Kart ha
    Life after the zombie apocalypse is pretty good for 13 year old Jack Sullivan he lives in a mind clobberingly cool tree fort with his best friends, speeds through town playing Real Life Mario Kart, has a crew of monster buddies, battles zombies on the regular, and generally treats life like it s a videogame But then Jack s friends make a startling discovery they may noLife after the zombie apocalypse is pretty good for 13 year old Jack Sullivan he lives in a mind clobberingly cool tree fort with his best friends, speeds through town playing Real Life Mario Kart, has a crew of monster buddies, battles zombies on the regular, and generally treats life like it s a videogame But then Jack s friends make a startling discovery they may not be the last kids on earth, after all This is great news for everyone except Jack Once they ve found other humans, his friends won t stick around for long Jack s only hope for keeping things the way they are is to prove that everything here is perfect, life is crazy fun, and nothing else could be any better One problem it s hard convincing his friends that everything is great when they re being hunted by a monstrous Nightmare King and an ancient evil who won t rest until Earth has been devoured Crud Maybe life after the monster apocalypse is complicated than Jack thought

    One Reply to “The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King”

    1. Recommended by a student, I had to at least give this book a try. I just couldn't finish it. I'm not a fan of zombie apocalypses and monsters. There are humorous moments in the book, to be sure, but the humor simply can't overshadow the rest of the problems with the book for me. Sorry, Khai. I tried. I just couldn't get into this book.

    2. I love this series. So funny with great characters and awesome illustrations. Can't wait for the next one!

    3. I LOVE THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH SERIES! Some people may tell me I am a baby fro liking them, but they are so funny, fun, exciting, and adventurous. It’s a story about 1 dorky really smart kid, and 1 cool strong kid, 1 awesome girl, and the main character, a dorky crazy kid. READ IT.

    4. I loved this book because it has a lot of action. It is mostly for 5th graders. It is kind of like the hunger games. They found a radio and fixed it up.

    5. Originally posted on A to Z Book Reviews .Jack, Jane, Dirk, and Quint are back in the third installment of the New York Times Bestselling Last Kids on Earth series. Jack and his friends have a pretty great life in Wakefield. They have an awesome treehouse, play amazing games, and hang out with a bunch of friendly monsters. Life has calmed down dramatically since defeating the evil Rezzoch in the last book.The Last Kids of Earth and the Nightmare King starts when Jack and his friends overhear a r [...]

    6. The book "The Last Kids On Earth And The Nightmare King" by Max Brallier is about four friends in a monster apocalypse. In the book, the four friends find a radio with voices coming from it. They decide to take the radio as they think it could be a chance to find other humans. However, Jack does not want anything to do with the radio, because he thinks it will split up him and his friends and the life they live. To stop this, Jack wants to do something super fun to convince his friends to stay. [...]

    7. Another monsterific book in the Last Kids on Earth series! It is the third book and it brings excitement, prophetic dreams, hope for humanity, but also sadness. There was never a boring moment while reading.We start off with a Real Life Mario Kart race, yep. One of the most fun games in existence (though frustrating as hell), now in real life. Boy. I wouldn't mind participating in that. But the fun is quickly over when our group finds a radio. Now I can hear you think, why is this a bad thing? W [...]

    8. This book is the third book in the series and is called The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King by Max Brallier. In this latest book Jack, June, Quint and Dirk are back in their post apocalyptic world fighting zombies and evil monsters while trying to survive while having as much fun as possible. They find a radio that might lead them to other humans if they can fix it properly. This also causes Jack to panic worry about losing his friends if they find their parents or other people. There [...]

    9. I got an ARC of this from the publisher, so cannot comment on illustrations. This is, however, the third book in "The Last Kids on Earth" series. A zombie apocalypse has hit and Jack Sullivan and his friends have teamed up with some monsters, while using ingenuity and the town's resources to fight other monsters and stay ahead of the zombies. This is action-packed fare, with a kids-eye view of an adult-free world. However, in this volume Jack is worried. They have received a radio transmission. [...]

    10. The book that I Read was The Last Kids On Earth and the Nightmare King. The author of the book is Max Brallier. The main characters of the book was Jack, June, Dirk, Quint and Rover. Jack when the story took place he was 13 years old The characters in the book were all male except for June (Rover is Jack’s monster dog). June and Quint both had to leave to survive the apocalypse.The story took place for the 4 friends living together in a tree house that has lots of cool weapons and gadgets like [...]

    11. I gave this book 4 stars because it was exciting to read and it was a little more interesting than the other books in the series I read. The book is about 4 kids named Jack, June, Quint and Dirk who have survived a apocalypse and live in a treehouse with a monster dog named Rover. They are friends with monsters, but not all. In the last books, Jack has slain a bunch of monsters already and has become more aware about the apocalypse. In this book there is a monster which is big and the team has t [...]

    12. Life after the zombie apocalypse is pretty good for 13-year-old Jack Sullivan: He lives in a mindclobberingly cool tree fort with his best friends, speeds through town playing Real-Life Mario Kart, has a crew of monster buddies, battles zombies on the regular, and generally treats life like it’s a videogame! But then Jack’s friends make a startling discovery: They may not be the last kids on earth, after all. This is great news for everyone… except Jack. Just like the other books in this s [...]

    13. This book was a great read. And you should read it too. This book was funny and also a little scary. When the monsters in the story attack it makes you want to read more. Every time i was done with reading time in class i took an extra Five to ten minuets to read the ending. I cant wait to cuddle up with the new book that might be coming out. This book was recomended to me by my cousin olivia, and she was right it is a great book for kids our age (12-14). I would reccomend this book to kids that [...]

    14. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but I understand that I am also not necessarily the target audience. The book is meant to please younger teenage kids and be semi-corny and cool, and I believe it would definitely succeed in that. I probably would've extremely enjoyed this book in late elementary or early middle school; however, it was still a cute little story for me at my age now, and I would recommend it to anyone younger or anyone who wants to take a break from more serious books with a little [...]

    15. I thought this book was awesome because it was a adventure story. The reading age would probably be 4th grade and up. This book is about Jake Sullivan and his friends ( June, Quint, and Dirk ) and his monster dog Rover, going on a adventure. They found this radio and the radio's last broadcast was at the very end of the book. Other book this author has made are the last two book's of the series. What will the last broadcast be? Read the book to find out!!!

    16. BEST in the series! The Nightmare King is awesome I mean heavy duty sleeping bags on a slinging couch! Awesome so is the Boom karts and FUN LAND popcorn glory right there holy cow this is the best one for sure it’s like you want in the book it’s so good! LAVA ON THE STREETS watch out dude you toast and cow boy stuff and roof top jumping amazing ten out of ten for everything in this awesome book

    17. This was probably the best book yet in the series. I thought the action was fun, and this had way more Quint. The world needs more Quint. The action was fun and exciting, our characters were motivated and dynamic. Jack learned a good lesson, and we all had fun along the way. These books are really well done.

    18. This latest installment is so good!!! I am so happy that I get to read and recommend this great series to all the kids and adults that come in the library :) And it has been flying off the shelves! Highly recommended!!!

    19. This is such a fun series. 3rd-5th grade students at my school love these books! Lots of cool pictures thrown in which really make the story. Can't keep these books on my shelves! Keep 'em coming Max Brallier!!

    20. I've always been a sucker for humorous post-apocalyptic stories. The heart in the story is just an added bonus. I've become quite fond of Jack and his scrappy group of friends and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

    21. Definitely not the best in the series. The Nightmare King was like a convenient super boss whose demise was convenient too.

    22. Once again, the end makes you ready to read the next installment in the series. Overall, a good book!

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