• Title: The Children of Freedom
  • Author: Marc Levy
  • ISBN: 9780007274956
  • Page: 471
  • Format: None
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    The Children of Freedom A remarkable story of struggle and survival in World War II by France s No bestselling novelist Early in two young brothers join a Resistance group All the members of the group are young most
    A remarkable story of struggle and survival in World War II by France s No 1 bestselling novelist Early in 1942, two young brothers join a Resistance group All the members of the group are young, most of their families came from elsewhere in Europe or North Africa and all of them are passionately committed to the freedom of France and Europe They find they are not welcoA remarkable story of struggle and survival in World War II by France s No 1 bestselling novelist Early in 1942, two young brothers join a Resistance group All the members of the group are young, most of their families came from elsewhere in Europe or North Africa and all of them are passionately committed to the freedom of France and Europe They find they are not welcomed by other French groups and thus Brigade 35 is formed For most of them, their growing up, their falling in love, their sense of friendship and family are formed by their time with the group, and between moments of extreme danger and fear, a lifestyle of a kind of normality develops But tragedy follows when the brothers are arrested, a number of members of the Brigade 35 are killed and a traitor is suspected The tensions between former comrades and other Resistance fighters mounts and all this against the desperate hope that the invasion by the allies is really drawing near and will rescue them all.

    One Reply to “The Children of Freedom”

    1. "Nunca matámos um inocente, nem sequer um imbecil."Peguei neste livro assim que vi que o tema girava à volta da segunda guerra mundial. Já sei que a História não muda por mais que leia; os carrascos vão-me sempre chocar e o sofrimento das vitimas irá sempre doer-me.Desta vez havia um pormenor que me deixou curiosa: os protagonistas eram todos adolescentes. Miúdos judeus, repatriados, que viram as famílias partir nos comboios numa viagem sem volta. De alguma formam escaparam às buscas, [...]

    2. I started reading the first line and I knew immediately that I would be unable to put the book down long after the last words. This is Marc Levy at his finest.Love is there everywhere, not the kind of sweet, dramatic love in his other works but the most simple, natural, essential kinds of love. Throughout the war, through joy and pain, through tears and blood, though life and death, there is still love.The name and cover are really great. They suit the book perfectly.

    3. This is an OUTSTANDING book, so true and inspiring for the great examples of life and generosity of these youth who were part of the French Resistance! It is incredible to think that they were young boys and girls of 17 to 20 years old, and what sacrifices they made for a country that, in many cases, wasn't their country of origin. Through the book, there is one moment when they are going to be arrested by the collaborationist government (who is collaborating with Nazi Germany) and they could ha [...]

    4. Um romance baseado na história de vida do pai do autor que foi membro da Resistência durante a 2ª Guerra Mundial.Repleto de cenários vívidos e dolorosos, mas também de coragem, determinação e perseverança, conta-nos como estes jovens rapazes e raparigas se uniam para lutar pela liberdade do seu país, pelas suas vidas, pela esperança num mundo melhor. Muito bom!

    5. Tout se tient dans la phrase: << Si nous entrons dans la Résistance, c'est pour vivre, pas pour mourir>> Ou, comment vivre en toute dignité. Autant de se dresser contre, il s'agit aussi de se construire contre. Donc il faut bien qu'on résiste, pour qu'on prouve qu'on existe.

    6. Os Filhos da Liberdade, é sem sombra de duvidas o livro mais serio de Marc Levy. habituado à genial criatividade deste autor este é o 6º livro seu que li. para além de uma história marcante e comovente foi baseada em factos reais, que terão com certeza marcado Levy. O seu pai é nada mais nada menos que o protagonista desta história, que relata o dia a dia de jovens muitos deles autênticos adolescentes que se bateram pela França e pela liberdade que lhes foi retirada pelos nazis aquand [...]

    7. Chiến tranh luôn là một đề tài gợi lên rất nhiều xúc cảm nơi người đọc khi được khai thác làm nguồn mạch cho những cuốn sách. Marc Levy bước ra khỏi con đường lãng mạn thường thấy và mang đến một câu chuyện đầy bất ngờ và táo bạo, về những người con của chiến tranh, không chung một dòng máu, không nói cùng một ngôn ngữ, nhưng có cùng một khát khao cháy bỏng, tự do.Jeannot, nhân vậ [...]

    8. A novel that is totally different from all other Marc Levy's novels. This novel doesn't talk about the kind of love that Marc Levy always so passionate tells in his story. This story also tells story about love but a completely distinguish kind of love - the love for their country - the patriotism. I dont think this is a good book at first, but then it was so good that I even cry in the end. This book is just simply good and amazing.

    9. Marc Levy ist der Sohn eines "Kindes der Hoffnung". Er erzählt die Geschichte seines Vaters, der 17jährig zusammen mit seinem jüngeren Brunder Claude in eine Brigade der Résistance eintritt, um den Nazis und der Regierung des Vichyfrankreichs möglichst große Steine in den Weg zu legen, sprich den größtmöglichen Schaden an Munition, Brücken, Eisenbahnen etc. anzurichten. In nüchternen Worten, tagebuchähnlich begleiten wir die beiden Brüder und ihre Genossen auf Schritt und Tritt bis [...]

    10. Moi, j'aime pas beaucoup ce qui a l'air de guerre, d'injustice, etc et surtout si c'était un livre. Si je savais que les enfants de la liberté parlait de l'époque de la guerre, je ne l'aurais sans nul doute jamais lu, mais ce qui m'a séduit c'est que au lieu d'un résumé, il était écrit "On est tous l'étranger de quelqu'un" et c'est ce qui m'avait poussé à tenter le coup, et je ne regrette nullement mon choix, car c'est l"un des meilleurs Levy que j'ai lu, aussi bien que l'histoire. Au [...]

    11. Une histoire sur les enfants qui ont lutté pour la liberté. Ceux qui se sont battus pour un monde meilleur. Ceci nous rappelle que la liberté que nous tenons pour acquis aujourd'hui a coûté des milliers de vies, de rêves et de sacrifices. Il aura fallu lutter pour avoir cette liberté dont nous jouissons aujourd'hui.

    12. Heartbreaking to read this book as we battle to get our government to take in 3000 unaccompanied children who are stranded in Europe, fleeing war in the countries where they were born.

    13. "Jeannot, il faudra un jour que tu racontes notre histoire. Il ne faut pas qu'elle disparaisse comme moi.""Dans ce champs de chaumes, mon petit frère et moi étions et resterions à jamais deus enfants de la liberté, égarés parmi soixante millions de morts." Com esta estória, Marc Levy faz uma homenagem ao seu pai Raymond Levy, que entrou para a resistência aos 18 anos com o seu irmão Claude de 16 anos. A 35e Brigada é constituída por miúdos, entre os 16 e vinte e poucos anos, miúdos [...]

    14. Mot cuon sach rat hay va dang de doc de hieu ro hon ve cac chien si anh dung da chien dau vi doc lap, tu do cho dan toc rat dang tu hao cua nuoc Phap. Bang net but chan thuc, mieu ta sau sac va dua nguoi doc den nhung cung bac cam xuc kho ta.

    15. França encontra-se quase engolida pela presença nazi nos seus territórios durante o período da Segunda Guerra Mundial. Estes aterrorizam qualquer pessoa que eles considerem como sendo estrangeiro, sem qualquer piedade e muitos deles são torturados e enviados para os campos de concentração na nação alemã. O terror e o perigo estão em qualquer lado, amigos viram inimigos na ânsia da sobrevivência e as lealdades são testadas a todo o minuto. Mas em toda a França há pequenos núcleos [...]

    16. Bằng giọng văn nhẹ nhàng, đôi khi hài hước, lúc lại kịch tính, hồi hộp, tác giả như mở ra trước mắt tôi chân dung toàn cảnh cuộc kháng chiến của nhưng thanh niên ngoại quốc trên đất Pháp. Tôi đã bắt gặp một thanh xuân rất khác, nó đầy máu và những gian nan, khổ cực, nó tràn ngập trong âm thanh của mưa bom, bão đạn. Tôi sẽ nhớ mãi về cậu thanh niên Jeannot có mái tóc đỏ, mặt đầy t [...]

    17. When I was 17, I wasn't fighting with an underground resistance group in France. But, in WWII, hundreds of teenagers were part of a secretive, starving group of kids who blew up all kinds of German war-related necessities like locomotives and factories making ammunition. Yes, they also killed, while carefully avoiding injuring innocents. Eventually, most were caught, beaten, starved and eventually killed. The whole time, they kept the secrets needed for their mission to continue. Along the way, [...]

    18. How can I say this this is a truly magnificent book. Well written, passionate and heartbreaking. This is the story of the 35th regiment of the French resistance, a group made up of communist, spaniards, mixed europeans and Jews. Marc Levy, in writing this book, accomplished the wishes of the Resistant fighters. He immortalized their struggle and their sacrifice. The main character Jeannot, is actually his father. These are the unsung heroes of the II world war. They were children, they were the [...]

    19. I loved the new Marc Levy, very different from the previous ones.This book is a self-told story of a 18 years old jew that enters the Resistance in the South West of France in 1943. Very genuine, almost naive, we follow the hero and his brother through their actions of bravery, solitude, fears and their path until liberation of France.It is historically passionating, full of love, respect and admiration for these heroes who are in fact the father and uncle of the writer.Marc Levy has written sev [...]

    20. "I am very fond of that verb "to resist". To resist what imprisons us, to resist prejudices, hasty judgements, the desire to judge, everything that is bad in us and cries out to be expressed, the desire to abandon, the need to make people feel sorry for us, the need to talk about ourselves to the detriment of others, fashions, unhealthy ambitions, prevailing confusion. To resist and . . smile" (Emma Dancourt)Just a little note at the beginning of the book - I claim no ownership of it but though [...]

    21. أطفال الحرية مارك ليفي يواصل بقلمه السلس وألفاظه السهلة نوع من السرد الهادئ والمليئ بالشغف , في هذه الرواية التي تحكي محاولة مجموعة من الصبية في المقاومة الباريسية ضد النازيين ,أثناء الحرب العالمية الثانية ,والرواية أيضا مشبعة بذاك النسق الانساني .تتقلب شخصيات الرواية بين ا [...]

    22. A wonderful, heartwrenching, uplifting read. Other reviewers have said it all really. Levy uses an interesting and powerful device where he reveals the fate of characters as he introduces them. Unexpectedly this adds to the sense of tension and fear and the inevitability of capture evoked by his (true)story of resistance fighters who are no more than teenagers.

    23. It was a good book overall. The feeling it perpetuates is fairly straighforward and not very nuanced. I wish there was a little more character development, especially toward the end, it reads more like a teletype than a fiction piece. Definitely a decent read those, I will be reading more by this author in the future.

    24. L'histoire d'un jeune et son frère dans la 35ème brigade de la 'Résistance' pendant la 2ème guerre mondiale dans le sud de la France. Des scènes assez dures, mais c'est le livre est excellent. Très touchant.

    25. Tout autre style. Ce roman historique relatant l'histoire de son père au cours de la seconde guerre mondiale s'ajoute à la longue liste des livres-témoignages autour de la WWII. Je l'ai trouvé très intéressant.

    26. So different from other Levy's book, this is extremely well written.The fact that we know the fate of each character, main or secondary, is a great idea,and makes the story a reel one instead of fictionnary.Impossible not to be involved with the story of those french teenagers in wartime.

    27. Para mim revisitar episódio da IIWW é sempre um gosto. è o 1º livro que leio deste autor e vou continuar. A escrita é leve e objectiva.

    28. Questo libro per la storia che racconta e le immagini che utilizza meriterebbe una costellazione di stelle,cinque son troppo poche.

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