• Title: Of Cinder and Madness
  • Author: Nicole Zoltack
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Of Cinder and Madness The stories about her have been greatly exaggerated Yes she is beautiful with wavy blond hair and big blue eyes and flawless skin but her charming fa ade is a lie a mask a deceit Yes yes I m s
    The stories about her have been greatly exaggerated Yes, she is beautiful, with wavy blond hair and big, blue eyes and flawless skin, but her charming fa ade is a lie, a mask, a deceit Yes, yes, I m sure you think me merely jealous I m not I m the victim, and I can prove it You see, Eleonore deserves to be locked away My, she even deserves to be killed This grippingThe stories about her have been greatly exaggerated Yes, she is beautiful, with wavy blond hair and big, blue eyes and flawless skin, but her charming fa ade is a lie, a mask, a deceit Yes, yes, I m sure you think me merely jealous I m not I m the victim, and I can prove it You see, Eleonore deserves to be locked away My, she even deserves to be killed This gripping retelling of a much loved fairy tale will make you question all you think you know about the girl who steals away to a ball and leaves behind a slipper.

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    1. I absolutely loved this retelling of Cinderella. I couldn’t put it down. It was and twisted, and wonderful!! And the cover is just stunning!! I can not wait to read the rest of the series!! I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own

    2. I really didn't care for this story at all! I found it very boring, hated the flip flopping around on the timeline and didn't care for the dark twist that the story took. It wasn't a memorable story, and I won't be continuing with the series.

    3. Rounding up to four stars from 3.5.The narrative took some getting used to, as the chapters switch between timelines. Once I figured out the flow of it, I had no trouble (they are marked with dates, but I have trouble remembering those.) However, the chapter always starts as though you know where you are in the timeline, so I had a few "uh?" moments.The story itself is enjoyable, if rather dark. It's told from the stepmother's perspective and shows a very twisted version of Cinderella. (Don't ge [...]

    4. I love fairy tale remakes and this doesn't disappoint. I loved how the story is told from the stepmother's point of view. Eleanor is using some dark powers but I am not sure that she wants to be evil. I loved Angelique's solution to the problem. This was definitely worth the read and I am looking forward to more by this author.

    5. Cinderella twistAn enjoyable fairytale twist - where the Stepmother is the heroine. Well written and keeps your interest from front to back.

    6. I can find no words to use that will express just how much I loved this book. The prose was beautiful, captivating, and simply just enthralling. I cannot wait to delve further into this series as book one has left me hauntingly captivated.

    7. Yes, Angelique is Ella's (Eleonore's) stepmother, but she's not the bad guy. She just wanted to help the dark, troubled girl whose beauty was as captivating as her pain. But it's not that simple of a tale. And trust me, everything you know about it is wrong.I tend to love fairy tale retellings, so I was excited to snap this one up. I kind of expected this story to be a bit dark (I mean, just look at the title). But as I wound my way through the story, I was somewhat perplexed at the complete rew [...]

    8. Honestly, this felt more like a short story than a novel. It took me less than an hour to read and overall, it was not a terrible story at all. It's Cinderella, sort of, but told from the point of view of the stepmother, who this time, is not a villain, but rather a terrified woman at her wits end. the Cinderella character is still a beautiful girl but she'sisted. Her grief somehow made her able to use some kind of magic and the birds she sings to do whatever she wants and she's used them severa [...]

    9. I am on the fence about this story. It was disorienting to read from the two timelines. I kept expecting to learn the horrible thing that had been done to deserve a 16 year old being locked away in a tower, and kept from associating with any other people. The stepmother seems horrified at the birds that are accumulated by her stepdaughter, but avoided discussing them with her husband or the stepdaughter, feeling like avoiding the situation would somehow help. She dislikes the magic she sees her [...]

    10. I really loved this wicked dark telling of cinderella! Elenore is quite strange and evil. Angelic is amazing for still wanting to help her after everything Elenore has done. She cares so much for her stepdaughter, though she is all the girl has left. Her mother died a tragic death when she was small. Then years later, after Angelic married Elenores dad, he passed away in a hunting accident leaving Angelic with his daughter. She sees the girl is beside herself with grief and is not herself. That [...]

    11. I normally tend to stay away from Cinderella retellings. I'm not a big Cinderella fan. Most the time I am reading a retelling because it is part of a series. That is what I had to do with this one. I did not expect to get a Cinderella retelling through the stepmother's eyes.The story goes back and forth between past and present. The stepmother tells of the time before she married Jacques leading up to the present and the present of being a widow and having to learn to deal with her new stepdaugh [...]

    12. Nicole Zoltack's Of Cinder and Madness is a re-telling of "Cinderella" from the point-of-view of the stepmother, Angelique. In this version, Cinderella aka "Elle" or "Eleanore" may not be the sweethearted maid that features in most re-tellings of this story.I really liked how Zoltack played with the Grimm version of "Cinderella" ("Aschenputtel"), keeping the elements of a tree planted at her mother's grave and the birds that like to peck out eyes. This is definitely a darker "Cinderella" re-tell [...]

    13. I love the idea of Cinderella actually being the villain in this story! I found the premise and idea of this book to be so creative and actually quite brilliant it makes the reader think What if all those princesses weren’t the heroes of the stories but actually the villains?The author creates a deliciously wicked world were Danielle (Cinderella) has dark powers and isn’t as sweet as we all grew up thinking but quite mad and devious. The events portrayed in the book match up with the fairyta [...]

    14. A Strange, Wonderful Fairytale Retelling I won this book in a giveaway. This is an unsolicited review.I started this book, and almost didn't continue, as I don't usually enjoy fantasy from the 1500's. I'm so glad I continued. This short story is a retelling of Cinderella, but I believe the reader should throw that idea out of their minds. It truly is the story of a mother's unconditional love, mental illness, and fantasy. The story is well written, if not for a few timeline hiccups. The world bu [...]

    15. I have to give this book 4 stars because, you can’t get away from the brilliant creative mind of Nicole Zoltack or the way she can recreate emotions into real feelings within you. My own memories sort of kicked against this twisted tale of Cinderella, so even though I thought it was a great imaginative piece of work, I kept thinking this is going to happen next, and it did, but not in the way I expected. This tale is very close to the original and it’s characters are mostly the same but with [...]

    16. Fantastic twist on a beloved fairy tale.I started this and was first incredibly impressed by the writing style. I haven't read anything so expertly written in quite some time.That aside, I was pulled directly into the story. I loved the twist that was put on the ages old Cinderella tale. It was fresh and imaginative and I was hooked. This author is now one of my absolute favorites. The characters are so real that I expect them to jump right off of the pages. The story has so many unexpected twis [...]

    17. I've read several adaptations of fairy tales, but I've never read one so different as this.Starting, Cinderella is not good at all.She has powers - probably even black magic. She talks to animals and causes them to obey her in the worst of actions.Eleonore is not an angel as she looks like.When her mother dies and her father marries again, with Angelique, and takes her two daughters, Marguerite and Madeleine home, Eleonore's life changes drastically.Forget everything you've ever seen in Disney c [...]

    18. I quite enjoyed this dark retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale. I thought the book was well written and easy to read, in fact, it only took me a few hours to read it. It was a great storyline and it was interesting getting the stepmother's perspective. Eleonore was a sad, tragic character with magical abilities, nothing like the original Cinderella, and those birds of hers were scary as hell. I loved the characters in the story and especially the stepmother who tries valiantly to save Eleonore [...]

    19. Of Cinder and Madnes is a esplendid retelling of Cinderella that not only try to tell us the story of the stepmother, but place us under an unespected version of this fantastic classic. What happens when your grief is so strong, when madness takes over your soul? Would you kill someone whitout giving her a chance to redeemed herself? If you have never loved you'll never would be able to forgive those who hurt you and this retelling would take you to unespected limits that would make you distress [...]

    20. A short story retelling of the classic fairytale, Cinderella. It is very, very different from the usual retellings we find. I wasn't prepared for the sudden twist at all. Of Cinder and Madness is told from the perspective of the stepmother with alternating timelines which was enjoyable. However, I found the telling to be too fast paced and not as detailed for me to properly enjoy the book. I had neither pity nor understanding for Eleonore. The ending was too messy and too rushed, in my opinion. [...]

    21. Dark twist to a Fairy TaleI just could not get completely into this story Maybe because I prefer a happy ending. I felt the step mother who is the supposed good person was not that good. Being a mother of a mentally disabled child, I just felt that the step mother did not try enough and instead alienated Elle further by her inaction, the story jumped to different time periods which were confusing at times and was a short story which I am not a fan of. It does have the basis for a good story.

    22. Exciting dark twist to a normally happy story, this book kept me glued to the page from start to finish. It’s fast pace makes it a quick read. There wasn’t one time where the narrative slowed or interrupted me. The backstory, the time jumping from past to present and the dialogue were well written and well executed. This might be one of my new favorite Cinderella stories. I didn’t want it to end, and look forward to reading more from Nicole Zoltack. I read this book for my own enjoyment. Y [...]

    23. This is a very interesting version of a classic fairy tale. Nothing is as suspected or accepted as true. The twists and turns are well managed in a nicely developed world and the characters are wonderfully described. I thoroughly enjoyed the tale although I did lose my way a couple of times because I didn't pay attention to the dates. They are very important to this 'alternate' fairy tale. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchang [...]

    24. It was hard at first to get into the story. Only being familiar with the age old tale of Cinderella, it was at first hard to think her as being dark. But the author takes the reader by the hand and says hey, look at it from this side. The reader can pick out the known tell tales of the story and spin a dark twist on it. I completely enjoyed the book. I love it when an author can show a different perspective on a age old tale.

    25. This is not the usual story of Cinderella, that's for sure! I found this story fascinating and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I finished with tears in my eyes, after a journey of ups and downs that kept my complete attention. I don't want to give the story away, but I know when you read it you will agree how unusual and compelling it is. I highly recommend it and can't wait to read more in the series.

    26. I’m not very good at writing reviews because my mind tends to jump from one thing to another. So all I’m going to do is say that this is a fantastic story and it’s very well written. Nicole Zoltack is very good at weaving her stories so much that I’m definitely going to be reading more of her books in the future. So if you want my advice it would be get this book and read it. Because I can definitely guarantee you won’t be disappointed in your choice.

    27. Maybe it was the darkness of the novel or the fact that there is no happy ending. True love doesn't exist here, and the stepmother's love that the author tried to convey, only came out as a desperate woman trying to find a way to hide an impossible problem. All her problems go away by permanently locking Ella in another dimension. She even gets a third husband out it. I felt something was lost in the story telling.

    28. I really enjoyed this book! It's a dark YA fairytell retelling about Cinderella, but with the step mother's POV. The other novellas following the main story were about how Jacques and Gabrille met, how Cinderella became mad and her POV, and the King and Angelique's life after Eleonore. It's not a HEA fairytale that you'd expect, it is darker and ominous. Fantastic writing and great storytelling.

    29. UnexpectedI very much enjoyed this book. It is a story we are all familiar with told from the viewpoint of an unexpected player. I was prepared to not like it much but found myself looking forward to turning the pages. If you enjoy the unexpected and are open to hearing the same story from a different view point this is the book for you I think you’ll find you’re surprise I get the enjoyment of it as I was.

    30. Surprisingly fresh and intriguing take on a classic fairy tale. I really enjoyed reading a version where the stepmother, Angelique, is a good woman and trying to do right by Eleonore (Cinderella). The only thing that bothered me was the time changes. Every other chapter went back and forth from the present to when Angelique first met Jacques and combined their families. It was confusing at first and toward the end it became redundant. I would have enjoyed more of the present storyline. It was to [...]

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