• Title: The Curse of Wetherley House
  • Author: Amy Cross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Curse of Wetherley House When she agrees to visit a supposedly haunted house with an old friend Rosie assumes she ll encounter nothing scary than a few creaks and bumps in the night Even the legend of Evil Mary doesn t put h
    When she agrees to visit a supposedly haunted house with an old friend, Rosie assumes she ll encounter nothing scary than a few creaks and bumps in the night Even the legend of Evil Mary doesn t put her off After all, she knows ghosts aren t real But when Mary makes her first appearance, Rosie realizes she might already be trapped For than a century, WetherleWhen she agrees to visit a supposedly haunted house with an old friend, Rosie assumes she ll encounter nothing scary than a few creaks and bumps in the night Even the legend of Evil Mary doesn t put her off After all, she knows ghosts aren t real But when Mary makes her first appearance, Rosie realizes she might already be trapped For than a century, Wetherley House has been cursed A horrific encounter on a remote road in the late 1800 s has already caused a chain of misery and pain for all those who live at the house Wetherley House was abandoned long ago, after a terrible discovery in the basement, something has remained undetected within its room And even the local children know that Evil Mary waits in the house for anyone foolish enough to walk through the front door Before long, Rosie realizes that her entire life has been defined by the spirit of a woman who died in agony Can she become the first person to escape Evil Mary, or will she fall victim to the same fate as the house s other occupants

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    1. 3.5 starsTHE CURSE OF WETHERLEY HOUSE is the first book I've read by author Amy Cross. The haunting and ghost in this novel exceeded my own expectations. This malevolent entity had been inhabiting Wetherley house since 1888, when Robert and his pregnant bride, Marguerite, came to live there. Cross begins the tale in the present time. Although after only a handful of chapters, she switches to the events of 1888, leading back up to the present in chronological order. While I found this a little ja [...]

    2. Family saga horror, how the curse of the house wends its way through time, from its inception to its violent end! Melodramatic, packed with tropes, and fun. This is the creepy story that your cousins told you one night under the covers that gave you nightmares when you were twelve. Some of it doesn't make sense. BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER. Your cousin isn't here to whisper logic in your ear

    3. Now then, sit down at your desk and make a list of the most horrific and blood curdling descriptions you can cram into one book. Mix with appalling editing, lots of GODAMNS and American phrasing (even if it is set in England), a laughable storyline containing totally unbelievable characters, and out pops "The Curse of Wetherley House". I'm sorry Amy, no disrespect, but I really didn't enjoy this book. I love a good old haunted house story, but the gory horror in this (plus all those maggots!) wa [...]

    4. Amy Cross has done it againDrawn me in and kept me reading. Her characters come alive and you can't stop until you know what happens to them. Do wish these books had better editing. Misspellings, changes from her to him in wrong places. Wrong names etc. Those are distracting to say the least. With good editing, a creepy good book.

    5. If you take a look in the world of independent publishing, you can find some real gems and some might say that this is where the real writing is going on at the moment as it would appear that on the shelves in your local book shop there is just the mainstream, and safe books. One such gem is the The Curse of Wetherly House by Amy Cross. Okay, there are lots of cliched bits here and the writing can in some parts be slightly better, but overall this is a great read, the sort of ghostly horror book [...]

    6. While very scary, it did drag a little in placesThere were moments when I’d be reading this in bed and the dark depths beyond my sight would spook me so bad that I’d have to read with a light on. It was really scary through parts! The story bounced through time pretty easily and the characters were all very well defined. I look forward to reading more of her collection.

    7. I am an avid fan of the supernatural genre, but I prefer the more atmosphere/psychological type of story. The back story of the haunting, was far more gruesome than I like and I ended up just deleting it from my kindle. I also didn't find the intro to be overly convincing, which was a bummer since it seemed like a great premise.

    8. I cringed at the childish tone used in the first few chapters in the book. The countless "like", as in "we should, like, do that" and "I mean" had me wincing. The abundance of dialogues and the thin narration didn't lead my imagination or set the atmosphere. It read like a bad, straight to video B movie. I was ready to abandon.And then something happened.We were transported to the 19th century, and suddenly the story rose like a phoenix from ashes. The author seemed to have spent a greater deal [...]

    9. A decent read! A spooky old haunted house, an evil ghost.what's not to like? It's odd to me that I spent most the book feeling sorry for Evil Mary. Poor kid :( I thought her "mother" was horribleat birth? Jesus. Utter insanity! But was that really Eve? Or was it the even older, creepy, actually evil ghost? I think it was probably the ghost. I hated Eve from gobut she ended up being pretty pitiful, in spite of her crimes. She was clearly mental by the end. I think it bugged me a little that Mary [...]

    10. Okay, review time. :) Do not I repeat . DO NOT read this chilling novel if you are pregnant, about to give birth or have a newborn, it will literally give you nightmares.Why oh why must I always begin these sort of novels in the dead of night when I can't sleep? Creepy, scary and downright weird are but a few words to describe this haunting tale about well a haunted house & a family cursed through the generations. Quite visceral at times it's hard to give a synopsis without giving little [...]

    11. The scenes set in the 1880s could have used some historic research. I don't think pregnant women were photographed at that time (I've seen a lot of Victorian photos, and just look at how visibly pregnant Victorian women didn't want to be seen). Also, the language seems more stilted than period, and I don't think British people were in the habit of saying, "Okay." One way to write period dialog is simply to read some fiction from the era.The author is much more at home with the contemporary scene [...]

    12. I feel like this book should have been renamed 'Maggot Party'- where that many maggots really necessary?There was also a couple of annoying typos and while I loved the chapters set in the past with Marguerite, Eve and Mary, the contemporary chapters fell completely flat for me and I found myself just waiting for them to die off. I was not let down on that front at least.Overall, this just felt like reading two very different books with the maggot party gore and guts contemporary chapters being a [...]

    13. I'm soldI have to admit I have not been a huge fan of Amy Cross. But this book had great reviews so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did. This story was absolutely fantastic. The plots twists and turns kept me interested. I will admit that Cross needs to get herself a team of Beta readers to start reading her stuff before she hits the publish button to correct a lot of ridiculous errors, he when it should be she etc. But overall the story plot and characters in this book were engaging.

    14. Another " up all night horror story " !Ms. Cross has become another of my favorite ghost storyauthors. This book is one of those riveting stories you justcan't put down. I actually got up during the night after goingto bed to pick it back up to see what else was going tohappen. So many twists and turns! So far I've read 2 of herfantastic ghost stories and plan to read many many more. Idefinitely recommend Amy Cross to anyone who wants " upall night " and " in your face scary " ghost stories. Don [...]

    15. What a great read!!!I absolutely demolished this book. Amy Cross knows how to make you hold your breathe and have your heart beat out of your chest. This was my first experience with her work and I must say I will be reading more. There is only one bad part about this book, to the point I almost puked several times, her (Amy Cross) love of maggots. Enjoyed your work but not the wiggly critters.

    16. One heck of a creepy ghost story. Be careful who you do or do not help! I have noticed the trend of Amy Cross's being about family secrets and vengeance. This book was no different from some of her other books except I felt scared. And looked around the empty house to see if the noises I heard were noises in the real world or was I reacting to the book? This author is so good!

    17. Page turner!This is the first book I've read by Amy Cross and I loved it!I didn't know what to expect but if you like horror you'll like this. Its got a good story to it and easy to read. Its a book that you just get lost in as keeps you hooked till the end. I'm off to borrow another by Amy Cross. Can't wait! - thanks Kindle! J

    18. A creepy ghost story with loads of potential, but tarnished by a complete lack of editing. Please Amy keep the stories coming, but if your not going to use an editor at least have friends or family give your stories a read to catch the never ending typos and simple errors - after a few chapters they end up much more terrifying than your subject matter.

    19. A real ghost story Just love a real haunted house! Like the one that I played in some of my games. No science fiction stuff, just a real, old fashioned ghost story!Amy Cross, is one of the best authors! Every book or e-book she writes has me on the edge of my seat. Thank you, Amy! For giving me hours of entertainment!Victoria

    20. Some believe a haunted house is living, breathing thing. That a house absorbs the intense emotion of those who it’s walls--those it has housed and protected. The emotions seep into the wood, the furnishing, the fabric of the house. However, it’s not the house--it’s the spirit that has attached itself to the home. One needs to worry about the spirit who has sunk its taint, perverse energy into the wood and foundation. The concern becomes essential when the sins of the dead bleed through eve [...]

    21. The anachronisms just drove me nuts! If that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, it’s a great little read. If you’re like me, well, it’s still worth reading, but you’ll be pulled out of the world from time to time.

    22. Great readI was looking for a page turner, something to keep me interested and i found it!! Right up to the last page, if anything i found the creepy book that i needed. Would make a great movie.

    23. Very mind catching with every word. I got lost a couple of times and had to reread the last chapter but overall rIt was a every good book. The ending Was not what I thought would happen but overall I liked the book.

    24. On the fenceI really want to give this five stars because it really is a decent story. But I don't think it gives enough of an explanation about who what when where and most importantly why. I get the gist of it but it still leaves me with feeling cheated in why. Had the family been a part in why this witch handed down a curse, but unless I missed it, it seems random. And a bit more on what had her thrown out of town to start with might bring it full circle. Otherwise I think this is a great rea [...]

    25. HORRIBLENever read so much details of maggots! Okay I got the picture or image. Gross. Then there are garbage bags full of them being pulled over someone's head. Enough already, I got the picture. Not a good story line at all.

    26. Great readI love Amy Cross books. This one is one of her best ones. It's well written with a good plot. She has greatly improved her writing skills. I would recommend this book and her others.She really is an original author

    27. 4 StarsI thought this book was really good. A few misspellings but nothing to terribly bad. I limed how you got all the characters perspective. The maggots were just creepy. I'd recommend this book to friends.

    28. Gruesome Not my cup of tea really. There are horror stories and then just stories that are gross and gruesome. This is one of them. I didn't care much for it but if you like reading about maggots, this books for you!

    29. The Ideas are not bad,but altogether there is far to much hissing going on! You will find she \he hissed in Evers page a couple of times!! I Like the stories , after some pages the " hissing" is really Bad.

    30. Great.I've read a lot of books written by Amy Cross . I think she's a brilliant writer. Just finished this book and yet again, Amy's writing always put the book inside your head so you think your in the story. Once again, thank you for another great read.

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