• Title: Rebels Rising
  • Author: Shanna Swendson
  • ISBN: 9781620512623
  • Page: 456
  • Format: ebook
  • Rebels Rising Risking all for freedom and loveThe governor has disbanded the Colonial Assembly removing the last shred of representative government from American shores The Rebel Mechanics and their magister allie
    Risking all for freedom and loveThe governor has disbanded the Colonial Assembly, removing the last shred of representative government from American shores The Rebel Mechanics and their magister allies can t let the Empire get away with that The time has come to act.But to truly start turning the wheels of revolution, they need popular support from ordinary laborers, hRisking all for freedom and loveThe governor has disbanded the Colonial Assembly, removing the last shred of representative government from American shores The Rebel Mechanics and their magister allies can t let the Empire get away with that The time has come to act.But to truly start turning the wheels of revolution, they need popular support from ordinary laborers, housewives, students, and the middle class people outside the rebel movements That s a job for Verity Newton, under the guise of her journalistic alter ego As the rebel movement builds momentum, Verity must take a public, open stand for the cause a stand that could jeopardize her job, her home, and her place in society.At the same time, a revolution is the only way Verity stands a chance of being with Lord Henry, since they re divided by class and by the fact that he s wanted for treason It s a risk she s willing to take.

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    1. I love this series!! I have been eagerly awaiting this third book of the Rebel Mechanics series and it did not disappoint. It had lots of action, lots of reveals, and still leaves you dying to know what happens next. I love Verity, the protagonist, but I also love that other characters have important roles and she doesn't have to carry all the action. Sometimes I hate/find it unbelievable that one main character saves the world and comes up with all the solutions. She is definitely a catalyst wh [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. This is the third book in the Rebel Mechanics series, an alternate history where the U.S. is still under British control and those in power keep it with the use of magic. In this installment, Verity is still a governess, still spying for the rebel mechanics, and still writing articles in favor of revolution in an effort to drum up more support for it because they know that it's doomed to fail unless people from all classes - including the magisters (those with magic) - support it and [...]

    3. Rebels rejoice! Ms. Swendson is back with Book Three in the Rebel Mechanics/Rebel Magisters series! You know, the alternate history one where the American Revolution starts in the 1880's (instead of the 1770's) the rebels (now in the Steampunk Era) have machines (can you say underground railroads & airships, among many others!) whereas the Brits have magic (guess why the rebellion failed in 1776?)! Yes, that series!Our intrepid governess Verity Newton (can anyone say Jane Austen!) has her ha [...]

    4. Rating: 4 starsMy only complaint is that the author seemed to ditch the book right when it hit the climax. Or, perhaps, was about to hit the climax. I really don't know. I feel confused. Are you sure this book is even finished?

    5. Best one yet! I'm already so excited for the next one and I'll have to wait so long! That is the only complaint I have with this book. Things really start revving up for the Rebels now. Magisters and Mechanics alike are working together better than ever and are recruiting many, with a lot of help from one Miss Liberty Jones. And the government is having to acknowledge their existed and unrest now. Which is putting people high up in the government on edge. Verity is risking a lot and learning a l [...]

    6. 3.5The third book in the Rebels series picks up soon after the second book with Vertiy continuing to work with both the rebel magisters and the rebel mechanics. Lord Henry is in hiding after escaping prison. Meanwhile, the revolution is building. I like Verity and how strong she is, she is taking risks by working as a spy as well as writing political pieces under an alias. I like her interactions with the children she is governess for. I really like her interactions with Lord Henry and how they [...]

    7. Came home from the library where I work and finished the book in one sitting. I really enjoyed it; obviously. But whoever does Swendson's marketing needs to step it up. I already have a wait list for this book once it goes in to circulation. None of the magazines I read (VOYA, SLJ) had anything about it coming out. Totally missed it in April!

    8. Cliffhanger?The 3rd book ended with the possibility of a 4th book.The 3 books in the series moved at a quick pace and though may be considered ‘young adult’, were enjoyable by an older adult.

    9. Book #3 in the Rebel Mechanics series still has me invested and entertained! This one covers an alt-history look at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and has our woman Verity in a key position regarding its delivery. The action in this one is well paced, and I feel more comfortable with the balance between revolution and romance. There is a somewhat obvious reveal regarding Verity’s past, and while it’s good to have it confirmed, the reactions are somewhat heavy handed because [...]

    10. 04/28/17I have stopped reading "Rebel Rising" for the time being. It has simply become too boring. The heroine (I can't even remember here name at the moment) is too cautious, proper, and yes, BORING. Thus, the novel has become boring. There is too little action. How can there be a revolution when the main protagonists are so cautious and their actions are too timid. I was expecting more excitement in this installment. Alas, there is very little.

    11. Swendson, Shanna Rebels Rising (Rebels #3), 292 pages. NLA Digital, 2017. $15 (). Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: PGVerity, in her role of reporter Liberty Jones, has brought public scorn and suspicion onto the head of the Colonial government, bringing the Rebel Mechanics and the Rebel Magisters to the point where if they work together, they might be able to have the backing to free themselves from England’s rule. Henry is still on the run, but he may have to risk coming back to the [...]

    12. Rebels Rising. Wow. Just wow, I often think of when I first picked up "The Rebel Mechanics". I almost didn't read it. But I did. I was instantly captivated in the story and now I'm hooked! The story fared well throughout the whole book. I can say before much of the action began I grew bored, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good! Simply the calm before the storm The detail work in this story is incredible, it never left time for breaks! Once the action picks up, it only increases. I am also pleas [...]

    13. Either it is the worst trilogy ending ever, or it is "only the beginning." From what I can find, Swendson planned this as a trilogy, and here's the third book, and Well, it's okay, but it felt mostly like a filler to me, and definitely unfinished. This book covers the time just following Henry's arrest, as rebellion is heating up in the colonies. However, it feels like the book ends just as things are really getting started. I really expected Swendson to see the rebellion to its conclusion and l [...]

    14. I really liked this third book in the series. I wavered between 3 and 4 stars. Ultimately, I felt like this book was filler until the fourth book comes out. It feels like the series is being stretched out a little too long. I love the characters though and several of the twists that I predicted in the first two books are addressed here. The revolution is finally off to a start and some of the secrets that people have been hiding are coming out. So, I enjoyed this book, but am highly anticipating [...]

    15. I was hoping this book would wrap up the series I really like Shanna Swendson's books and I have enjoyed this series but I like to get to the end and was expecting that to happen in this book. I would rather have Henry and Verity's story wrap up (happily ever after) and read additional books on side characters than have their story keep going on. And this is silly but I was disappointed in the cover of the book. I loved the covers of the the first two in the series and wish they would have conti [...]

    16. I have really liked this series. The characters are well rounded and likable, it doesn't fall into the dreaded love triangle, and the characters are worried about more than who likes who - and they are actually more concerned about working together to fix their world! Our heroine comes off as a real woman who isn't a Mary Sue. She knows and understands her limits and she is reasonable in her actions and her expectations of others. I like it.

    17. I love this alternate take on the American Revolution, but beyond all that - and my adoration for the characters - I love how many strong women are in this story. They are not taking a backseat and nearly all of Verity's close friends are women of import to the plot. (In fact, besides her love interest, I'd say that the women are all more plot relevant than the men.)

    18. I thought this was going to be the last book so I was disappointed when it wasn't. Now that the revolution has truly begun how many more books will there be? You may want to wait until this series has ended before beginning to read the books.

    19. This isn't the last book in the series! 2nd series in a row that I've been startled to realize there will be more than 3 books! While I am delighted to have more adventures with Verity and Henry, I'm not excited about waiting for the next book.

    20. Enjoyed the series and the fact that it was based around alternative history. Book one was a little more tedious but it was setting the background. Books two and three were much more enjoyable. Loved the adventure,

    21. I really can’t explain why I enjoy this series so much. The twists are often so obvious, the heroine was so irritatingly naivebut there has been a lot of growth in her character and it’s just fun.

    22. This series is fun and I love the relationship between Verity and Henry. I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of page time for the kids, though. Especially Flora, with the development she got in the last book plus the hinting of her and Colin.

    23. I didn't enjoy this as much as the first two. Maybe it was because I was hoping that this was the last book, but it is not.

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