• Title: A Baby for the Alien Prince
  • Author: Miranda Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Baby for the Alien Prince Take a Human female as a mate on the off chance of saving his race Absurd At least that s what Prince Elorshin Do ana thinks It s true the Alvan race is dying There have been no new births in years a
    Take a Human female as a mate on the off chance of saving his race Absurd At least that s what Prince Elorshin Do ana thinks It s true, the Alvan race is dying There have been no new births in years and if they don t do something, their entire race is doomed However, Elorshin doesn t want to bind himself to a mate that can t fully share in the fated bond that all AlvaTake a Human female as a mate on the off chance of saving his race Absurd At least that s what Prince Elorshin Do ana thinks It s true, the Alvan race is dying There have been no new births in years and if they don t do something, their entire race is doomed However, Elorshin doesn t want to bind himself to a mate that can t fully share in the fated bond that all Alvan crave Forced into a marriage by a House powerful than his own, Prince Elorshin doesn t think he will ever know happiness, that is until he meets his bright, luscious bride Margot Whelan wants two things, one of which she will never have Love and a baby The second can t happen, not as long as she s on Earth Population control is too strict When she sees an advertisement for the Celestial Mates Dating Agency she decides to take the chance After all, what future does she have on an overpopulated Earth She agrees to marry the hot, seven foot tall, indigo alien with sparkling emerald eyes and oddly sexy fangs He struggles with the war between what his body craves and what his heart needs Somehow, Margot must get past the language barrier and forge the connection Elorshin so desperately desires A love that Houses will go to war for A Baby for the Alien Prince is a stand alone novel in the Celestial Mates Shared Universe It is a science fiction romance story with a stubborn alien and an equally stubborn human female, plenty of action packed adventure, and hot, steamy alien romance

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    1. You’re a mail order bride and you can’t communicate with your alien husband because you don’t understand each other’s language or customs. So what’s a great way to get his attention when he’s angry at you less than a day after meeting him? Grab his junk and hold on, of course. Why didn’t I think of that? DNF @31%.

    2. When I saw the title how could I not read it? It was either going to be quite dreadful, or really good! Well, it was really good. Politics, intrigue, danger, romance and a bit of rumpy pumpy - going to look up the second in the series because you can never have too many blue alien hero’s 😃

    3. Елоршин е принц на малко общество. На неговата планета, хората са разделени на нещо подобно на касти, като всяка по-малка каста отговаря пред по-голяма. Така един ден той е повикан от принца на една от най-големите касти, който има мисия за него. Цивилизацията им загива, женит [...]

    4. 4,5Very good.At last a story with an alien which doesn't have a girl obsessed with her weight and an alien addicted to BDSM.Well written. And the story is engaging.The moment at the agency made me laugh.The world his hostile which brought a bit of piquant to the plot.And the H is very attractive.I liked, will probably read the next if we stay on this world.The other prince, from the major house, was quite intriguing. I like anti-hero and the fact that he is a bit of a jerk at first ticked me.

    5. I really enjoyed this book and hope that there will be future books of the Alvan race! I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it.

    6. Easy read with lots of action!Well this was certainly an adventure for our daring h, Margot. Lots for her to take in, learn, process and even more to just survive!Here's the bullet list:- Good writing, few typos - Very likeable characters - Introduction of a fascinating new world- Enough action to keep you on your toes - Enough sexy times to make you fan yourself (when you're not wondering if Margot will make it to the end of this story in one piece)So why not 5 stars?Well I feel mislead. This w [...]

    7. Well, I feel like the title is a bit misleading or maybe my expectations were a tad off. To me, this story basically introduces the aliens and their hierarchy. I felt that the language barrier was a hindrance. It was also odd that her purpose, to have a baby, was so repeatedly rejected. The violence and weird deadly animals wereoddly timed. The flow just seemed off.

    8. I was disappointed that there wasn't more to the book. The title led me to believe there would be more to the story line dealing with a baby other than the last chapter. It had good potential but didn't live up to it.

    9. Prince Elorshin, of the Minor House Do'ana, is summoned by Prince Naefaren Viir of the Major House to which they are allied. He is surprised to see someone else at their meeting. Prince Naefaren begins by reminding him of the declining birth rate of the Alvan people. He is directing Prince Elorshin to mate with an off-worlder. Another House had tried this unsuccessfully, but Naefaren believes it is possible. Elorshin his against this, especially as it impacts his future. His people mate for life [...]

    10. Title: A Baby For the Alien Prince Celestial Mates - The AlvaAuthor: Miranda MartinPublisher: Miranda MartinPublished: 4-24-2017Pages: 163Genre: Science Fiction & FantasySub-Genre: Paranormal Romance, Aliens, VampiresASIN: B071V62VT2Reviewed For NetGalley and Miranda MartinReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.5 StarsElorshin is forced into marrying an alien bride by the Naefaren Viir, Prince of a Major house of his people. He, as only a prince of a poorer house has no choice but to acquiesce to the de [...]

    11. I'm not a huge fan of this genre, but I really enjoyed this book.Margot is fed up with her life; she wants a family and that’s the one things she’s denied as a subterranean dweller. Elorshin wants a Paritella (something akin to a soulmate), but he’s denied that when the Prince of a Major House to whom he’s affiliated forces him to take a human bride. When Celestial Mates matches the pair together, Margot finds herself moving to a new world; one where she’s unwanted but very much needed [...]

    12. A Baby for the Alien Prince: Celestial Mates The Alvaby Miranda Martin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐OMG! A FANTASTIC ALIEN STORY! Miranda Martin has outdone herself with this one. I really enjoyed reading this story! I couldn't stop reading this story once I started. The characters are likable, steamy, exhilarating, sensational, fantastic, unique and well developed. Miranda did a quite awesome job putting this story together. The story is full of drama, the scenes description is well written and you'll fall [...]

    13. I liked seeing the heroine trying to adapt to an alien culture and find her place in her new home (especially with the language barrier). I liked the hero, he's put in a place where he has to decide between his duty to his people and his desire for a bond with his potential mate. I liked seeing both Elorshin and Margot find common ground and work together to find what they really want in their relationship.I wish I got the Celestial Mates part better. I was a little confused as to exactly what w [...]

    14. Celestial Mates matches humans and aliens "across time and space," so when Margot from an overpopulated, ecologically devastated future Earth dreams of a husband and children, her only option is to sign up. When she is instantly matched to Elorshin of planet Alva, it looks like a 'win some, lose some' situation. She still has to live underground, without sunlight, green grass or trees. There are incredibly vicious monsters called devos who prey on anyone foolish enough to be out in the dark. But [...]

    15. I don't normally read sci-fi romance, but I enjoyed this novel. Margot is from Earth and lives underground, as only the super wealthy live in the sunlight in skyscrapers. All women are sterilized below ground to control the population. She is so desperate to no longer live in the darkness, that she goes to a mating agency to find an alien man on any planet. She wants to have children desperately, and she agrees to an immediate pairing on a distant planet. The book does not go into details on how [...]

    16. This was a surprisingly good read. Had more going on than I initially thought. The romance was good. Elorshin was basically saddled with an earth bride to repopulate. This was basically Margot's only chance to have a baby. But after the initial push and pull (on Elorshin's end), things settle and they have a really deep bond. I could've done with more sexy times, but hey, that's just me. But the sex scenes they had were pretty good. My favorite part was the unexpected fighting. Elorshin's world [...]

    17. Deep, emotional and hard to put downThis book was hard to put down. Margot is living a rough existence. It starts off in a dark dystopian Earth that is barely able to sustain life, with a harsh class system. Sloshing also is living in a dark and class derived planet. In it, like underground. How bad does Margot's life on Earth have to suck to think that this is an improvement? She doesn't know the language or the customs, she makes an egregious mistake, I mean, the drama just continues to build, [...]

    18. Terrific alien/human science fiction RomanceElorshin is a prince of a minor house on a planet that keeps monsters away with light and sword. One of the major houses , which controls the light source, has forced Elorshin to take a mate.Margot wants to leave Earth switches overpopulated and crowded, most of population below ground are sterilized. She wants to leave so she can have children and room move in . Celeste mates get through this opportunity.Elorshin wants Margot, but wants parti, a true [...]

    19. Big, blue, and hot In a future world, the earth is much changed, overcrowded and underground. Margot works cleaning the topside, above, and dreams of having children and going off-world. She has no chance til she signs up as a celestial mate and get paired up with an alien prince. Elorshin is a prince from a minor house. He is strong armed into taking a human bride, and wants a pair bond so fights his attraction to the feisty earth female. A rip roaring adventure that will leave you turning the [...]

    20. A solid four stars.I liked it. The characters weren't wet fish, and the story was at least engaging.And finally, a realistic approach to the language barrier.Nothing gets me more annoyed than a poor approach to an obvious language issue. Use some universal implant if you must.But I digress. I liked the people, I liked the story, and I enjoyed the HEA. It warmed the fuzzy spots on my cold, dead heart :)The world could have been fleshed out a bit more, but it's to be expected from a first person p [...]

    21. 3.5-4 Pretty good! Nice and fluffy. When I need an alien fix, I'll check out more in this series. I admit to a bit of skimming but it was only a few pages. The title didn't really match the book for me. I'm all for that trope but (view spoiler)[ the baby/pregnancy talk wasn't there until the epilogue. It was about an alien coming to terms with his life mate being someone of a different race. He was concerned they wouldn't share the telepathic bonding (I forgot what it was called) that happened f [...]

    22. First time reading this author Great world building in this sci-fi romance. Humanity on Earth has changed drastically and the only way a girl from earth can leave it for a better life is to become a wife and mother on another planet for an alien. What happens when the male only wants to wed one of his own, one he's fated to be with. It's not a perfect planet with problems of it's own; so what happens when the human girl realizes not even an alien wants her and runs away into horrors worse than t [...]

    23. didn't care for this book. everyone lived underground even on earth. when Margot finds a way to have a baby and leave earth she thinks she is heading up and out into space where she can see the stars again. but she's going to be the mate of Prince Elorshin who lives underground on another planet. and there is nothing there almost like the middle ages. he's blue with long hair and really not even one of the higher princes, but he's not happy cause now he's forced to marry a human and will never k [...]

    24. Baby alienFirst time reading a book from this author and Miranda Martin did not disappoint me.I totally loved this story and look forward to her next book and I do recommend it to anyone.I cannot telll you more about the book than what the blurb say,cause to me you need to read and experience it youself.To tell you more then the blurb will just ruin the story for you and I will not do that you know some reviews give too much info. Hate that.Just read it for your self💖I hope you enjoy it and l [...]

    25. Catches you from beginningIn the future where every thing is controlled even if you have children, there is no other choice except to leave earth. Enjoyed how the author let their relationship build and they got to like each other first. I was routing for thee couple and then was a twist that just made the book better. Would read this again and will look for more books by this author Read this in one setting as couldn't put it down till finished it.

    26. I have to say, I avoided this book for a little while simply because of the cover (no offense, but it is pretty lame). I'm glad I gave this book a try despite that though. It was surprisingly well written and had an original feel compared to numerous other alien sci-fi romances I've read. I enjoyed the characters and found the plot to be fast paced and fun. I will definitely check out more of this writers work.

    27. When I'm in the mood for a light-hearted, sexy, not too deep read, I often turn to these interstellar/inter-species type stories. I'm honestly not expecting much from them except decent editing and steamy sex. This story delivers that. I have no complaints about the book or the author. It isn't anything special or different for the genre and it was a satisfying read but not amazing enough to hook me into following this author.

    28. I got this book in exchange for a voluntary review. Prince Elorshin Do'ana is forced to take a human bride from Celestial Mates. His race is dying and needs new blood to hopefully bring about more babies. Margot Whelan will never have a child if she stays on earth. The author has created a whole new world of Alva with all the quirks and dangers there. It's a tantalizing scene of what may come to pass in our future.

    29. I completely adores this story!It was well written and imaginative with the perfect mix of romance,humor and hot, juicy, steamy sex. I loved the way the characters develop by learning the language, laughing at their simple communication errors and the joy of seeing the Prince's people fall in love with his new Princess. I recommend this book and can't wait to read the next in this series!

    30. It was okay. The prince was from a minor house that wasn't close to the power source and he had aligned with a Major house so he was told to take a human wife. He did and come to find out she was his mate but she was whinny because she didn't understand him and he didn't want to rape her so they got off to a bad start. Monsters played a part in this real and imagined. That was my take on it any way. Sort of like the rich vs the poor. LOL

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