• Title: Redemption
  • Author: Sloane Kennedy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: ebook
  • Redemption My job is to save lives But what if the one that needs saving is the one I was sent to take At years old Phoenix Jones once had a stellar military career ahead of him But when tragedy struck his f
    My job is to save lives But what if the one that needs saving is the one I was sent to take At 33 years old, Phoenix Jones once had a stellar military career ahead of him But when tragedy struck his family, he walked away from the path he d chosen to be there for the one who needed him most Except fate is a bitch and when she once again takes Phoenix s future in the cruMy job is to save lives But what if the one that needs saving is the one I was sent to take At 33 years old, Phoenix Jones once had a stellar military career ahead of him But when tragedy struck his family, he walked away from the path he d chosen to be there for the one who needed him most Except fate is a bitch and when she once again takes Phoenix s future in the cruelest of ways, he must find a new path.When a former army buddy introduces him to Ronan Grisham, the leader of an underground vigilante group, Phoenix knows he s found a new family and nothing and no one is going to take that from him again So when Ronan asks him to shadow a young man who participated in a brutal crime against Ronan s husband, Seth, when he was a child and appears to be targeting him again, Phoenix doesn t even hesitate for a second.Even knowing what he must do if the young man proves to have gone back to his old ways.Because family is everything I can t come back from what I did I m not sure I even want to An ugly childhood left Levi Deming with little to do but dream of a day when he d be free of his tormenters so he could carve out a simple life for himself, preferably somewhere far away from the family who never let him forget he was less than human But one terrible choice at the tender age of 16 changed everything Wracked with guilt for the role he played during a home invasion gone horribly wrong, a now 24 year old Levi is trying to piece together a life where he can maybe do a little bit of good, even knowing it won t make up for the lives he helped take and it definitely won t give back the future he stole from the young man whose agonized screams still haunt him night after night If it were only about him, he d walk into the nearest police station and happily tell them to lock him up and throw away the key.But it isn t just about him any I expected to find a hardened criminal What I found was something else entirely With Ronan s orders to terminate young Levi if he so much as even jaywalks, Phoenix expects an easy job with one clear outcome But when a violent encounter forces Phoenix to interact with Levi, he quickly realizes the case might not be as black and white as he thought Instead of finding a criminal with no conscience, Phoenix discovers a young man battling impossible odds and near crippling guilt.When his feelings of disgust and anger begin to fade and turn into something else, the would be hitman is forced to make a terrible decision between the family he needs and the young man intent on seeking judgement than redemption.

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    1. Well this was another heartbreaking yet beautiful story by one of my favorite mm authors. Those of you, who are familiar with Sloane Kennedy's books, know that she doesn't pull any punches. Those of you who haven't read her books before.e most likely living under a rock and missing out big time !!!I am joking though, not about the missing out part, but the rock part :P . If you haven't read her books before, please take note of the trigger warning, this book deals with some heavy subjects.It is [...]

    2. This was amazing!! I was in hurt/comfort paradise with this newest installment of the Protectors series.Phoenix is working as an underground assassin for Ronan. Ronan hires Phoenix to follow one of the men who hurt Ronan's husband, Seth, 7 years ago when they broke into his home, killed his parents and stabbed Seth.But 24 year old Levi is not what Phoenix expected. For one, he volunteers at a soup kitchen for homeless people. Levi is kind, gentle and obviously traumatized by events in his past. [...]

    3. I have been all over the place with my ratings for the books in this series. I've had hits and misses. But the one thing that has been a constant since reading this series is how addictive it's been. Each book has heart-breaking characters with heart-breaking stories. Some more than other's. This one falls into the more category. Phoenix has been tasked with the job of keeping eyes on Levi and to report back to Ronan with his every move. Levi is one of the men who was there the night his husband [...]

    4. **4.5 stars** After Retribution, this one is my favorite from the “protectors” series by Sloane Kennedy…I still don’t understand how this author does that, but every time, she delivers. As usual, this story is not very long, with damaged MCs, explosive chemistry between the characters and once again, it works well…very well.Seth was almost killed when he was a teen during a robbery. Seth’s husband, Ronan, the head of a “vigilante organisation”, has spotted one of the assailants, [...]

    5. Holy smokes - I could not put this down !!! Another great Protectors book with this one being terribly brutal and harsh. I kept knowing there HAD to be hope, I mean how much does one person have to deal with ? Levi was a battered, emotionally and physically abused shell of a man who just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I was exhausted for him - such a victim of terrible circumstance. Along comes Phoenix, prepared for the worst and learns he couldn't have been more wrong. As the true [...]

    6. I've come to the realization that is easier for me to point out what I like and what I don't like about a story when writting a reviews so here it goes.-Phoenix quickly became one of my favorite MC's in this series, at the beginning of the story he is very conflicted by his feelings but he tried really hard to understand Levi, which was honestly hard given the small amount of info that he had about him. -Levi's nephew, I found it so comforting that he had a piece of happiness after all the dark [...]

    7. Review is live at Alpha Book Club❥❥**´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•`*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

    8. Levi's life was heartbreaking until he met Phoenix, the strong, protective alfa male with so much love to give Levi is genial, caring and a victim of his childhood. I think this couple is a perfect match!

    9. This book was really hard for me to read. But it was good to see two broken souls find each other and slowly heal. Levi's life is one the worst thing i ever saw. No human being deserves that kind of treatment. In the beginning of the book when i read about him, his father, his brother, his childhood, the big drama, the prisoni was like "why is he still alive"? Understand me good i don't say that people must kill themselves in some situations nobut i was feeling like Levi deserves some kind of pe [...]

    10. Another superb book to add to the Protectors cannonI don't know how Sloane Kennedy does it. She consistently turns out books in this series which not only pack an emotional punch but which suck you into a unique exploration of MM romance.While there are commonalities, this is a series after all, the relationships all have a unique element and experience which means you never feel like you're reading a rehash.In this one the trauma and suffering is almost too much but Sloane also knows just how f [...]

    11. 4.5 stars - If you’ve kept up with this series, which I highly recommend you do, you know they all have a similar theme. Ronan’s agents are all men who have had their lives upturned when they suffered some type of devastated loss (mostly of loved ones). Phoenix is one of those agents. Further, many story lines are interconnected with previous ones, so it is definitely beneficial to have read the prior books. For instance, here, Phoenix is tasked with monitoring (and potentially eliminating) [...]

    12. This was Phoenix and Levi's story.Levi at 16 was involved in the death of Seth's parents and in this book Ronan assigns Phoenix to keep an eye on Levi and if he is up to no good to take him out. Only problem is Phoenix begins to believe that Levi is a changed man and starts to fall in love with him.We learn the horrific events of Seth parents death. This book made me feel sorry for Levi. He had had a horrible childhood and he was trying to make up for his past misdeeds by doing good.The only thi [...]

    13. ¸.•*¨)☆♡¸.•*´¨)☆♡¸.•*´¨)☆♡♡☆(¸.•´Sloane Kennedy's Protectors series is fantastic!!!"Without Henry and Phoenix, I had nothing."I am never one to get stuck writing a review for Sloane Kennedy, but this one had me stumped. It was too emotional, even for me. Levi had suffered so much for so long and I cried out for him and all he had endured. No one should suffer such violence, and yet this author dug deep and wrenched all the pain and suffering and brought it to li [...]

    14. *le sigh* I always feel like Im repeating myself when I write a review about this series and here I go again. I loved it.love it!! The darkness, the heartache, the pain all appealed to my black little heart. And the way that they fought for their happinessh! I loved it! Im not going to say anything more other than this book added to this series in a delicious way and yesI am waiting sooooo freaking impatiently for the next book!

    15. Some series have a somewhat comfortable kind of predictability to them, be it for their cast of characters, or because they're written along familiar plotlines. However, this series elevates formulaic writing to an art. Each and every one of the books' plots follows the same pattern: tortured, broken hero(es) meet and make a smitten-at-first-sight connection that they promptly do their damnedest to deny, even to sabotage, even as they can't help being attracted to each other. Next, the outside w [...]

    16. 5 Stars!Have you ever read a book and you aren't even halfway through it and you're already thinking that you dread it coming to an end? That's how Redemption was for me. I knew when it was done I was going to be sad and it would be impossible for me to start another book right away. I'm no stranger to book hangovers, especially with Sloane's books, but I still find myself wishing I could just dive into the next book in the series or start the current book again. What I Loved: First and foremost [...]

    17. REVIEWED FOR LOVE BYTES4.5 StarsAnother Sloane Kennedy book full of angst and feels and Levi just became one of my favourite characters from The Protectors Series.The catalyst for this story began seven years ago when an already abused and scared Levi was dragged along to a robbery by his brother that would change his life. That night also affected the men we already know and love from this series especially Seth and Roman. Seth knows of Levi’s existence – in fact Seth is the reason Levi is [...]

    18. Having read many of SK's books, I consider myself a fan so was looking forward to getting my hands on this one and I'm so glad I did because I loved it. I tend to get a bit worried when there are so many books in a series. They often start off great and then as the series goes on, the author seems to run out of interesting material and it gets difficult to keep up the momentum with all the intertwined characters. This is certainly not the case here. There is always something going on and althoug [...]

    19. To say Levi had a rough life prior to meeting Phoenix would be a gross understatement. Levi could NOT catch a break. He had a disgusting psychopathic brother, an abusive father, an absent mother and a sadist who was making his life hell just because he could. You can imagine what all this would do to a person. Phoenix (though he also came with his own baggage) was this break that Levi desperately needed and was long overdue for. I absolutely enjoyed reading about how both men developed feelings [...]

    20. I really liked this one. Lots of hurt/comfort for those into that.I've actually only read Book 1 in this series before this one so I'm sure I missed out on a lot of backstory for the other characters, but I was able to really enjoy this book.

    21. l am broken .l don't even know how to start this review ,how do you even describe a story that has you crying for 40 minutes solid.This book has more , more anguish , more heartbreak , more tenderness,more cruelty , and the biggest OMG moments ever.Levi is such a downtrodden young man , that has had nothing but hurt in his life,he was neglected and abused by the people that should have cared for him.He was constantly forced in to illegal and immoral situations, from a very young age. Such is his [...]

    22. Reading this story was very emotional and powerful.Cain, a man who was determined to never be touched. Keeping to himself and living life alone except for his work.Ethan, suffering from the hands of another. On the run to save himself and Lucy.When saving the life on someone at work changes life's path, things are never the same.While keeping Ethan safe, Cain begins to heal. Through dealing with his past and ending that chapter he is able to accept things, and move forward.Ethan draws from Cains [...]

    23. RedemptionAnother great addition the The Protectors series. I'm so happy that Levi finally got some happiness in his life! All of Sloane's books are must reads!

    24. I'm not going to lie, this one made me cry a lot, but I absolutely loved it! Poor Levi needed a hero and Phoenix was the one to come riding in, even though that wasn't at all the plan. I loved their story and I am so happy they got their happy ever after. *sigh* I don't know what I'm going to do when all Sloane's series ever end. No clue.

    25. Me. This Book. Crying. Heart arching, hands shaking for what Levi went through. A character worthy of redemption - who does not believe it so. A man who comes to believe and love him. Showing Levi that love is not pain, torture, and fear. This one had a flavor of Caged Jaye to it but not quite as graphic. These types of stories are my types of stories.

    26. Sloane in my opinion is one of the top m/m authors out there now. I think my favorite part of her books is figuring out how the title fits with the story. Her titles are always spot on!. This one is no exception. Once you start reading the story you will soon find out why the title Redemption is perfect. Levi is seeking it for the sins of his past and Phoenix is seeking it to make up for the things he thought he could fix but can't. Her stories pull me in from the blurb so when I start to rea [...]

    27. Another soul gripping story that takes you on in my opinion, probably the most intense journey of the series.Levi & Phoenix each broke my heart with their individual back stories and yet when they came together, my heart mended itself, one jagged, broken piece at a time. Sloane took a difficult challenge on when her characters has to have their tales told in the way they needed, and I applaud her for letting them play out the way they did and for not forcing the issue down a route when some [...]

    28. I will say what I told Sloane, I loved this book. Her stories keep,getting better and better and that's not meaning any other were bad because I have read every book of hers and love them. My heart just broke through this book for Levi. This poor kid just never seemed to have a chance with the family he was dealt. I loved watching Phoenix fall in love with him, seeing all the good in him, and defending him. Even with everything that Levi has gone through, he has a strong loyalty to those that ha [...]

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