• Title: Humbugs of the World
  • Author: P.T. Barnum
  • ISBN: 9780766159723
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Humbugs of the World This work exposes several of the chief humbugs of the world written in the entertaining and humorous style Barnum is known for Found within are discussions relative to hoaxes money manias adventure
    This work exposes several of the chief humbugs of the world, written in the entertaining and humorous style Barnum is known for Found within are discussions relative to hoaxes, money manias, adventurers, medicine and quacks, religious humbugs, trade and business impositions, spiritualists, ghosts and witchcrafts, and personal reminiscences.

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    1. DNF. Some sections of the book were interesting but I became bored with the long descriptions of how mediums performed their hoaxes.

    2. An unexpected delight.I delved into Humbugs as research for an upcoming project featuring 19th-century fakirism (is that a word? I guess it is). I was happy to discover that the consummate old-time American showman was not only well-spoken, but also a bit of an ethnologist and historian (taking into account the limitations of research and biases of the times, of course). Barnum takes the reader on a tour of flakes through history, describing the ways in which even the brightest fell for the conm [...]

    3. HUMBUGGERISH IN PARTS, BUT…“…all the world chooses to be fooled—let it be fooled then.”Who knew P. T. Barnum was such a serious Freethinker? But, of course, he would be.Reading his ‘The Humbugs of the World: An Account of Humbugs, Delusions, Impositions, Quackeries, Deceits and Deceivers Generally, in All Ages’ put me very much in mind of another exhaustive heretical tome I read many years ago called, ‘Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds,’ by Charles Mac [...]

    4. a very interesting book. many of the descriptions of cons, swindles and quacks are as relevant today as in Barnum's time. the chapters on spiritualists and conjurers (and how they accomplished their fake feats) are especially fascinating. that said, the antiquated views on race (the book is from 1865, after all) are squirm-worthy. it is also amusing that Barnum insists that all the "heathen" religions are humbugs and nonsense, but that Christian religions are a unquestionably logical thing to be [...]

    5. If the venerable Mr. Barnum could be a bit of a humbug about humbuggers, then I suppose each of us harbor a hidden humbug, too. Parts of this book were quite a drag, but nowhere else have I encountered such an enormous collection of outrageous hoaxes, strange fads, and ridiculous trends. Everything from the Dutch Tulip Mania, to wella whole slew that I'll bet you've never heard of, but'll take the time (as I did) to search the web for more information. (And you'll find it!) There's the beauty of [...]

    6. Anyone who pays for this audiobook probably believes the biggest P.T. Barnum "humbug" of all times - that he is the man who said "There's a sucker born every minute"! The quote is by David Hannum ABOUT Barnum! But whomever published this mess is at the head of the "sucker" line!This is just a jumble of antiquated nonsense that not only failed to stand the test of time, but likely wasn't that interesting when Barnum originally wrote it down. Or maybe it was interesting to him. Barnum, play your p [...]

    7. P.T. Barnum tells tales of some of the world's greatest deceits, cheats, cons, and delusions, all of which go under the definition of "humbug". Still a fine read, the anecdotes in every chapter will delight and even, at times, surprise.

    8. I really got a kick out of this book. it was a really unique read that gave me a glimpse into the whimsical past as sewn by P.T Barnum

    9. Loved it!!! P.T. Barnum exposes the scam artists of the world and proves that a fool and his money are often too swiftly parted.

    10. A really good book. It is surprising that something written in 1865 is still relevant today.It would have been much stronger if he had omitted the last 5% or so of the work.

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