• Title: For Love of the Phantom
  • Author: Davyne DeSye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For Love of the Phantom This is an alternate cover edition for B DQYGI This sequel to Gaston Leroux s Phantom of the Opera begins just after Christine and Raoul leave the Phantom in his lair in the basement of the Opera H
    This is an alternate cover edition for B0193DQYGI This sequel to Gaston Leroux s Phantom of the Opera begins just after Christine and Raoul leave the Phantom in his lair in the basement of the Opera House After faking his own death to escape the Paris authorities, the Phantom sets out to find Christine again, eventually following her and Raoul to London When a crazed manThis is an alternate cover edition for B0193DQYGI This sequel to Gaston Leroux s Phantom of the Opera begins just after Christine and Raoul leave the Phantom in his lair in the basement of the Opera House After faking his own death to escape the Paris authorities, the Phantom sets out to find Christine again, eventually following her and Raoul to London When a crazed maniac begins his killing spree not far from Christine s home, the tenacious detective who has followed the Phantom from Paris believes the Phantom is the culprit and that Christine s life is in danger In the ultimate test, will the Phantom put his life and his freedom at risk for his love And will Christine desperate for song which her husband, Raoul, has forbidden in his jealousy finally open her heart to the Phantom, as he desires Join the Phantom, Christine and Raoul in this unabashedly romantic sequel to one of the best loved stories of all time

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    1. "Spent, weak, beyond exhaustion, he crooned gently swelling songs of his love. Finally, he slept amidst the debris upon the bed that still smelled so wonderfully of his Christine."Sweeping and romantic yet never cloy, and alive with rich and vibrant trappings, For Love of the Phantom is a marvelous read that jumps off the page and into the soul of the reader. Continuing the famous story of Christine and Erik, it seems fresh and new in the hands of this versatile writer. Davyne DeSye’s terrific [...]

    2. Davyne DeSye has written a highly creative 2nd novel. She has taken one of the most beloved love stories of all time, The Phantom of the Opera, and written a sequel. Not only is Ms. DeSye creative, but she is a wonderful and clever storyteller. This is the first of a series with more to come from Phantom and Davyne DeSye. I highly recommend For the Love of Phantom written by one of our own authors. DeSye is one to follow.

    3. I just finished For Love of the Phantom and I sit here in absolute awe and reverence. This book touched me so profoundly, I can hardly express with words. Let me say first and foremost, that I am a HUGE fan of Phantom. Always have been. I still listen to the music on the weekends and they still speak to my soul - the lyrics, the emotions, the intensity. I've been in love with the Phantom of the Opera since I first saw the production at 16 (and that's been quite a few years). When I say that this [...]

    4. Actual rating 4.5 starsLet me start this review by stating that I am a huge Phantom of the Opera fan, which is why I was drawn to reading this book in the first place. This is a sequel to the original and if you never read it, saw the movie or the play, you're at a bit of a disadvantage with understanding much of this story. The writing was easy to read and the book continued to flow nicely. It was abundantly clear why Christine was so torn between Erik and Raoul as this ongoing love triangle wa [...]

    5. Can you picture Erik, the famed phantom of the opera, gaining passage on a Swedish fishing vessel and working alongside the crew to earn his keep? Author DeSye can, and it is just one of the delightfully unexpected scenes that bring this novel to life. After their desperate flight from the opera house in Paris, Raoul and Christine begin a new married life in the Scandinavian village in which she grew up. Cracks soon appear in the façade of their perfect marriage, however, not least of which is [...]

    6. Historical romance is not a genre of which I’m familiar, but I found For Love of the Phantom a great introduction and one that will bring me back. I had only a vague remembrance of The Phantom of the Opera, having watched the movie many (many) years earlier. I have not read the novel. For me, the author Davyne DeSye needed to reintroduce the characters, the setting, and the intrigue. She did an excellent job with all three. The characters were well-constructed. I could visualize the Phantom’ [...]

    7. When I picked this up, I had no idea if it was based on the book or the stage adaptation. I've read the book, though ages ago, and I've seen the musical every time it tours here. I also have the sheet music like a proper little musical theatre geek.How I wish this book was out when Webber was shopping around looking to make a sequel. When I heard he was writing the score for one and the book it was based on, AND that the author had the audacity to write a forward that Leroux was wrong and he was [...]

    8. I have never read the Phantom of the Opera, though I have seen several versions in film; including the Lon Chaney, Robert Englund, and terrible Dario Argento versions. So, I was not up on the true version of the story. The author, Davyne DeSye, does a marvelous job of bringing someone like me into the story. She gives enough of what was to allow for the enjoyment of what is.I would also not call myself a “romance” enthusiast, but this book hooked me. The classic love triangle is present here [...]

    9. This book is nothing that I expected, but everything I wanted.It was a beautiful, imaginative and well planned continuation of a story that I loved. The way that Davyne DeSyne brought these characters back to life was absolutely perfect. There were no scenes or actions that happened that I felt were out of place or poorly thought out. This story begins after the events of the Opera house, where Christine is released from Erik, and given to Raoul. They are wed and begin living their life together [...]

    10. Like many readers, my prior exposure to the story of Christine and her Phantom was solely from the theatrical presentation. I confess I've always been curious as to "what happened after?" Happily, the tale woven by Ms. DeSye provides a gripping and plausible continuation of the tale. Having never read the original work by Leroux, I was curious and so have begun to read it and am pleased to report that the style and tone of "For Love of the Phantom" feels organically harmonious with the original [...]

    11. I really enjoyed For Love of the Phantom and, in fact, had a hard time putting it down. "Luckily," my teething baby wanted to nurse for hours last night, giving me a chance to get a great deal of reading done. Prior to reading this book, my only experience with The Phantom of the Opera was with the movie and the Broadway production, which I was lucky enough to see when I first moved to New York years ago. I enjoyed the continuation of the story, particularly because I felt Christine was more wel [...]

    12. Some books are just beautiful, and this is one of those books. The book starts where Christine has escaped from the opera house, as a sequel to Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera. Phantom's quest to find her and putting his life at risk for her was such an engaging experience overall.This is clearly one of the best sequels I have read--because writing a sequel is never easy. Davyne has done a great job with this book given the expectations were already very high when she picked to write a sequ [...]

    13. Loved this book. I'm a huge fan of theater and Phantom is one of my favorites. Of course the play leaves something to be desired. Davyne has expertly fulfilled that desire by bringing the characters back to life in an innovative way that draws you in from the very beginning. If you loved Phantom, you will love For Love of the Phantom. A gifted writer makes you forget that you are reading.ead, you feel you are experiencing. That's the case with Phantom. Well done Davyne!

    14. This sequel to Phantom of the Opera is fantastic!! I love the opera. It's a classic. I love this book. It takes real charisma on the part of the author to continue that great story. Davyne DeSye continued that story in the same remarkable fashion and style of the first story. Sequels are very hard to write. But some sequels take on a magical life of their own. For example, take a look at Sylvester Stallone's Rocky series or Bruce Willis' Die Hard series. My expectations were incredibly high of t [...]

    15. Davyne DeSye has kept true to the style of Phantom of the Opera in writing this wonderful sequel. For Love of the Phantom takes into account every aspect of the original tale, while taking Erik, Christina and Raoul across the globe. Erik’s love for Christine is timeless and without limits. Although she was afraid when she fled the Opera House, Christine quickly realized that the only thing she feared was Erik’s disfigured face, not his heart. I very much enjoyed the fact that Erik was accept [...]

    16. This novel is a fun and quick read. The storytelling is smooth, and it was easy to get immersed in the world of the book. At first, I found it a little difficult to root for either Raoul or Erik: Erik felt a little too stalkerish eavesdropping from hidden passages (this works better when he's a tragic hero in the musical). As the novel progressed, though, Erik’s character became more sympathetic. The plot moves at a nice pace, with a dash of mystery and suspense. What held the novel back in my [...]

    17. The Phantom & Jack the Ripper in one story? Yes!I'll admit to some trepidation when I read the summary, the Phantom & Jack the Ripper don't seem to belong in the same story. In this case, I was wrong. It's a beautifully well-crafted tale with respect and love for the original characters.Christine is a stronger, more capable heroine in this version. Erik, unbound from the basements of the Opera House, shows his resourcefulness & determination to achieve his goals beautifully. The Pers [...]

    18. I loved the story. I had to go back and read the Phantom of the Opera again just to refresh my memory. I thought the characters were developed in a way that was true to the original story and true to the characters themselves. In addition, the story kept me riveted - wondering if Erik would get caught; wondering what would happen with Raoul and Christine; wondering what the Persian would do! Terrific from beginning to end!

    19. I read this in one day, I never do that anymore. The last time I did was-oh look at that, the classic Phantom novel back in high school, good to know. Anyway this is a Christine and Erik romance story at heart. Everyone who is not a fan of that idea may want to skip this one. Everyone else still here? Good because oh my gosh. So have you ever wanted:A follow up E&C novel to the classic that actually- -shared its melodramatic mystery time period tone, love scenes and all? (I can just see some [...]

    20. In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I've never read the original Phantom. Like many, I'm only familiar with the musical version. Having said that, I found For Love of the Phantom to be a wonderful spin-off into the world of "what if", taking fans deeper into the Erik/Christine/Raoul love triangle. The author has a fluid and easy writing style that's a great fit for such an epic tale. The addition of a Jack the Ripper angle was well executed and created an interesting layer to t [...]

    21. For Love Of The Phantom is an amazing, very well written sequel to the original novel about the Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. I was impressed that Davyne DeSye managed to stay true in her writing style and character development to the original. She did a great job of weaving a fascinating, spellbinding story. There are a few minor flaws in the plot but at the same time there is plenty of romance, action and intrigue to keep the reader hooked. Her writing is engaging and easy to follow. [...]

    22. This one surprised me. It was bought on a whim as I noticed it was a sequel to the original novel, rather than the now-more-famous musical, and also because I was looking for something light and undemanding. After a clunky opening chapter it developed into a very enjoyable read. True in style and character to Leroux, the plot (including a large subplot involving Jack the Ripper and the redoubtable Persian) kept me gripped until the last page. The relationships between all of the characters felt [...]

    23. First of all, I have to say that I am a huge fan of "The Phantom of the Opera". The love story is just so beautiful, and I love the mystery surrounding the plot. Before starting to read the sequel, I actually did not know what to expect. I'd always thought that the original was great, but that there has to be more to be told. Davyne DeSye brings the story back to life by sticking to the original characterizations. Erik and Raoul are mysterious love interests, and, believe me, you grow attached t [...]

    24. I surprisingly really liked this. I tend to like reading fanfiction and anything that continues the stories or adventures of beloved characters is a joy. And this was. I wasn't really expecting it to be anything interesting; I've read phanfic that is bland at best and horrid at worst, but this was neither. It was a lovely sequel to the original canon and seemed to hold true to Laroux's story. Very believable and really sweet. And I always love a happy ending. :)

    25. This book was an enjoyable read. Easy and entertaining, and true to the original storyline and players. Davyne DeSye is a beautiful writer, captures the story and picks up where the movie left off. I was not disappointed. If you liked the movie, you'll enjoy this well written sequel.

    26. BeautifulI enjoyed this story from beginning to end. It was beautifully written and stayed true to the original story. I was well pleased.

    27. The story itself was beautiful. It dragged on in bits and the language and words used were sometimes hard to translate for me (that is my personal struggle though). Beautiful love story with a happy ending. Leaves off where the movie did, i think, I cannot remember the ending to the original story.

    28. I think this book could have been a lot shorter it dragged in some parts, but overall the kind of story I would want for the Phantom and Christine. I’m curious to see how their love story comes to an end.

    29. If you spent The Phantom of the Opera rooting for a happy ending for Christine and the Opera Ghost, then this is the book for you. The book picks up immediately after Christine's escape from the opera house. She hurries into a marriage with Raoul, which turns out to be less than the dream she expected it to be. Of course, Erik is not content to let Christine leave his world and finds a way to follow. How he works himself back into her life forms the substance of this engrossing book. Seriously, [...]

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