• Title: Trinity
  • Author: Michael-Scott Earle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Trinity With the first relic in his possession Leo Lennox sets sail across the ocean toward the distant city of Tylue in the kingdom of Sanduport But when pirates attack the ship carrying Leo Allurie and C
    With the first relic in his possession, Leo Lennox sets sail across the ocean toward the distant city of Tylue in the kingdom of Sanduport But when pirates attack the ship carrying Leo, Allurie, and Cornalic to Tylue, the champ finds himself thrust into the middle of a political struggle to determine Sanduport s next ruler The stakes have never been higher for Leo, and fWith the first relic in his possession, Leo Lennox sets sail across the ocean toward the distant city of Tylue in the kingdom of Sanduport But when pirates attack the ship carrying Leo, Allurie, and Cornalic to Tylue, the champ finds himself thrust into the middle of a political struggle to determine Sanduport s next ruler The stakes have never been higher for Leo, and failure to win could mean the death of his new friends.

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    1. It is complicated. The gaming aspect of the series is perfect, there is nothing to complain. But the real life aspect of the books are mediocre at best. It is confusing and irritating. But thankfully the series focuses on the gaming aspect. I hope the author will shed some light on the real life mysteries in the stories.

    2. it's a good read would've been much better if the main character wasn't so f***ing stupidhonestly it's frustrating how slow he is.

    3. No spoilersWell, if you've read my earlier review on book two, Lions Quest: Dual Worlds, I mentioned just how smackingly good it was. That I'd gone into it a little concerned that it may not have hit as many high notes as book one, Lions Quest: Undefeated had, but that I was seriously pleased with the result - for just like Undefeated, Dual Worlds blew me away.So you can imagine how antsy I was about reading book three. Michael-Scott Earle has crafted yet another winner. It's not only good, it d [...]

    4. A Summary for my own memory:'Leo keeps searching for the relic.In this book he is on his way to city of Tylue in the kingdom of Sanduport. The ship soon gets boarded by pirates, and he finds a damsel in distress.Once all the pirates have been eliminated by his awesome strenght, it turns out the damsel is in fact, a princess.Miss princess needs a champion who will fight to make her queen of Sanduport.Alan agrees to do so with the promise to take whatever he wishes from the royal tresury.Also on t [...]

    5. Interesting enough, but I have to wonder why so many litrpg authors thank and recommend their editors when there is such poor editing in said books. The only thing I can think is that it's an attempt to warn others which editors to avoid when searching for one.But honestly it certainly was a decent story, some continuity errors, and a typical amount of typos and grammar issues, but despite all that, I still like the series as a whole, and will continue to read the other books as they are release [...]

    6. Book #3 and I'm still loving this series. Earle does a great job of mixing up the the events of the series to keep everything fresh. There's the background mystery plot that we keep getting occasional clues on, the standard lit rpg battles (of course), but there's also political gamesmanship, strategy games, ext. It's one of the best uses of the lit rpg mechanic I've run across, he keeps it from dominating the narrative and keeps it a tool to tell a story with. He's got me hooked and I can't wai [...]

    7. These just keep getting betterI'm reading this one after listening to the first 2 audio books. I highly recommend the audio books. Trinity was a lot of fun. Exciting and mysterious come to mind as well. There's a mystery about how the VR unit really works and the author does a great job of keeping things feeling askew and that all is not as it seems. We get our first teasers of evidence in trinity. And yes, the gnome is a blast. I can't wait for the audio book of 3 to come out. Book 4 would be n [...]

    8. It has been out for a while, but i just didn't feel like it. A few days ago i have decided to buy it and i didn't regret it. It is an easy read, a good 800 pages long and you just want to swallow it whole. The story goes on, nothing difficult, one line in game, one in the outside. Although i do not agree with a bunch of things that Leo does, i can understand why he does these. Highly recommended, even if it is not 5 star for me

    9. Finished yet another one (going fast)I'm starting to love it more and more, my theories about whats really going on are changing every few chapters and i love it, so many interesting characters and the thought about who is going to betray who is so excitingLooking forward to reading the next book soon (when?!)

    10. While good It wasn't great. I really didn't find it to be worth the price. I've read much more captivating stories that cost less. Don't get me wrong, the story is good. It's just not great. I could put it down and walk away at any point.If you have money to burn it's a decent read. If you are on a fixed income, grab something cheaper. You won't really be missing anything.

    11. Highly recommended series.I gave the first book in the series a low rating because it seemed like a ripoff of Ready Player One.I was wrong. It IS thematically similar, but whereas RPO concentrates on the in-game aspects, Lion's Quest uses the game aspect to frame the real life portions.In addition, i find myself invested in Leo and both of his quests.Highly recommended.

    12. Fun LitRPGInteresting take on the LitRPG scenario. The MC seems overpowered, but it kind of goes with the plotline (it sticks in my head, that is why I am mentioning it). Fun read and I will get the next in the series.

    13. Did not dissapoint all!This might have been the best one in the series so far. I really can't believe how quickly he turns out these lengthy, high quality novels! This is one of the best LitRPG series out there right now.

    14. I need the next book!Wow, this is an incredible series! Danger, romance, and gaming, who could ask for more! I think the characters have developed well and in interesting ways. The plot has lots of nuance and possibilities. Can’t wait for the next installment!

    15. EpicI have no idea how he pumps these out so fast without lowering the quality. I love the series and can't wait for the next one.

    16. So far most of the popular LitRPG books only mildly interested me at best so I will re-emphasize here that this is here is just my personal opinion. Book tastes really are highly subjective.'Lion's Quest' is not only one of the best LitRPG series I've encountered but also one of my favorite book series in general now. I find the protagonist Leo very likable and, despite me being annoyed and even hating one of them, I have grown quite attached to the side characters at the end of book 2 because t [...]

    17. ActionPage turner, kept me interested. I like the sub plots, and the development of side characters. Looking forward to the next book

    18. Great 3rd bookThis series is really amazing! Good action sequences, dungeon dives and a possible sinister over arching plot. I can't wait for the next one.

    19. Good read. The story continues. The story builds around you. More game play. More world and character building. Big reveal at the end. Looking forward to the next book. Just needs to be written.

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