• Title: All In
  • Author: A.T. Brennan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All In I learned a long time ago that nothing is free not even help Blaze Almost getting killed in a gay bashing should have been one of the worst moments of my life but with everything I ve been through
    I learned a long time ago that nothing is free, not even help Blaze Almost getting killed in a gay bashing should have been one of the worst moments of my life, but with everything I ve been through, it was just another day, except for the gorgeous man who stepped in to save me There is something about Galen that draws me in and makes me want know him, and the t I learned a long time ago that nothing is free, not even help Blaze Almost getting killed in a gay bashing should have been one of the worst moments of my life, but with everything I ve been through, it was just another day, except for the gorgeous man who stepped in to save me There is something about Galen that draws me in and makes me want know him, and the time I spend with him, the I felt free to be myself Galen doesn t seem to know what he wants, but I m a man who stays true to himself, and Galen seems to be someone worth taking a chance on Then you happened and all you have to do is touch me and I lose myself Galen I never thought I d stumble on an attempted murder, but that s exactly what happened one night while I was trying to get home After chasing away the assailants and helping the enigmatic young victim home I tried to put the incident out of my mind, but I couldn t get him out of my head I might not have ever thought about being with a man before, but the time I spend with Blaze, the I learn about who I really am Blaze has scars that run deep, but as he opens up to me I find myself questioning everything I thought I wanted, and wondering if I m a good enough man to give him what he needs This is Book 1 of The Den Boys series, but can be read as a standalone No cheating, no cliffhangers, and trigger warnings are listed in the book before the table of contents This book is intended for an 18 audience and is a story of male male romance and love There are graphic depictions of man parts doing naughty and sexy things, so please be sure this is the kind of book for you before reading.

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    1. I can't believe I'm saying this butis book had too much sex 😳. Yeso much. Hey, I love some hot MM sex scenes just like the next person and I often wonder can there really be too many? Yes, there can be and here is a good example. Don't get me wrong, they were hot and the author knows how to write good scenes but when the sex scenes overshadow the story, it's too much. There was hardly any relationship development. I'm surprised their dicks didn't fall off with all the sex they had. You only h [...]

    2. Galen and Blaze 5 starsOwww this is an amazing intense read. Blaze almost gay bashed to death and Galen saving him.Blaze a bartender and Galen a lawyer. Blaze thinks Galen is way out of reach but Galen is impressed by Blaze his strength. Their attraction is instant.After he is been saved by Galen they stay in touch. And they are getting closer and closer. Not only physical but also emotional.Super hot hot story with a lot of excessive sexiness but besides all their sizzling sex there is also a r [...]

    3. 44% and giving up. Maybe I'll be able to get back to it, but I doubt it. I was really hoping this was a slow burn since it's gfy, but that turned out not to be the case. The relationship is so rushed, it's hard for me to feel the chemistry between the MCs. It just comes off a bit cheesy.

    4. I think I need a cold shower after that. All In was HOT. Not only was it hot, it’s an excellent story, written very well with strong characters who are flawed, with complex pasts, and to whom I quickly became attached early on in the story. For a debut M/M novel, A.T. Brennan did an amazing job and I’ve now put her on my list of authors to watch in the genre.From the moment Blaze and Galen meet, there’s a strong emotional connection between them—it’s obvious and only gets stronger and [...]

    5. Surprisingly Good I read this book in anticipation of an upcoming ARC read for book 3 of the series. I didn't have specific expectations other than I wasn't expecting much. There was no concrete foundation for that inkling, but I will try to explain why and then I'll tell you why my instincts were way off.~~~~I know better than to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, its title. I think the title of the series, "The Den Boys" threw me off a little. And I confess, I don't always read the re [...]

    6. ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ FOUR & 1/2 - STAR ✩ REVIEW ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ > > Judging a Book by it's Cover < < Cover composition was not very eye-catching to me, only the blue title color and font caught my attention. The synopsis interested me. I've not yet read anything from this author so I am anxious to discover another new to-me writer. > > Looking Deeper < < POV ~> Alternating first-person POVs. Clearly defined. Easy to follow. "He was educated, successful and in a league [...]

    7. Not for me - not believable Certainly not the worst book I've ever read, but a waste of my time. Some spoilers. When the main character is getting jumped, it would have been impossible for him to remain silent. Have you ever worn or felt steel-toe boots? Even a good punch in the gut is going to cause at least a gasp or grunt. Lost me there. Also, the rescuer would likely have also been jumped. No major injuries, I don't think so. The sex scenes were so messed up. Not in a hot way. Not in a fun w [...]

    8. I read my personal copy for Wicked Reads Loved this book. First book I have read by this author but it will not be the last. Once I started this book I could not put it down. I just loved Galen and Blaze. LOVED them. Galen was a true knight in shining armor and I loved how he just rolled with things and was so open. Blaze was just as wonderful. As soon as I finished this book I had to start the second. This book hit all the right buttons for me and it will be in my re-read pile for sure!!!

    9. I was given the chance by the author to read this and I am so happy I did! I'm always hesitant when reading an author who is new to the m/m world. I am happy to say that Ms Brennan wrote a beautiful story full of love, hope and some very hot sex!This will be a series and I'm looking forward to reading about the other characters.

    10. So, I’m a bit torn on this one…there was good and bad. I’m just going to throw down my thoughts about the book so it won’t be a normal review. I understand that Blaze had a hard life. I get that he’s suffered. After damn near dying in an attack which he only survived because Galen interfered, his lack of reaction did not work for me. Galen just learned about Blaze’s past and he all but raped him without prep or lube, which incidentally was Galen’s first time with a man. Fortunately [...]

    11. I really liked this one! But, I won't be reading the next book because it's a trio. I'm bummed.I LOVED Blaze!

    12. I began reading this story having no real idea of what was going to happen, or what it was really about. The blurb let me know that our two main characters were going to meet through a gay bashing, but that was pretty much it. Vague blurbs can go either way for me. Sometimes I prefer to know more about the book I’m about to get into, and sometimes I like to discover everything along the way. I guess it was lucky that I was in the mood for a bit of blind discovery, because I totally enjoyed rea [...]

    13. Un roman très addictif que j'ai eu beaucoup de mal à lâcher une fois commencé !Blaze s'est rendu dans un club gay connu pour ses pratiques extrêmes en espérant trouver le partenaire anonyme idéal pour le prendre avec toute la violence qu'il recherche. Mais rien ne fonctionne selon ses désirs. Dépité, il décide de rentrer chez lui à pieds. Cependant, en chemin, il se fait très violemment agressé par trois hommes qui ne cherchent qu'à taper du gay. Et il ne doit la vie sauve qu'à u [...]

    14. Hey hot cover! I’m not going to tell you that I don’t judge books by their covers, because I very much, do. This one, paired with that blurb that you knew was going to be heartbreaking… I didn’t want to pass this one up. I’m so glad I didn’t. Blaze… I just wanted to hug him. Maybe just follow him around all day and hug him every time he looked sad….which would be often, the dude had a lot to be sad about. Everyone, except for his work family, treated him like crap. He had the wor [...]

    15. ✫ღ˚•。*°•💧💦5-star Review💦💧✰✰¸.•°*✫★♥♥From Rescue to Love♥♥I have said it before and I will say it again, a book has to gut me to be deserving of a 5 star and for it to be by a new to me author? Ridiculous. AND being a first MM book, girl you nailed it.I don't know what it is about these stories, but boy, they bring me to my knees. With ALL IN, I got the pleasure of having two sweet, adorable, lovable guys who almost instantly felt the attraction and yet [...]

    16. A super sexy story about two men who have seemingly nothing in common but click right from the start. Blaze is a young bartender, out and proud, banished by his family, and with a troubled past. Galen is a lawyer, coming from a rich but cold family and has never had a serious relationship. The night Galen saves Blaze from being attacked their lives change forever.It is an engaging story, well-written and steady-paced. Blaze and Galen are compelling and strong characters who are perfect for each [...]

    17. I absolutely loved this book by new to me author A.T. Brennan!!! This is the story of Blaze and Galen. Blaze is a bartender at a local bar who happens to be a victim of a hate crime one night. Galen a lawyer happened to be in the area came to his rescue. Both have had not the best childhoods. Galen has a hard time letting people in and is a lonerBlaze is a survivor and sells his self short on how special he really is. The connection between the two was instanteous. Not only is the chemistry off [...]

    18. Someone recommend this book in a Facebook group I'm in so I gave it a try and I'm so glad I did. My heart went out to both Blaze and Galen in this story, Blaze because of the trauma he's suffered in the past with his addictions and Galen for never having found or experienced love or real sexual pleasure in his past. This changes when Galen rescues Blaze from a homophobic bashing outside the bar where he works. They begin seeing each other and it turns into something way more amazing than either [...]

    19. ''All In'' is about the love and passion between two men who were meant to be together. Blaze is a bartender with a tortured past who believes he will never find love and Galen is a lawyer who hasn't discovered his true self and his feelings yet. When Galen saves Blaze from an assault and certain death, they are drawn to each other at first sight and new feelings grow inside of them. As their love grows stronger they realize that they can't live apart and choose each other over everything and ev [...]

    20. To be honest, I'm not really sure what happened here. It's been quite a few hours since I've finished this book and I'm still confused. This book was so insignificant on my radar, i downloaded it and in the space of an hour I completely forgot I had done so and had no idea what it was about so although I'm sure I did read the blurb etc and made sure it was safe before downloading, I sort of went in blind with no idea what to expect. Then I very suddenly fell in love and potentially found a new f [...]

    21. One wordWOW(received as ARC, available for pre order now on )All in is such a beautiful story. I always know I've found a fabulous author when I can't wait for book 2. Even though it can be read as a standalone, I'm so excited for book two. All in, is definitely a page turner and I couldn't put it down. The connection between Blaze and Galen is so strong and you can help but feel it come alive throughout the book. They both have emotional struggles to over come, both very different yet both very [...]

    22. Blaze lives on his own and works in a bar after having been thrown out by his parents as a teenager and lived on the streets until being rescued by his new 'family' of friends at the bar. One evening he is beaten up outside by a group of 'gay bashers' and is rescued by Galen Wells a lawyer who takes him home. Sparks fly between them but although Blaze is out and proud, Galen is most definitely straight or so he had thought until he met Blaze.This is a well written and erotically charged story of [...]

    23. All In, book 1 of the Den Boys series by A.T.Brennan. My first book by this author, and I loved it!!All In, is about Blaze and Galen. To men from the opposite side of the town and paycheck. But what your dick and heart wants isn't always what your head think"In that moment I didn't see Blaze as a man, I saw him as a beautiful and perfect person, and I needed him."I really love how open mined Galen is. And it broke my heart when Blaze just "accepted" the beating! Highly recommend this book if you [...]

    24. EMOTIONAL & SEXY!I devoured this book in less then a day. Blaze and Galen are perfect for each other. At first I wasn’t sure about Galen, but the more I read, the more I started to feel for him. Their story is so emotional and intense. It had me feeling all the feels. Especially at the end. If you love M/M reads, I would recommend picking this one up and giving it a try. Am looking forward to reading Cody’s Book next!

    25. I do NOT know how I could have possibly have missed this book, or author. I can not sing the praise of this book enough. I LOVE hurt/comfort stories and this hit all the right spots for me. Blaze and Galen's story was beautiful. there were times where i almost wanted to slap both characters for slight actions (almost causing me to question the book entirely) but the end made up for it. If you haven't read it I highly recommend you try it out.

    26. All InSweet story with some angst, Blaze and Galen meet when Blaze is gay bashed and Galen comes to his rescue. Galen is straight but is enraptured by Blaze. Hurt/comfort themes complete with homophobic families and difficult pasts means our mc's have to decide if a relationship is worth it. Good writing but almost too many intimate scenes, which admittedly were well written.

    27. I enjoyed this start to a new series. I enjoyed following Blaze and Galen on their journey to love. The story flowed well and held my attention throughout. Was fun read just enjoying to people learning to love no matter the obstacles or that they may not fit into the "norm".

    28. The moment they met, I was All InGalen is a dream!! Blaze is sexy as hell!! What a perfect pairing!! I really like the characters and the chemistry Galen and Blaze share. Galen put Blaze first right from start to finish and it is so endearing.

    29. DNF at 40 ish %So not much happen in this book. The relationship between the two MC was rushed and there was way too many cringy sex scenes, like seriously every 3 pages. I am so feed up of the world baby! Galen & Blaze had too many past issues, that was not much believable.

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