• Title: Dragon Pirate's Prize
  • Author: LeslieChase Juno Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Dragon Pirate s Prize Laura Leaving Earth and her disastrous life there behind Laura Martigan thought that a job as a bodyguard on Mars would be easy But that was before her client Adele St George started to dig into th
    Laura Leaving Earth and her disastrous life there behind, Laura Martigan thought that a job as a bodyguard on Mars would be easy But that was before her client, Adele St George, started to dig into the secrets of Mars s newly awoken dragon shifters and risking their anger When the dragon pirates of Mars try to kidnap Adele, Laura assumes her identity and takes herLauraLeaving Earth and her disastrous life there behind, Laura Martigan thought that a job as a bodyguard on Mars would be easy But that was before her client, Adele St George, started to dig into the secrets of Mars s newly awoken dragon shifters and risking their anger When the dragon pirates of Mars try to kidnap Adele, Laura assumes her identity and takes her place That s just good body guarding, right It has nothing to do with how attractive the lead pirate is at least, that s what Laura tells herselfRorax isn t just frighteningly hot, there s something about him that s different from the other pirates Something that tells Laura she can trust him But she can t let on that she isn t the woman he thought he was kidnapping can she RoraxA dragon shifter warrior, Rorax is a man on a mission to destroy the pirates that menace his own kind as well as the humans He s worked hard to infiltrate them and capturing a target as valuable as Adele St George, will give him the way in he needsBut the woman he seizes is nothing like the delicate princess he expected She s strong, beautiful, and capable, and Rorax knows that she has to be his mate The trouble is that she thinks he s a pirate, no better than the rest of them and he can t risk telling her the truth If anyone finds out about his mission, they would both be doomed When Laura and Rorax s deceptions collide, they find themselves in deadly danger from the other pirates Can they escape the pirate lair together Or will one have to sacrifice themselves to save the other No cheating, no cliffhanger just a steamy dragon shifter science fiction romance with a happy ever after DRAGON PIRATE S PRIZE is BOOK 2 of the DRAGONS OF MARS You don t have to read them in order to understand the plot, but it will be a richer experience if you do

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    1. The Lucky Star team suited up to go check out another sensor reading outside the pressurized skyship. Maybe this would lead to the dragon crystals on Mars they were searching for? Laura was Adele’s bodyguard and she closely checked out everything around them for possible threats. While Laura stood on top of the skyship to watch for threats, the team came upon a desiccated dragon corpse. Through the camera, she saw how huge it was! This is what she would have to fight if things went wrong!But w [...]

    2. Rorax and Laura's story both are telling lies to protect others and put a stop to bad pirate's Laura is a bodyguard to Adele St. George who is a billionaire's daughter and she is digs up old Dragons of Mars and Rorax is playing at being a bad Pirate to get to his brother and stop all the bad pillaging of the humans on the transports and the human people that he is ransoming so Rorax gets Laura he is thinking she is Adele ST. George and will get lots of money but she is the body guard and not the [...]

    3. What a perfectly delightful story. I loved it. This may be the best of Juno Wells and Leslie Chase.They give us plenty of action, treachery, hidden identities, a bit of spy action. Then we have our strong warrior heroine who can hold her own against pirate dragons. Her mate, Rorax has to rescue her about as often as she rescues him. They make a perfect team barely getting out of several treacherous actions by Rorax's brother and his pirate crew. It was a fun book to read full of action and of co [...]

    4. Omg loved this book I'm a big dragon shifter fan so naturally I was draw to this book, Laura is kidnapped and held for ransom by Rorax because he believes she is Adele st george he uses her as an in into the pirates lives and there lair.There is danger all around them and in the middle of this they find each other, she is a strong independent female and he is a strong warrior can they be what each other needs and can they saved the day.It is Great book I would recommend it everyone and I Look fo [...]

    5. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!When the dragons came to kidnap her boss, Laura did the only thing she could.Laura told the dragons that she was " Adele "Roxax thought that he had hit the jackpot.Now he can put his plan to action. He would infiltrate the pirate's ring + dismantle from within.Laura was waiting to see if Adele's father would paid the ransom for her + she would be free.Plans are made to be broken. Chaos happenedNow Rora [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book it kept you wondering what would happen next, I just could not put it down until the book was finished. Laura Martigan a bodyguard is kidnapped by the dragon pirates of Mars but they took the wrong woman they think they have Adele St. George! A dragon shifter warrior, Rorax is a man on a mission he has infiltrated the pirates to bring them to justice.What happens when these two meet? I am now going to get the first book in this series I would like to know how it started. I re [...]

    7. Swash-buckling adventure and derring-do on MarsSuper! More Mars dragon-shifter hot romance featuring identity-deception, ulterior motives, trickery and danger - and that's from the good guys!! There's more of the old dragon empire reveled in this second-in-series effort by the Chase/Wells team, more fine world-building, and obviously there's more to come in this fascinating series. Laura and Rorax are kindred spirits who "get" each other as fellow warriors, and as lovers. Great stuff!!

    8. When Pirate's show up unexpectedly there is only one thing to do; the right thing. Caught in a world of mayhem one women must escape in order to save her life. Along the way she gets and ally, one she never saw coming. Beautifully written heartfelt story. Really enjoyed. I voluntarily received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

    9. I really enjoy sci-fi romances. This one offers great characters and I especially like that there is a strong female character. She takes on danger and stands proud of who she is. They are both pretending at first and it takes some time for them to open up. They do have great chemistry. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

    10. Thank God For Mistaken IdentityGreat story of how a mistake could be a good thing. Enjoyed the kidnapping there wrong person for ransom, women able to win fights against Dragons. Action, Love, and defense of group cause. Look forward to the next story of this series.

    11. This is a fun, exciting, suspenseful, sweet and hot. Two people each separately pretend to be someone else and get into a situation. I will have to go back and read the first book. This looks to be an enjoyable series. I highly recommend it. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

    12. he really works for the royal guards but has to find away into the pirates but kidnapping who he thought was the rich one. but what he gets is her body guard. and what he also gets is his mate. now he has to keep her safe and do his job.

    13. Loved ItThe second book of the series was great with action, suspense, betrayal, passion, and steamy love scenes with awesome characters. This is a story that will not disappoint in anyway and keep them coming? They are wonderful and dragon are my favorite.

    14. Fantastic! I loved this fun, adventures story. It is a perfect blendof dragons and pirates. Laura and Rorax are great characters withan awesome story. I highly recommend this amazing story to everyone. You will not be disappointed.

    15. 3.5 starsPretty good. I think I like the first book better. I liked both main characters and was glad they got their happily ever after. ***I decided to review an ARC of this book.***

    16. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the characters going into the book, the fact that the male lead abducts the female lead made me question if I could ever like him. But as I got into the book, I liked how things turned and explained why he'd done it. I also really liked Laura. She was a strong lead, and I loved that she was a bodyguard, since that's usually the male's role. Overall the book kept me interested and had a well paced plot. I was gifted a copy.

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