• Title: Doctor Who: The Blue Angel
  • Author: Paul Magrs Jeremy Hoad
  • ISBN: 9780563555810
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Doctor Who The Blue Angel Tyneside is reverting to an Ice wilderness Three elderly women have come out shopping accompanied by Icarus an orphaned boy who Maddy Sharp found on the beach She thinks he is an angel the son the lo
    Tyneside is reverting to an Ice wilderness Three elderly women have come out shopping, accompanied by Icarus an orphaned boy who Maddy Sharp found on the beach She thinks he is an angel the son the lost, returned to her But he claims to be the cause of the dreadful weather

    One Reply to “Doctor Who: The Blue Angel”

    1. I never thought I'd say these words, but — this is the Doctor Who equivalent of Kingdom Hearts 2.It's gorgeous and colourful and a lot of fun, with plenty of worlds to play in. Worlds that are reflections of what we're used to, with characters re-cast and re-imagined, and examined from outside perspectives. Universes and styles and creatures and magic and identities all mixed up. Pocket realms where other versions of the cast are hidden away, living out other lives, and sure, maybe someone's s [...]

    2. Another one of those eighth Doctor novels that tries so hard to be clever and innovative that it has almost no plot and you feel like you've started a trilogy by reading the second book.Lots of interesting bits are thrown together, but never seem to work as a whole, the Doctor is treated like a guest star, as that Iris woman with the big hat and the bus takes over.Yes, she's a fun character, but if she takes over every book she shows up in, is never really explained and only going to guest star [...]

    3. Many and grievous were the sins in the 90s committed in the name of trying to make Doctor Who more ‘adult’. The TV movie is merely the most egregious effort, but most of the work was being done in the book ranges. The writers dragging Doctor Who toward supposed maturity were mainly young, inexperienced men and this was largely a dwarf star alloy anchor to their vaulting ambition. They mistook the paraphernalia of adulthood for actual maturity, tits, big guns and sadistic violence that the sh [...]

    4. Rereading this because if there's a book you *don't* want to be reading in fits and starts on the subway, it's this. Confusing as anything, even when sitting down reading for hours at a time, though I can blame at least part of that on the dodgy formatting of my ebook copy, which cuts out the scene breaks.Being a Trekkie, I was highly entertained by the Nepotist and that line of plot, although having the Doctor so far out of his depth felt kind of off to me, especially when Iris seemed to have a [...]

    5. The few 8th Doctor books I've read have been very surreal and this one was no exception. I bought it cause I love Iris Wildthyme and here she was in early book form, interacting with the 8th Doctor! Though Iris didn't actually have many scenes with the Doctor and was mostly on her own. It was funny to hear her bus actually referred to as a TARDIS. Interesting to hear about her different regenerations. It was all quite surreal. There were many different stories going on and interacting, or not qu [...]

    6. nwhytevejournal/1883649mlI didn't really get much out of this Eighth Doctor novel, set immediately after the two-volume Interference, with the Doctor, Fitz and new companion Compassion getting involved with various aliens and Iris Wildthyme. I did like the fact that we encounter a young svelte Iris as well as the standard more elderly version - indeed this is one of the better stories about Iris out there. But I was hoping to get a better handle on what Compassion is all about, and didn't; and t [...]

    7. The Doctor is leading 2 lives, one his normal adventurous self who has got involved in a star trek style adventure, the other a normal mundane life with no knowledge of time travel. In both universes he meets Iris. This is the introduction of the obverse in the books. Yes, it is very confusing at first and I suspect this is a love it or hate it book. I enjoyed the new incarnation of Iris and her interactions with Fitz. A good read.

    8. I was happy to see the return of Iris Wildthyme, but the plot of this book was just awful--it seemed like as soon as they had introduced one set of characters or one side-universe, instead of developing it at all they got bored with it and grabbed another one to fling at us. Very slapdash, throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Parts of the Obverse intrigued me, but I've seen fanfiction treatments of the concept that are far better.

    9. One of the worst eighth Doctor books I've read. It doesn't feel even a little bit like a Doctor Who story. They tried really hard to write a Doctor Who book that was also a Star Trek satire and failed miserably at both. Rambling with virtually no plot to speak of this would have been better of as a comic parody short story.

    10. Eighth Doctor Adventure (EDA) with Fitz and Compassion. Interesting at first, but by about page 130 you're suspecting (rightly) that none of this is going to BECOME anything.

    11. DNF -- made it to chapter 19 and gave up. The story is so all over the place I'm not enjoying it at all :(

    12. A truly odd book. I enjoyed it but my reasons for doing so are about as confusing as the story's plot line.

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