• Title: Only Ever You
  • Author: Lisa Suzanne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Only Ever You Torn between two brothers Reese Brady must choose whether to live out her fantasies or opt for stability She bears the load of her guilt to the point of exhaustion excusing unsavory behavior as a fo
    Torn between two brothers, Reese Brady must choose whether to live out her fantasies or opt for stability She bears the load of her guilt to the point of exhaustion, excusing unsavory behavior as a form of self punishment Despite the temptation of one man, she commits to the other When a family crisis strikes, Reese is forced into the arms of the wrong man How will sheTorn between two brothers, Reese Brady must choose whether to live out her fantasies or opt for stability She bears the load of her guilt to the point of exhaustion, excusing unsavory behavior as a form of self punishment Despite the temptation of one man, she commits to the other When a family crisis strikes, Reese is forced into the arms of the wrong man How will she comfort him when she longs to be with his brother Only Ever You is the second book in the three book A Little Like Destiny series by bestselling contemporary romance author Lisa Suzanne This forbidden romance series featuring a rock star and his business mogul brother must be read in order A Little Like Destiny Only Ever You Book 3 Coming October 26, 2017

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    1. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Only Ever You after the way book 1 ended. This is book 2 in the series and is not a standalone. It should only be read after A Little Like Destiny.Honestly, I'm really conflicted on how to write this review.On the one hand, I was totally entertained and couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what happened next between Reese, Brian, and Mark. But on the other hand, I was dismayed by the behavior of our characters and all the lies and deceit. I think som [...]

    2. I was generously given a copy in exchange for an Honest reviewOh My gosh this book was Amazing! These characters have me invested in them. This book has you feeling all sorts of ways!. It was so good! You can feel what Reese feels. Its like these characters are real you can feel the guilt and turmoil but also the love and passion Reese, Mark and Brian feel. This book was so freaking good!In book one Reese couldn’t get Mark out of her head and now she can’t get Brian out of her head. No mat [...]

    3. "I want to live inside this feeling for the rest of my life."This quote most accurately describes how I feel about this book. It was just everything. 'Only Ever You' picks up right where book #1 left off, which is a crazy cliffhanger. Reese must choose between 2 brothers she either follows her head or her heart. She lets her guard down a little, which only makes everything so much more difficult. Especially when something happens making both brothers need her comfort. Who will she choose??This b [...]

    4. Only Ever You picks up RIGHT where A Little Like Destiny drops of and you KNOW exactly where it dropped off ***wiggles eyes brows*** I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on this book because again, THAT. CLIFFHANGER. YA'LL. Reese and Mark decide to give their relationship a go which I was so excited about because I really wanted that for them. Their chemistry is off the charts and I love them together. Reese gets submerged into Mark's rock star world and everything that comes with it. We get to know [...]

    5. Only Ever You is the second book in the A Little Like Destiny series. After the WOW cliffhanger of book one, I couldn't wait to read this one. I was not disappointed. "Every feeling of passion and desire and possibly love flows between us like a beam of light pulling us together. His face is shadowed, and I can’t see the color of his eyes, but I can still see the need there." In Only Ever You, Reese has to choose between two loves. A steady, dependable and reliable love to build a future she c [...]

    6. Lisa Suzanne does it AGAIN! AHHH I am still so confused and twisted as to who I want Reese to pick and I would think that after TWO rather long books I would have a clue as to who will end up together, but I am just as clueless!I am completely in shock that Lisa Suzanne went there, I mean she went there in this love triangle! Some readers may have some trouble with the storyline - to each their own - with that said, I LOVED the story!I devoured this book on a long flight which was perfect becaus [...]

    7. O.M.G!!! This book provided me with the worst kind of anticipatory hangover… ever. I knew going in that there would be no conclusion to the story, it’s part 2 of at least 3 books, and a warning for those that don’t know already, part 1 A Little Like Destiny has to be read before this one, you can’t jump in blind as you’ll have no idea of the plot lines. Hopefully the story will be resolved at the end of part 3. Please let there only be 3. None of us fans can take the suspense longer th [...]

    8. If you are reading this I hope you have read 'A Little Like Destiny' because this book is a must read after you've survived that one. 'Only Ever You' picks up right where we left off. I'm not going to lie as a moral person I was surprised at the things happening but my morals for books must be lower because I was so happy at the things transpiring between Reese and Mark. I've been #TeamMark from day one of chapter one. But this book took my heart through the ringer and after that last chapter I [...]

    9. Edge of the seat stuff, couldn't put this book down. What an ending! Straight onto the next book.

    10. Reese Brady is caught between a rock star and a hard place. While her head is telling her that she should stay with Brian, her heart and her body are screaming for his brother, Mark. Now all three of them are on a collision course with heartbreak. From Las Vegas to Los Angeles and then finally to the Midwest, their delicate house of cards is destined to fall – and no one is going to claim the victory.“The light hits your eyes, a part of me dies. A little like destiny.” He sings the words I [...]

    11. First things first, this is not a standalone you must read A Little Like Destiny first as this book picks up straight from the cliffhanger left at the end of it. Secondly this does end in a cliffhanger that will have you jaw hitting the floor and counting down the next 30days waiting for the next book to come out but its totally worth it!When I started these books and realised it was about a love triangle I instantly knew which guy I was rooting for and this book did not alter my view, in fact i [...]

    12. Lisa Suzanne has become one of my favorite author's to read!Her books totally leave me breathless, high and completely sated once I'm done reading them.I just fall in love with her characters as much as the storyline. This series is definitely a must read!I am broken just like Reese is trying to decide which brother she should be with. She loves them both but her love is always stronger for one more than the other. But is that enough? Reese has to make a decision but this is a crucial time for h [...]

    13. Only Ever You picks up exactly where A Little Like Destiny left off, it's hot, stressful and intense!"He's leaving. He's leaving because he has to leave. This is his bed in his house, but it's not. It's his brother's bed. His brother's room. His brother's girlfriend."Reese has lots of choices to make this book, does she go to Germany with her boyfriend? Does she stay in town with her boyfriend's brother that she is passionately in love with, even though she loves his brother too? Just thinking a [...]

    14. So, so good! There's so many aspects in this story that just hook you in, you won't want to stop reading. This being the second one we know we have to wait for the conclusion, but the anticipation on what might happen is going to make us crazy! My mind is made up on who I want the hea to be with, and it'll be a wild and angsty ride. But you'll love every second of it! There were a lot of parts where I just wanted to shake the characters to make up their mind, but I know we have to wait and with [...]

    15. This books picks right up where they first one endsank goodness! And not too far into the story I had to take a break because Reese almost gets caught in a compromising situation. I loudly exclaimed "oh damn!" and my mom asked me what was wrong, lol. Luckily, she knows I get lost in the world created by the authors. Believe me, Lisa has created quite a world with these books. I am actually glad she ended it where she did, because I don't know I could have taken anymore. There is another part of [...]

    16. amzn/2hofk8q#MUSTread SeriesCOLD HARD TRUTH - an AMAZING seriesI'm actually reading book 2, Only Ever You, right now FOR THE SECOND TIME!(I know - I'm a #luckylady ;-) )BUT let me tell you, this series is:RIVETING, an EMOTIONAL TUG-A-WAR, CHEATING (and yes, Lisa Suzanne has brought me to the point where I'm loving this - yep I'm that reader that has called her out on it before), BROTHERS,H.O.T. Rockstar (🔥 :-o M G 🔥), SECRETS, my head is spinning, I'm not sure which way is up or down but I [...]

    17. This bk 2 in A Little Like Destiny series. Reese is now stuck with a decision pick fantasy or stability. Her heart wants Mark, but isn't sure if he can commit or be the man she needs, Brian is set on what he wants and is the smart pick, but things aren't always as they seem. Mark knows he should back off and let Brian have his happy ever after, but it's not easy and he knows Brian better than anyone. What will Reese do when the truth is revealed? Team Mark

    18. Mic DROP!Holy Hell! I don't even know what to say right now. I am so angry that I believed it was a good idea to enter into Book 2 without having book 3 already😣 That was a roller coaster, as expected. But that ending?! Internally screaming doesn't begin to cover my reaction to that bombshell. Clean Break is now on it's way to me via two day shipping. Here's hoping I don't spontaneously combust between now and then.

    19. OH MY GOSH!!!! I literally BINGED on this book!!! Started it this morning, read in the car during our errands (hubby drove, of course), and read during dinner and part of our movie. I. Was. Hooked. Upon book one's cliffhanger, I was in dire need of this book. And OMG, Lisa Suzanne did not let me down. The ANGST. Sweet Jesus this book gave me stress and anxiety!!!!! And THAT ENDING. Omggggg I NEED BOOK THREE NOW. Five Stars!!!!

    20. I had been dying for this book! As soon as I saw It in my kindle I started reading it. It did not disappoint. I swore I wouldn't pick a side, Mark and Brian are both amazing. But deep down who was I kidding I picked one and as I read on I was happy for one brother and sad for the other. You could feel the emotional distress Reese was under. Even though she wanted one more than the other she did love them both. Knowing the brothers have this past, even I started questioning, is this a game betwee [...]

    21. Warning: make sure you have a glass of wine while reading this book. This book had it all. Hot sex scenes, a woman torn between two men, decisions that need to be made and so many emotions the reader is left in awe. So many times during this story I wanted to slap Reese and tell her to pick who she was going to be with. Brian seems to have it all together, but I am just waiting for him to crack and Mark who is so needy I just want to hug him. Holy crap and then you are left with a cliffhanger. I [...]

    22. 5+++ Stars Yaaaawn! That’s what this book did to me because I stayed until the very early morning hours reading this because there was no way I was putting this book down. I am now sleep deprived and have one heck of a book hangover but it was worth every minute. First of all it is not a standalone so make sure you grab A Little Like Destiny and read it first; both of these books are amazing. Secondly, yes, this is another cliffhanger with the third book coming out in October. That is giving m [...]

    23. "I can't. It's you. Only ever you."Christ on a crackermeone hold me. Well written cliffhangers are so fabulously evil. When they rip your heart out and smash it into pieces and you are still begging for more, the author has done their job. I still don't even know who I want to come out victorious on the other side. I usually can pick a side easily, but this time just when I think I know, I question myself. Can there be a true winner?Who's heart will be shattered?I cannot even begin to lay all of [...]

    24. This is The 2nd book of the series & all I can say is wow! These two books have completely consumed me! It picks up right where the first book left off. Once again, Lisa has sucked me into her stories & I have fallen in love with the characters & their world! In the beginning, I was definitely Team Brian, but when I saw a different side of Mark, I became Team Mark! I can definitely relate to Reese in certain situations! I couldn't put this book down! I had to know what was gonna happ [...]

    25. Warning!!! Do not read this review unless you have read book one, A Little Like Destiny and then this book, Only Ever you. These books must be read in order so you are aware. Reese may get a Clean Break in the final book to be released in October 2017, while we sit here on a rooftop waiting with our mouths open for us to get our hands on the BIGGEST decision of 2017. Uhhh, I think this cliffy was worse than the first one! HOLY Crap a BOMB is going to drop and I cannot wait to get my hands on the [...]

    26. 5 ROCK stars! Be prepared for a read that will drain you. A love triangle you must not miss. I don’t know how to start my review I am all messed up in a pretty good way. After reading “Only ever you” I am drained and confused. I start to understand that the thing about triangle loves is quite complicated. It is like all your energy is drained. The difficulties about loving two men at the same time are consuming. I have a feeling that Lisa Suzanne is playing with my mind because the first b [...]

    27. THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE!!! Stop here, and go read A Little Like Destiny first. Don't read my review if you don't want spoilers from book 1. First, I'm loving this emotionally charged tale and looking forward to it's conclusion. I have many thoughts on Mark and Brian's sibling rivalry. But I won't get into that here. I don't want to spoil anything! ;) Full disclosureis book has cheating and lots of angst. I’m usually not a fan and have a difficult time dealing with similar story lines. I have [...]

    28. ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **If you haven’t read A Little Like Destiny don’t read any further, Only Ever You is a direct continuation of book one. You must read in order. This is not a suggestion, it is completely necessary! Lisa Suzanne hooked her claws in and yanked me into this messy love triangle in the first book and sunk the claws in further with book two. A rockstar, a business tycoon, and a school teacher, sounds like the beginning of joke, but these character [...]

    29. Oh my word! I thought Lisa Suzanne was the queen of cliffhangers when she gave me one I could handle in the first book. With this book she proved she was the queen in the sense of Oh My Goodness I need to know what happens immediately. I saw some people who read their arcs right away and were blown away so I figured since the first book was a cliffhanger I could handle I'd better hold off until the very last second to start this one, so I did. I am so glad I waited because what is going to happe [...]

    30. At the end of A Little Like Destiny, our heroine, Reese, has just had sex with her boyfriend Brian, who has left to go to work. The minute he vacates the premises, his brother Mark, the rock god with whom Reese has been "in love" for years, fills the void.And by "fills the void," I mean exactly what you think I mean. The good news about Only Ever You is that you get to understand why Reese feels such a connection with Mark, something other than the realization of a fantasy. The bad news is [...]

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