• Title: Yellow, Volume 04
  • Author: Makoto Tateno
  • ISBN: 9781569708958
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
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    Yellow Volume The curtains for the shocking final stage will now be drawn Just when their love for wach other was finally realized Gou and Taki s relationship is torn apart by the killer Sandfish It s now time to
    The curtains for the shocking final stage will now be drawn Just when their love for wach other was finally realized, Gou and Taki s relationship is torn apart by the killer Sandfish It s now time to come to terms with Taki s dark past Includes a newly drawn honeymoon episode you can only see here

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    1. The fourth book, and the conclusion. I wanted this books to go on a little longer, maybe see more of Goh and Taki's relationship over trivial things and how they got on after finally coming together. Alas, not to be, but it was still a good ending to the series. The art is beautiful, and for some reason I love my manga men to look all soft and feminine. All long lines and long hair too.As I said in previous reviews, I actually finished these a few days ago before I left for the holidays so I've [...]

    2. I liked that Goh is out-and-proud, but then I also liked that there was some ambiguity to things like gender and sexuality throughout the books.Both Goh and Taki are confident, sexy and badass. Together? Even hotter, plus we get some vulnerability. The relationship builds really well over the four volumes. I found it hard to stop reading, because I wanted them to finally get together.Pretty sure Mizuki is an odd psychopath of sorts. Interesting he'd focus on the "man" part of Taki's rejection, a [...]

    3. I can't believe I haven't added this one yet. My favorite yaoi series to date. Go and Taki are partners working for a borderline-legal black-ops organization. Go's in love with Taki, who's straight. Admittedly, some of the cases are almost incomprehensible, but Taki's backstory is compelling, the characters are layered and the art (of course, b/c it's Tateno) is amazing. The most appealing thing to me, though, is that Tateno doesn't write these guys as the typical uke-seme relationship. There ar [...]

    4. Plot contrivance or no, the emotional stakes get very deep in this story. The two protagonists are apart and it’s obvious the separation is taking a drastic toll on the both of them. The plot shifts convincingly between Taki and Goh as they try to deal with the ruthless assassins Mizuki and Katsuro. Complications arise as other characters get involved and Taki and Goh’s past intertwine. The series comes to a spectacular conclusion with sex, face-offs, gunplay and dramatic reunions just too c [...]

    5. Compared to the climax of the plot, the ending of Yellow wasn't very spectacular. But I'm satisfied that Goh and Taki were okay in the end. I even forgot that the employer's daughter was still alive, so that was a nice surprise. It was a nicely wrapped ending, but not spectacular. Overall, the art is very lovely for this series, the story is neat, and the yaoi is tasteful. One of the best yaoi series out there, but no longer a favourite since I'm not into this genre anymore.

    6. Still largely bored. I feel this is very wrong, as angsty backstories should never be boring.Full review: oycetervejournal/634730 (minor spoilers for entire series)

    7. Final volume of this exciting story. Hurrah for happy endings. Not much to say really. I wasn't disappointed.

    8. 3.5 starsBoring at first, but the story development are better. Good executions for the ending :)

    9. This is the last volume and having not read the previous one, I thought the art was uninspired and the story fairly typical.

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