• Title: A Rant of Ravens
  • Author: Christine Goff
  • ISBN: 9780425173602
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Rant of Ravens Shortly after Rachel Stanhope moves onto her aunt s Colorado ranch she goes on an expedition with the local birdwatching society and finds a snooping journalist s dead body
    Shortly after Rachel Stanhope moves onto her aunt s Colorado ranch, she goes on an expedition with the local birdwatching society and finds a snooping journalist s dead body.

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    1. Full disclosure: when I was approached about reading and reviewing “A Rant of Ravens” by Christine Goff, I knew absolutely nothing about birdwatching. I knew nothing about that world. I knew nothing about the monetary values assigned to birds in trade situations. I knew nothing about nesting patterns, etc. But there was still something intriguing to me about the story of Rachel Wilder Stanhope and the mystery at Bird Haven, so I decided to take the plunge.I’m very glad that I stepped out o [...]

    2. Full Review: iwishilivedinalibraryThis was an interesting mystery. I liked that Rachel was new to the birdwatching and bird rescue field so that we learned along with her. The information on the birds was fascinating and I frequently found myself looking up different birds to see what they look like. I don't see myself ever going on a birdwatching expedition but it was interesting all the same. The mystery was compelling and I definitely kept turning the pages to see what happened next. There we [...]

    3. This first mystery by Christine Goff was mildly entertaining. It featured one of my favorite activities, birding, as a central part of the plot. Indeed, this is the first in her series of "birdwatching mysteries." The references to birds and to birding were enough to keep me reading to the end, although I had successfully solved the mystery long before the heroine, Rachel Stanhope.Rachel is a New York City girl who is in the midst of the breakup of her marriage. At the invitation of her Aunt Mir [...]

    4. Rachel’s world comes crashing down on her when she finds her husband in bed with another woman. Her Aunt Miriam suggests to Rachel to come out to the Bird Haven in Colorado to clear her head of the divorce. The Bird Haven helps rehabilitate raptors and is a place for bird watchers. When a special sparrow is spotted at the Bird Haven, people come in search of it. Rachel then stumbles upon a dead body. Then Miriam goes missing along with three birds. It’s looking like Miriam may be the killer [...]

    5. A rant of Ravens by Christine GoffRachael Stanhope goes to Colorado to visit her Aunt Miriam. Miriam is a bird enthusiast, her property holds a bird sanctuary and she has many acres of land for the birds. Miriam asks her niece if she could cover for her in her weekly bird club , Rachel reluctantly accepts. Soon a report if found dead, one who was looking to expose Miriam's late husband and a bird trafficking scheme. Miriam becomes the number one suspect and soon she goes missing. Rachel is first [...]

    6. After catching her husband with another woman, Rachel Stanhope escapes to her Aunt Miriam’s ranch in Colorado to take stock of her situation. Miriam is a passionate bird enthusiast and hosts meetings of local birdwatching society. When Rachel agrees to go out with them on her first birding expedition, she stumbles upon the dead body of a reporter who was trying to make trouble for her aunt. Now Miriam and her friends are suspects in the violent death and soon after the investigation starts Mir [...]

    7. A Rant of Ravens was a fun, light read. I really enjoyed it!I was drawn to this book after I read about the setting: the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. My family vacationed there every summer growing up, and reading A Rant of Ravens was like being back in the mountains again. I loved that aspect of the story---the beautiful imagery was one of my favorite things about this book.I love a good stand-alone read and A Rant of Ravens is the perfect example of why stand-alone novels are so s [...]

    8. I'm so glad that this mystery is the first in a series, as that means there are more of them to read! One doesn't need to be a birder to enjoy this book, but the birding and raptor rescue aspects are a special treat if one is. It's hard to find murder mysteries featuring the birding community that aren't poorly written, so finding an exception to this dismal rule is nice. "A Rant of Ravens" is a quick, fun, clean read. The fact that Lark, our heroine, isn't a birder herself, and has no particula [...]

    9. I would give this 3 1/2 starsThis is a slightly older mystery being reissued (circa 1998 or so) and you can tell by some of the terminology in the book (telecommuting via modem and the computer discs). Despite that, the book was enjoyable and the author did a good job of not letting on who the killer was and why. I was truly surprised at that revelation but it made sense once you knew the whole story.I did wonder how Rachel was able to leave her job to help her aunt in another state, but was gla [...]

    10. A very enjoyable mystery that kept me guessing. I liked Rachel's unexpected tenacity and ferocity and, of course, the mountain sanctuary setting. Goff had me doubting even the conservation officer and the sheriff. A nice companion to my collection of Ann Cleeves Birdwatcher Myteries. Unfortunately, this series is Out of Print and must be searched in in Used Bookstores as is the case with the Cleeves Birder Mysteries. Cleeves does have a nice new series available, however, called The Sheltland Is [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book and whipped through it pretty quickly.The reason for the three star and not higher is that whilst the story and subject matter were interesting, the characters were a little hollow for me and at first, because there are so many of them, I found the plot a little confusing - it took me a while to be able to picture all the cast. That said, it is an enjoyable read and allows for several hours insight into the world of birds, bird people and bird dealing.

    12. 3 stars from me only because birds and bird rehabbers form the setting for this book I would have absolutely loved as an avid pre-teen reader. But, despite the frustrating pace and some irritating character development passages, I am impressed that Christine Goff develops plots in this setting. I feel hopeful about the natural world

    13. Having birded in Rocky Mountain National Park within a year of reading this mystery, I found myself back in familiar haunts as the plot unfolded. Goff, like Berndt Heinrich, knows that ravens are really smart and gives them an interesting and believable role. Enough saida treat for birders who know or want an impression of the birding environments of RMNP.

    14. This book had two things going for it: it's about a group of birdwatchers, and it's set in Estes Park. Well, the story needs a stronger editor but it has promise. I'll try another book in the series.

    15. I liked this because I am a new birder and needed a book for a long flight. And the Colorado location interested me. That said, I finished the book before landing. Still, it kept me entertained, even though it was light reading.

    16. Fun and fast-paced. A quick easy read, read in an evening. A clean book too. Informative about birds.

    17. Takes place near Rocky Mountain National Park in an area I'd just hiked and is about birds. What more could I want? Nice fluff mystery.

    18. Liked this one better than the other one of hers I read.It was less complicated, and thus felt less forced.

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