• Title: Forgivin' Ain't Forgettin'
  • Author: Mata Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780446697088
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Forgivin Ain t Forgettin Cassidy Beckett reveals to her husband that as a college student she was forced to abandon her infant son by her then boyfriend Not only does Trevor support Cassidy after her confession but he does s
    Cassidy Beckett reveals to her husband that as a college student she was forced to abandon her infant son by her then boyfriend Not only does Trevor support Cassidy after her confession, but he does some detective work on his own to help her find closure and the son she s never forgotten.

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    1. Leave The Past BehindCassidy is a young strong minded teacher who has had her share of heartache. On the outside she seems to have it all together, she's a saved Christian as well as a good friend. But, the pain of the past continues to torment her. Trevor is a young father with two young girls that he's raising since the death of his wife, Brenda, who was the delight of his life. Trevor is a business owner, as well as a saved Christian. Cassidy and Trevor attend the same church and shockingly, [...]

    2. It's Never Too Late to Forgive,Cassidy Beckett has been through the storm and back. Having to deal with the trials and tribulations of being an unwanted child, Cassidy has lived with her Aunt Odessa since she was a precocious young girl. After realizing that her Aunt Odessa loves her unconditionally, Cassidy is finally able to lay down her burdens and begin her life as a young woman now in search for a loving mate. Minister is a third generation minister (hence the name) and will not let anyone [...]

    3. Cassidy Beckett made a decision to forget the past and move on. She lives a comfortable peaceful life sharing a home with her elderly aunt, Odessa, teaching at the local school, running the reading program at church, and being a faithful member of Charity Community Church. Cassidy is not interested in recently widowed Trevor Monroe to whom Aunt Odessa has invited into their home along with his daughter, Brandi, because of a fire at their house. Just as Cassidy is about to demand that Trevor pack [...]

    4. Trevor is grieving over the loss of his wife and dealing with being a single father. Cassidy has been holding on to a mistake in her past that is hindering her present. The two people come together and explore love, forgiveness and healing and growing as both individuals and as a couple in Christ. This book really touched me and I loved the story. However, the reason I don't rate it higher is because I think the author had too many unnecessary characters. There were so many characters introduced [...]

    5. This was one of the absolutely worst books I have ever read. I am sorry to be so blunt, but I have spent a lot of time reading this book because it was so bad I had to read it in small doses. I don't know if the beginning, the middle ( the muddle) or the end was the worst part of the book. I really like, even love Black Christian novels, but this was just a poorly written facsimile of a Harlequin romance novel with characters even more improbable than Harlequin writers could come up with.

    6. Yet, another book that I read years ago. I decided to revisit this book! I'm really glad I did. This is definitely a season that I needed to read this gem again!A beautifully written story of a woman simply learning to let go and let God! I thought that the author definitely deserves 5 stars for this book! It was beautifully written and the storyline flowed to wonderfully. It taught me about patience, faith, forgiveness and love. Really great read!

    7. I had no idea this book was going to be a romance cos romances are so cheesy. @ 25% on Kindle, this one doesn't let us down in the cheesy department. This is more like cheese whiz. At 28% - Unimaginative, at best, right down to the "she can't stand him but he'll win her over" routine. The 2nd half of the book does get better. Jealousy is a big issue dealt with among these pages. Some women will stop at nothing to get the man they want.

    8. BoringThis book really could have been cut in half. By the time I got to 40%(on kindle) I couldn't take it I jumped to the end and even at 96% I still skipped through the pages, and after all that I still understood what happened. The only reason why I read as much as I did was because of the reviews, but this book was not for me.

    9. I loved this book, it spoke to my life and my heart. It helped me to let go of some baggage that I carried around for so long. God has been so good to me but I would not allow myself to be thankful!

    10. This book to me was really just Ok.I hated the way it ended and dont care to read it again.Dont get me wrong its a good story but its easily forgetable

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