• Title: A Body to Die For
  • Author: G.A. McKevett
  • ISBN: 9780758215543
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Body to Die For McKevett s beloved plus sized P I Savannah Reid finds herself thrown into the world of physical fitness and exercise when a weight loss queen becomes the prime suspect in a big murder case
    McKevett s beloved plus sized P.I Savannah Reid, finds herself thrown into the world of physical fitness and exercise when a weight loss queen becomes the prime suspect in a big murder case.

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    1. savannah is just funnier than hell i mean seriously,many people compare charaters to steph plum and then fall short savannah doesnt she and bubbles strohmeyer(an entirely different character/book) are the closest to LOL comparison. only thing, i would def say read these books in order b'c the relationship between dirk and savannah does grow yeah it works as a stand alone but why miss 13 other great books?

    2. oh what fun!!!! Fast paced, brilliantly written! Will have to rush to find the beginning of the series! :D I was laughing so often, that even the fact I predicted "whodunit" ahead of time, did not make the reading less enjoyable!really good one! :D

    3. so far so goodd savanah's(the main gal) sister is absolutely dreadful it's like you want to pull her out of the book scream GET OVER YOURSELF and calmly put her back

    4. This one was about as subtle as a sledgehammer. The characters and their interactions all had a sort of two-dimensional slap-stick feel to them. I was constantly irritated by characters unnecessarily perving and basically acting like cats on heat around anyone (and I mean anyone) of the opposite sex. Gay guys add a bit of class in a stereotypical sort of a way (but they are rich, handsome, homonormative "gay best friend" types) and of course there is no same-sex attraction between women.Somehow [...]

    5. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    6. I love Savannah, but I really wish McKevett would leave out the annoying family members. Does one of them really need to come all the way from Georgia to California in every book? There are enough great characters and the mystery is always face paced without adding an annoying family member in the mix. Luckily, this one did not make an extended appearance.

    7. Another fun book in the series. I really enjoy the detailed and predictable characters that McKevett has created in the world of Savannah Reid. It's like rejoining a group of friends each time I pick up one of her stories. This one includes a visit from Marrietta, a hilarious sibling of Savannah's. I do recommend this series.

    8. I really do enjoy this series, but I wish Savannah wasn't such a pushover in regards to her siblings.

    9. This is part of a series, but fortunately it's not dependent upon your reading the previous book in order to understand all of what's going on. Savannah Reid has left the police dept to work as a P.I. but still seems to be working with her old partner,who still is working for the police dept on the same cases. She seems to manage on finding someone to pay her fees on whatever her partner is working on so they can still work together. Dirk and Savannah are both on the other side of 40+++ years an [...]

    10. To be completely honest, this book was pretty boring and I had a hard time finishing it. I like the concept. I like the characters, but I feel it was poorly written and had a lot of unnecessary descriptions of scenes that the book could have done without. I do have to say though, that this is just a personal preference as I never think a lot of description is needed. I would rather get down to the plot just adding in where they are located and simple scenery descriptions. I gave three stars beca [...]

    11. Once again, closer to 3.5, but I decided to round down this time overall. I had never read a Savannah Reid mystery, but I was browsing the new mystery section and choosing quickly as Isabel was getting very impatient. Anyway, it was another fun, quick, lighthearted murder mystery. I was also very impressed that NO bad language and NO sex. I'm really quite pleased that these random books turned out that well! It's a fun book about a Georgian girl in So. CA who is a former cop turned private inves [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book! I love that you can feel the connection between Dirk & Savannah, I was hoping through the whole book, that they will get together at the end! SPOILER! (which they did!)I also love all the twist & turns in this mystery between Clarissa & everyone involved! I give this book a 5 stars, definitely worth the read! The only part I found completely annoying, and not worth mentioning in the book, was when the sister came to Van's house! She was annoying as fuck! ( [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book very much. The character of Savannah is wonderful for those of us who are tired of all the strong women in books being portrayed as slim and trim. Give us larger women a heroine! I had read the first book in the series and liked it, so when library lending became available for Kindle I looked for more of them. Unfortunately I had to jump to #14 (I think that's what this one is) and was afraid there would be times I would feel left behind. Did NOT happen! I would feel perfectl [...]

    14. The protagonist in this book is Savannah Reid. Actually, she is the protagonist in all G. A. McKevett's books. Savannah is a sassy, plus size former police officer turned private investigator. This book is a murder-mystery type book.This book series is not great literature. The series will never win a writing award. These books are fun to read and don't require you to back up 15 chapters to figure out who is telling the story. Think of this series as a vacation read and you won't go wrong.

    15. Savannah Reid helps out Detective Dirk Coulter on many of his crimes in this continuing series [first I've read:]. Weight loss diva Clarissa Jardin's husband is found shot to death and Jardin's world begins crumbling as tales of his misdeeds surface, including a fat twin sister she used in before and after shots. Pretty good, though I'm not actively searching for more in the series. Coulter and Reid have a relationship, but it seems to be one based more on friendship.

    16. San Carmelito, CA, private eye Savannah Reid is helping her pal, policeman Dirk, as he investigates the missing husband of diet and fitness guru, Clarissa Jardin. Savannah, pleasantly rounded, dislikes Clarissa and her message that fat people are contemptible, but she quickly becomes involved, especially after Bill Jardin is found dead and his mother hires Savannah to prove that Clarissa did it. But maybe Clarissa didn't do it--Bill was a womanizing gambler with a lot of enemies.

    17. Here is another suspenseful to the last page with amazing twists and turns Savannah Reid mystery, and what is there not to like? My favorite part of the book, other than the beautifully written murder mystery, is the quirky and entertaining characters. I plan on reading the rest of the books in this series that leave one wanting more of the same.

    18. this is the first that I have read in this series, (it's apparently number 14) and I could tell that it had predecessors but was still pretty able to get the gist so that's good. Story of a private investigator who enjoys food and detecting. pretty good--enjoyed the relationships in the story. will read others by this author

    19. I had a blast reading this book. I picked it up at the library because the cover art drew me in. I thought, "I need a nice piece of fluff before I read something serious again." But, in the midst of its humor and so on, it had some bits that made me think: about the lies we tell ourselves about food, body size and exercise and manners and stereotypes, too.

    20. this was another good one. a thin woman who had her fat twin pose for before and after photos was married to a man who cheated on her and gambled. sister was the one visiting savanah this time. the husband was going to leave the wife for teh fat twin but his other girlfriend killed him. cheater, what does he expect? i guessed this one too, i must be getting better

    21. Savannah Reid is fiesty and not ashamed of her plus-size body, although I think the author tends to apologize for it in some ways. However, the stories, set in California, are well written.This one softened the curt chatter between the two main characters, although I was a bit disappointed that they still took too long to figure out whodunnit.

    22. This is another in the continuing adventures of Savannah Reid, Dirk, Tammy, and Savannah's family. Meanwhile, a murder occurs with multiple suspects. In the end, Savannah confronts the murderer and elicits a confession. The motive was simple, yet common--- lust for money. All the other motives were secondary to it.

    23. took forever for me to get into, didn't like savannah or the mystery, and almost didn't finishr personal reasons.i don't know which came first, stephanie plum or savannah reid. but given my druthers, i'd pick stephanie firstrry.

    24. pretty good. Not as good as a Stephanie Plum, Sophie Katz or Jack Daniels. I enjoyed the San Carmelita descriptions! But I am from the deep south and don't talk like Savannah. Sometimes she is cartoonish in her "Southernisims".

    25. I think a lot of people can relate to the ups and down of weight and their own self image. Seeing Savannah and her GA family and crew enjoying food is almost a shame that people are getting murdered around them.

    26. I had read two or three of the books in this series quite a while ago; don't remember much about them, except that they were a quick read, and entertaining. This one is much the sameI like the investigator, a heavyset southern woman who is funny and smart, and the mystery storlyine was okay.

    27. Cute! I found this by browsing e-books that are available for checkout, instead of just reserving the ones I know I want to read. I've found some good authors this way too deep here, but entertaining nonetheless.

    28. I've enjoyed this series of the sassy, full-figured Southern private investigator, Savannah. This time, I enjoyed her employee, Tammy, because it just occurred to me that Tammy is a raw vegan much of the time. (Although she did eat caviar near the endt vegan, and maybe not raw.)

    29. Another interesting mystery featuring Savannah Reid with her Moonlight Magnolias Detective Agency and Detective Sergent Dirk Coulter trying to discover woe killed the husband of fitness diva, Clarissa Jardin, owner of the House of Pain and Gain. Many characters to chose from. Not a bad read.

    30. The most recent of G.A. McKevett's series starring Savannah Reid, this book was a quick and enjoyable read. Savannah is one of my favorite mystery heroines. She's older, cranky, has a few too many pounds and loves food. What's not to like about her?

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