• Title: Tschiffely's Ride: Southern Cross to Pole Star
  • Author: Aimé Tschiffely R.B. Cunninghame Graham
  • ISBN: 9781590480113
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tschiffely s Ride Southern Cross to Pole Star No one knew they were looking at a hero and his two horses Instead the local press derided him as a lunatic proposing to ride overland to New York The time was The place Buenos Aires Argentina
    No one knew they were looking at a hero and his two horses Instead the local press derided him as a lunatic proposing to ride overland to New York The time was 1925 The place, Buenos Aires, Argentina Standing on the threshold of equestrian travel history was a young Swiss Long Rider named Aime Tschiffely Next to him were his two faithful Criollo horses, Mancha and GNo one knew they were looking at a hero and his two horses Instead the local press derided him as a lunatic proposing to ride overland to New York The time was 1925 The place, Buenos Aires, Argentina Standing on the threshold of equestrian travel history was a young Swiss Long Rider named Aime Tschiffely Next to him were his two faithful Criollo horses, Mancha and Gato Their collective goal was to ride than ten thousand miles from Buenos Aires to New York No one had ever attempted such a journey Everyone thought Tschiffely was mad Looking back on what would become the most famous equestrian journey of the modern age, it is difficult to believe that anyone doubted the abilities of the legendary Long Rider and his hardy horses Yet the school teacher who became an equestrian explorer had been told he was too inexperienced, his horses too old, and the journey too difficult What Aime Tschiffely was told was wrong This is the story of the greatest equestrian epic of the twentieth century, a journey that came about because a man and his horses refused to quit ever During the course of their travels Tschiffely, Mancha and Gato crossed deadly deserts, passed through jungles, traversed sky high mountain passes and rode on They were assailed by vampire bats, mistaken for gods and navigated the Panama Canal but rode on Nothing stopped them No one since has rivalled their accomplishments Often imitated but never outdone, this timeless book remains the most beloved equestrian travel classic of all time So saddle up for the ride of a lifetime But beware the story of Tschiffely s Ride has inspired five generations to take to the saddle in search of mounted adventure.

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    1. Telling of an incredible journey taking almost three years, covering ten thousand miles on horseback, undertaken by a Swiss school teacher, this is a book written in a remarkably simple style. Other reviews suggested they had read it at school (or maybe while at school) and that makes sense with the writing - it is an easy read, and could quite conceivably be appreciated by younger readers. Having said that, I have just noted that the copy I have is an abridged version - which may account for th [...]

    2. I was sorry when the story ended. This is an adventure from start to finish. Aime Tschiffely accomplished what few thought possible. It took him almost 3 years to reach New York from Buenos Aires. He stopped along the way, sometimes for days and other times for up to 3 weeks. He was certainly accompanied by Lady Luck but not many could have made this journey. He planned it well, seemed to have money to help pave the way and knew how to chose top horses in Gato and Mancha, Criollo or Creole hoses [...]

    3. Simple, muy simple. Y entretenido. La lucha del viajero contra los insectos, el calor y la lluvia durante dos años.Pero se ven muchas cosas -en 1920- que siguen igual, y también otras han cambiado. Instructivo libro sin pretensiones.

    4. It is striking and almost unbelievable to me that this work was rejected by publishers on three continents until the author was helped by the noted author Graham Greene in having this work published at last as the author despaired of ever telling his moving story about a lengthy trip he took on horseback from Buenos Aires north to Washington DC and New York.  The book is credited, and deserves the credit, for blazing a trail in the long travels by horseback of later "long riders."  While I am [...]

    5. Amazing. Inspiring and frightening by turnT an adventure story-book. Rather the narrative account of a tremendous achievement. An adventure in fact.The obstacles and wonders encountered. His love for his horses. The truthfulness regarding options of possible decisions along the way. Could or should he allow his horses to be the experimental trail-blazers, lest he become fouled by some hazard. Alternatively, if he took the chance himself, what would become of the horses with their packs and gear [...]

    6. Great description of an oddyseyAs apt now as when it was written. First heard of this book in Engenes "Man and Horse" Thanks to Muriwai Books for keeping this description of a fascinating journey in circulation. I highly recommend reading this tale of amazing fortitude and a look at South America Central America and Mexico as it once was.

    7. A real eye-opener, intimately describing the Americas in a new light, people and places, culture and conflict. A classic - without a doubt this is a book that every American should read, North and South.

    8. A very incredible journey of the Americas by horseback.I enjoyed reading about the cultures, hardships, and exploration of Tschiffely and his horses. He rode them from Argentina to Washington D.C. during the 1920s.

    9. I loved this book as a kid in the 1960s. I got it out of the library many times to reread. Now I have an early copy of my own and I'm looking forward to re-reading it.

    10. After hearing about this book, I had to read it. Aimé Tschiffely, a Swiss teacher, in Buenos Aires in the 1920's learned about horses and camping, then decided to ride from Buenos Aires to New York (he made it to Washington D.C.). It took him 3 years, passing through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, bypassed Nicaragua which was in the middle of a violent revolution, Honduras, San Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and finally the US. The horses, both Criollo, native Arg [...]

    11. I liked this book very well. Tschiffely tells the story of his trip well and entertains with his stories of people's reception of the idea of his trip. He tells of the parties and festivities that occur all along his route. He was forced to take a boat at one point because the country was too dangerous to travel through. There was a guerrilla war/revolution going on. None of the authorities was willing to allow him to go past the borders. His native horses were amazing. Horses habituation to the [...]

    12. It took me a full year to start and finish this book. Tschiffel was a simple school teacher and he did an amazing thing. Buenos Aires to New York Close to three years and over 10,000 miles on foot and in a saddle. And mostly alone. I am very glad I read it. Tschiffel's ride gave me a peek into many places I will never see.d certainly never see them as he did. His resolve impressed me greatly. I can not imagine the planning and changes of those plans that he had to make on his journey. I enjoyed [...]

    13. Oh my gosh! It took me about a year to read - the print in the edition I have is tiny and lines close together, but what a treasure. He is the best travel writer ever and has captured a time and place in his hundreds of stories about the adventures he shared with his two "dear pals" Mancha and Gato, his two Criollo horses, on their 1000 mile, 3 year ride from Buenos Aires to Washington DC in 1925. I read it slowly and thoroughly, traveled with them all the way and cried when it was over. I hope [...]

    14. I read this book slowly, making sure I had time to read every line, and became so fully immersed in 1920s South/Central America that every time I pulled my head out of its pages, I felt like I was in a fog as I tried to comprehend my actual surroundings. Lots of great detail about rarely described places, with many unique and unusual experiences. All experienced on horseback and with even better detail about his equine companions, too. I'm glad I read A Tale of Two Horses first, to give me a cle [...]

    15. This traveller rode two South American horses, Mancha and Gato, from the tip of South America to the top of North America. This is the story of his famous journey.The younger horse was 16 and the other was 18. They became a real team and saw many sights. Tschiffely was asked many questions afterwards but he said everyone wanted to know how he negotiated the Panama Canal. In fact, that was the easiest part of the trip. A bridge is there and he walked the horses across to the northern side. This i [...]

    16. This book is the reason why I love travel writing. The author travels from Peru to New York. No big deal, right? Well, this book is written in in the late 1920s and the author makes his journey on a donkey. He encounters strangers along the way, some friendly, some territorial. His journey takes him over 2 years and over 10,000 miles and takes you along for the whole ride.

    17. This was an interesting read because it was written in the 1920's and published in 1934.The information given by the author as he rode thru south America was interesting but at times repetitive and the views expressed were certainly those of the times and prejudicial.

    18. I read this book as an annoying pony fixated kid - and it blew me away. The depth of description and characterization was incredible, not to mention the epic'ness of the journey described and hurdles overcome. A must read.

    19. The moment I opened that book, I knew I would read it. It took me only 4 days and I consider it as my favourite book. The best thing about it is that everyone are polite and friendly in it, this is a must-read!

    20. An intrepid traveller with 2 horses all the way through the Americas! What a journey! Wonderful travelogue and charming tale. I have read it several times asnd still loive it so much!

    21. This book took me a while to read but it was very enjoyable. The historical aspect was quite fascinating.

    22. This is an incredible (true) adventure story of a guy that rode from Buenos Aires to Washington DC on two Argentine criollo ponies (mustangs) in the 1920s. Facinating.

    23. Wonderful non-fiction book about the author's ride on two criollo horses from Argentina to Washington D.C. in 1924. Recommend highly.

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