• Title: The Villa Of Mysteries
  • Author: David Hewson
  • ISBN: 9780440242376
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Villa Of Mysteries In a thriller of astounding menace and power the acclaimed author of A Season for the Dead returns to the landscape he has made his own the seething landscape of modern day Rome where ancient crimes
    In a thriller of astounding menace and power, the acclaimed author of A Season for the Dead returns to the landscape he has made his own the seething landscape of modern day Rome where ancient crimes lie hidden beneath colorful, bustling avenues Here a teenage girl has disappeared, a detective is exploring a 2000 year old ritual and an astonishing mystery is about to unraIn a thriller of astounding menace and power, the acclaimed author of A Season for the Dead returns to the landscape he has made his own the seething landscape of modern day Rome where ancient crimes lie hidden beneath colorful, bustling avenues Here a teenage girl has disappeared, a detective is exploring a 2000 year old ritual and an astonishing mystery is about to unravel in a city of secrets and rage.In Rome s crowded Campo dei Fiori, a woman rushes up to two carabinieri lounging in their sunglasses and uniforms, insisting that her sixteen year old daughter has just been abducted Detective Nic Costa sees the scene unfold and intervenes Because Costa knows what the two officers don t that in the morgue at Rome s police headquarters, a forensic pathologist is examining the strange, mummified corpse of another girl, whose disappearance and death bear haunting similarities.Police pathologist Teresa Lupo is Nic s colleague, friend, and his only equal when it comes to breaking the rules to get results, whatever the cost Now, after years of living with the dead, Teresa insists that her superiors move quickly to save a life Poring over the body of the girl in the morgue, she has found too many similarities between the girls, including a unique, leering tattoo Lupo is sure that the vanished girl is headed for a bizarre ancient Bacchanalia involving virgins and sacrificial murder a ritual that is only days away.As Nic and Teresa claw at the case from two sides and as Nic finds himself at once puzzled and beguiled by the missing girl s seductive mother a chilling picture is beginning to emerge of secret relationships and sexual depravity, organized crime and unimaginable corruption With the clock ticking down on a young girl s life, Nic and Teresa are about to make the most horrifying discovery of all in a pit of human darkness, where an age old malevolence still endures, evil has consumed innocence and a very modern vengeance has begun.A spellbinding mix of suspense, forensic science, and human drama, The Villa of Mysteries will catch you off guard at every turn a novel that is at once heartbreaking and impossible to put down.

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    1. it could be very good book, but i was lost. In my opinion all characters playing big role and it's definetely not the book about Costa, but in my opinion more about Theresa. this is confusing

    2. I bought the Dutch translation of the book, but it didn't read well. Usually I tend to read a book in its native language, but I bought this book cheap.I liked it at first, but later on I lost compassion and feeling with the characters. They are a bit too shallow and cliché for me. I lost interest in the story quickly and now I've decided to stop reading and hand the book over to my mom.

    3. More like 3.5. He pointed out the black character's race while we are just to assume everyone else is white, that's one thing, but did we really have to read about his "black hands", "black figure", "black face", etc every few paragraphs? Seriously.

    4. Perhaps too many twists for a normal thriller. Nothing special for this book, not even a main character (Costa or Perroni? or Teresa? or Falcone?) None of them lead enough.

    5. Good solid thriller with a range of interesting characters on both sides of the moral fence. The sense of Rome is strong and even thought the twists and turns of the novel sometimes feel overly complex, it's still an enjoyable read.

    6. Way too much was happening. It should have been straightforward then it would have been a racy read. Instead they kept setting the tone for the Nic Costa character even though the guy was not anything extraordinary. It’s going on and on forever. Not even sure why.

    7. Mobsters and Bacchanalian cults…When a preserved body is found in a peat bog, it looks as if the dead girl is a long-forgotten victim of a ritual killing from ancient times. But forensic examination soon proves the death is much more recent than that, leading to speculation that a cult based on the Bacchanalian mythology is active in present day Rome. And to make matters worse, another young girl has just gone missing in similar circumstances, a few days before the ancient ceremony of Liberali [...]

    8. I was so looking forward to reading this, after ejoying HEwson's Lucifer's shadow, but it turned out to be a crime thriller, set in Italy, but without tantalizing tidbits of food and wine that so many books include. The plot was not too bad-- a bit lame in some places, but there was a final twist I didn't expectOM THE PUBLISHER"In Rome's crowded Campo dei Fiori, a woman rushes up to two carabinieri lounging in their sunglasses and uniforms, insisting that her sixteen-year-old daughter has just b [...]

    9. I generally enjoy Hewson's Costa/Peroni books but this one dragged quite a bit. Good thing I didn't read this one first. The story opens with two seemingly unrelated incidents, a buried body in a marsh outside Ostia and a kidnapping in the Campo dei Fiori. So Nic Costa and Gianni Peroni begin an investigation that takes them deep into modern Rome' underworld. Nic's trying to recover from drinking too much and Gianni, ex-vice cop, trying to recoup his reputation after being caught in one of his o [...]

    10. Really good read, didn't take long to get into it but did drag out a bit in the end. A good detective/ murder mystery and I like the fact that it didn't revolve around one cop like a lot of murder books do. You had the Tessa the Pathologist, Nic Costa the dective, his partner, their boss, the mother of the 'murder/kindnap victim' etc etc. So yeah that was great then add in a few Italian and American gangsters and you have a good book.Add in murders revolving around the ancient rites of bacchus a [...]

    11. This is one of those books where the fly leaf builds up the book in a completely different way from how it actually happens. Although Nic Costa is supposed to be the main character, I found him a minor player in this - although of course he is the one who gets in trouble during the climax of the book. I really liked his partner Gianni Peroni - his character was built well! Teresa Lupo, the pathologist, was also supposed to be a major character. She did do a lot, but her relationship with the oth [...]

    12. Now here is the opposite of what Archer Mayor does inaccessible series. I am not sure if it was the fact that there were so many assumptions that you had read other books in the series, they way it read as if it had been translated from another language using one of those semi-poor free translation sites, the confusing array of characters or the fact that it took place in a legal/police system so different from our own but I finally gave up trying to slog my way through this. I saw a newer novel [...]

    13. If you love a good mystery and you've ever been to Rome, David Hewson's books are a must read. His prose can be dense at times, but once you get to know his central characters, Roman detectives Nick Costa and Gianni Peroni, you want to know more and more about them. Start here, with The Villa of the Mysteries. It follows a dark secret cult through Pompeii and gets you hooked on these detectives' unorthodox styles of crimefighting. He has been building this cast of characters for years, you will [...]

    14. THE VILLA OF MYSTERIES (Police Procedural-Rome-Cont) – GDavid Hewson – 2nd in seriesMacmillan, 2004 – U.K. Hardcover Detective Nic Costa is investigating the apparent kidnapping of a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to a body found in a peat bog. Because of the dress and items found with the body, the pathologist first thinks the corpse is 2000 years old, but Nic proves the murder to have been much more current and is afraid history is about to repeat itself.*** Although there [...]

    15. I picked this book up as an unknown author based on the jacket blurb. Now we all know how trustworthy those are - "stupendous.enchantingrvelous" I've not yet seen one that said "go read something else". But taking a chance expecting I could always give it up if it stunk. I have to say this was a real find. I really enjoyed the characters, at times there seemed almost too many to keep track of, but they were multidimensional and engaging. The plot was good and didn't wander. I would recomment thi [...]

    16. The second in the Nic Costa series and an improvement over the first book, just not sure if it's enough to keep me interested in the series. I did like the addition of the fallen vice cop as a character and really appreciated more attention focused on Crazy Teresa. Just not warming up to the main character though I'm not sure why. Maybe because all his character seems to do is sleep with beautiful, creepy women. He doesn't seem to do much besides that. So far both books are on the dark side, whi [...]

    17. Mysterious events behind an ancient mythical cult that sparks interest to some people in Italy who wish to reenact it crudely and perversely. Some things go wrong, facts and events and some memories of it get buried over time until a dead girl shows up and makes the police dig up events of the past.Ive read better novel. Beginning is engaging but makes you loose interest easily. A bit dragging and just an ok climax. If you've got nothing else to read, its worth your time. A little below average. [...]

    18. In David Hewson's The Villa of Mysteries, the 2nd installment in the Nic Costa series, this was another fantastic mystery set in Italy. Nic Costa joined forces with Teresa Lupo, a forensic pathologist, to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl at the carabineri . When they looked into the missing girl's family, including her seductive mother, they've noticed the resemblance of a similar case of another missing girl who's mummified corpse had just been discovered by Nic and Teresa, when [...]

    19. David Hewson brings back Detective Nic Costa in this continuing series. Nic has lost his father and is recovering mentally and physically as well as trying to dry-out. He has a new partner who at first seems very rough around the edges but turns out to be a pretty good guy. The story revolves around a sixteen year-old body discovered in a peat marsh which unravels into a strange sex-crazed party involving the Italian and American mobs. A very good and interesting read.

    20. Depraved, debauched, debased. The writing was inconsistent and confusing and sometimes just outright bad. It all starts with Romulus and Remus, and then centuries later there was this party (go ask Alice) that sets more trouble in motion. Although the characters and writing are pitifully inconsistent, the one thing the writer does well is surprises. One last thought: If this story was anything to go by; gangsters shouldn't have kids, they make terrible (!) parents.

    21. I will give this series another try because I really liked the protagonists - Nic, Theresa, etc. But the bad guys were unpleasant reading. I know, I know, they are bad guys. I'm not supposed to like them. But mobsters just don't do it for me. And the plot was borderline preposterous. And what about the couple that found the body at the beginning of the book?! Way too much about them if they are just going to disappear from the story. Of course they weren't likeable either.

    22. I started reading the Nic Costa series past half way, and have gone back to the beginning to catch up with those i've missed. A tale of ritual murder, the mafia and dark crimes this is one of the best in the series. I judge a good book by one that I read in every spare moment, and this one is one of those.The setting is bought alive by David Hewson's knowledge of Rome and this makes the crimes even more real.

    23. I love the way Rome itself is such a character in this novel. This book is earlier in the series than the one I previously read and it is easy to see how the characters have developed over the interim. This story also concerns a teenage girl but is different enough so that there is no confusion.

    24. Oh my. This is not my normal genre. I picked it up because I'm on an Italy kick reading everything I can set in or about Rome and Amalfi. It's a detective story set in Rome with a gruesome plot. For some reason I actually enjoyed the book this is the kinda movie I would watch with Stephen but never see on my own.

    25. Tuli luettua Costat väärässä järjestyksessä, mikä on suhteellisen ennenkuulumatonta.Rooma on paikallaan, mafia-jutut mielenkiintoisia ja lopulta päädytään irstaisiin myytteihin ja Dionysos-kulttiin saakka. Naisten syyllistäminen olisi huolestuttanut, jos sitä kolmosta ei olisi tullut luettua jo aikaisemmin. Aion tulevaisuudessa lukea KAIKKI Moreenin julkaisemat dekkarit. Aah.

    26. I must admit that one of the main characters - Nic Costa is just not clicking with me, he seems to spend most of his time feeling sorry for himself. I'll see if he grows on me for a couple more of these books before I give up - these books are certainly not as entertaining as the Pendergast series by Preston & Child.

    27. I didn't find this quite as strong as the first book in the Nic Costa series. Probably 3.5 stars rather than 4 but still quite a page-turner.Hewson's use of ancient rituals and some truly macabre scenes engaged my interest. An engaging main character and supporting cast certainly means I shall be continuing to read this series.

    28. Ilahduttava uusi tuttavuus, Roomaan sijoittuva dekkarisarja ja varsin kiinnostava päähenkilö Nic Costa. Luin vahingossa tämän toisen osan ekana ja sen jälkeen kaksi muuta suomennettua putkeen. Johtuneeko siitä, että tämä kakkososa teki suurimmman vaikutuksen. Mutta tulen kyllä lukemaan Nic Costat jatkossakin

    29. Not too bad. The theme of this book seems to be the character's flaws as they all face up to them whilst chasing down the bad guys. Not quite as good as the first Nic Costs book but enough to keep me riveted.A surprising twist at the end of the book, which is always interesting.

    30. I liked this book. I liked the fact that it was set in Rome with echoes of the past. The characters of the police and pathologists differed, although they all wanted to catch the criminal. I did not guess the ending until it was almost spelled out for me.

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