• Title: A Season For The Dead
  • Author: David Hewson
  • ISBN: 9780440242116
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
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    A Season For The Dead In a hushed Vatican Reading Room the scene is shocking a crazed professor shot dead after brandishing evidence of a grisly crime Moments later two bodies are found in a nearby church each with a gr
    In a hushed Vatican Reading Room, the scene is shocking a crazed professor shot dead after brandishing evidence of a grisly crime Moments later, two bodies are found in a nearby church, each with a gruesome calling card from their killer Detective Nic Costa is one of the first on the scene A cop who barely looks his twenty seven years, Nic soon meets a woman who will dIn a hushed Vatican Reading Room, the scene is shocking a crazed professor shot dead after brandishing evidence of a grisly crime Moments later, two bodies are found in a nearby church, each with a gruesome calling card from their killer Detective Nic Costa is one of the first on the scene A cop who barely looks his twenty seven years, Nic soon meets a woman who will dominate both his thoughts and his investigation A cool, beautiful professor of early Christianity, Sara Farnese was in the Vatican Library on that fateful day, a witness to her colleague s outburst and grotesque death And as bodies are found, her role becomes even baffling because each victim had intimately known Sara, a woman whose history becomes lurid and unfathomable with each revelation Until the case takes a sudden, strange turn and the secrets of a woman, a killer, and a city begin to unravel with devastating consequences.

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    1. It's rare that I neglect to finish a book. I usually do plenty of homework first, choosing books that are highly recommended and/or have subject matter of interest to me. For this reason, my star-ratings are usually at least a three. I enjoy most of what I read because I'm selective about what I do read.Perhaps I chose too quickly with this one. I assumed that the Vatican Archives setting would give way to a dense, literary mystery of the Donna Tartt or Ruiz Zafon variety.Instead, I was treated [...]

    2. I’ve not read ‘The Da Vinci Code’, but given its immense success, I suppose that we can all expect lots of other thrillers to emerge which lean on strange and dodgy dealings in the Vatican. Not that this is a bad book, it’s entertaining as long as you don’t think about it too much, and certainly feels more of a book – and not a cinema script in waiting – than some of its ilk. If and when they adapt this one for the cinema (or if the BBC gets another Wallander sized hole in its sche [...]

    3. This is the first in a series featuring Nic Costa and Inspector Falcone. Sara Faranese is studying in the Vatican library when a colleague rushes in and frankly whispers, "In the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church." He then displays a pistol and a bag containing the skin of a human being. Fearing for her safety a Swiss guard shoots him dead, much to Sara's consternation, because she realized he wasn't trying to kill her, but to convey a message. Realizing that the flayed skin may hav [...]

    4. I picked up David Hewson's A Season for the Dead on impulse while going through the Mystery/Suspense section at Third Place. I liked what was on the blurb, and I thought it would promise me a fairly complex kind of tale. The book did deliver that, though I wound up feeling kind of ambivalent about it by the end. Many of the things I like about the book are not consistently handled all the way through it--and moreover, the actual root of the mystery that drove the plot turned out to be a bit too [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsMy full review: venividilegispqr/I recently read Diana Peterfreund’s Rampant, which is also set in Rome; in fact one of the prime reasons why I read it was because of its setting. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not make any glaring errors in its depiction of the city, but that was mainly accomplished by being rather vague in its details. This was not the case with A Season For The Dead. Mr Hewson has obviously spent a great deal of time in Rome and has done much more than visi [...]

    6. In Rome wordt in korte tijd een aantal moorden gepleegd die allemaal een gelijkenis vertonen met het Martelaarschap van de Heiligen, een serie schilderijen van de zestiende-eeuwse kunstenaar Caravaggio. Rechercheur Nic Costa wordt op de zaak gezet, en zijn inspanningen om het patroon van leugens, bedrog en verraad te doorgronden, voeren hem naar het binnenste van het Vaticaan, alwaar een bankschandaal een strijd heeft ontketend onder de kardinalen.Over de dwarsligger®De dwarsligger® is een com [...]

    7. When in Rome… It’s always a great pleasure to come across a well-written, intelligent crime book and to know that it’s only the first of a series. Young detective Nic Costa is first on the scene when a man is shot dead by Vatican security guards. Had he been about to shoot himself or murder his ex-lover, historian Sara Farnese? Nic is drawn into a complex plot involving banking, corruption, Vatican politics…and a lot of increasingly gruesome murders. There is a further complication [...]

    8. The writing style reminds me of John Le Carre because of the omniscient narrator who creeps inside the minds of even the sickest characters. But Hewson takes it further, and puts us, at times, even into the minds of the murder victims as they die, which is disgusting.Read the full and illustrated review at Italophile Book Reviewsitalophilebookreviews

    9. A Season for the Dead, like The Da Vinci Code, is a thriller that takes an unflattering look at the Catholic Church, but it is better written and more sophisticated. A Season for the Dead, if sometimes blissfully over the top, is intelligent entertainmentReview:Outsized, eccentric characters, a complex story and an abundance of historical detail make this engrossing book more than just another cookie-cutter, religious-nut serial killer thriller

    10. Got to about page 100 and then put it down. Unfortunately, I didn't get the urge to pick this book up again. While I found it mildly interesting, it just didn't have that I-got-to-get-back-to-my-book appeal. Plus, it was a bit on the graphic side and I prefer my murders less descriptive. But I enjoyed the way the author writes, just didn't care for the story.

    11. I read this book first and found it compelling from beginning to end. The use of Rome is far more than backdrop, it is part of the story itself. There are some horrors in this book, and they keep you on the edge of your seat. I love the Nic Costa series.

    12. Murders based on the deaths of martyrs are committed near the Vatican. The characters were totally unconvincing and the Roman setting was unrealized. There wasn’t even much info about the Vatican. I finished this only because it was for a book discussion.

    13. Oh my. Not sure how to describe this convoluted plot. Set in Italy. Young cop investigates a series of grizzly murders. Strange sexual element. Catholicism. High finance. Basically, I think, one bad guy died, a couple of good guys died, and a few got away. Unsatisfying ending.

    14. Niektóre relacje rodzinne nigdy nie przestaną mnie zaskakiwać. W dzisiejszych czasach wielu ludzi ma problem z docenieniem swoich krewnych: niektórzy ich ignorują (bo przecież poradzę sobie dobrze samemu), inni zaś obarczają ich swoimi klęskami życiowymi, a na końcu są Ci, którzy pragną zemsty na swoich bliskich. Tylko czy tak właśnie ma być? Początkowo poznajemy Sarę Farnese. Kobietę mądrą, inteligentną oraz skrytą. Nie ukazuje ona wprost swoich emocji, chowa je w głę [...]

    15. I very much enjoyed this book. It will appeal to and be sought out by readers of series crime novels set in vividly depicted locations. Readers of Michael Dibdin's Aurelio Zen series, which features another Rome-based cop, Donna Leon's Inspector Brunetti, and Barbara Nadel's Istanbul cop, Inspector Ikmen should enjoy this as well.The identity of the killer is unknown to the reader for about the first half of the book. It is then revealed to the reader, so in that sense there is no last-page deno [...]

    16. i loved this series and its almost like an art lesson in the way that da vinci code was about the churches of rome. great stories and this is the first of several books. loved this.

    17. Neat, linear police procedural with some 2 standard deviation personalities and one 4 standard deviation personality. Great audio book fodder.

    18. The year 2003 saw the appearance of Dan Brown’s second novel featuring his Robert Langdon character (‘The Da Vinci Code’ however was the first to be published) and the resultant ‘jumping on the bandwagon of a large number of authors trying to emulate the commercial success of that novel. I’m not saying that David Hewson’s ‘A Season for the Dead’, also published in 2003, also featuring shenanigans in Vatican City, and a crazed, overly-violent Vatican killer, coded messages (this t [...]

    19. Having read and enjoyed The Flood by the same author a while ago, I was looking forward to reading A Season For The Dead. Unfortunately the book did not meet my expecations. The large number of characters made reading the book so onerous that I had to keep a list of them to keep track, which immediately dented my enjoyment. I struggled to work out which characters I had to try to remember, ending up sometimes trying to pay attention only to find that the character was killed off. To try to speed [...]

    20. A Season for the Dead tells the story of a series of horrific murders staged around Rome and the woman who seems to be at the center of them. We follow vigorous young Police Detective Nic Costa as he pursues the crimes and the criminal right to the corrupted hierarchies of the Vatican itself! A few thoughts: * This book is a decent thriller, but we get too many points of view. We see the killer, we see both detectives, the police chief, the architect, the degenerate, the victims. It makes the na [...]

    21. This book is the first of a series. My sister in England sent the entire series to me and suggested I read them so, being the good brother that I am, I started with #1 in the series.Now that I have finished this first book, I can tell you I should have paid more attention to the first 200 pages. As art (paintings) is not necessarily my thing, my mind wandered as i started reading "A Season for the Dead". BIG mistake! If you choose to read this book, you should make yourself focus from the very b [...]

    22. C2004. I decided to start off with the first book in the Nic Costa series because I really enjoyed The Fallen Angel. I finished the book but it was much darker and drearier than The Fallen Angel – although that was no light read either. I didn’t see the twist coming and I certainly do not understand most of the character’s motivations. But, the writing was still really good and I am glad that this book must have been successfully received by the general public otherwise the rest of the ser [...]

    23. As posted in [amazon]:I guess I was rushing that day and in my haste, I thought *Season of the Dead* would be somewhat similar to Dan Brown's *The Da Vinci Code*. Boy, was I wrong! Nonetheless, I thought this book was long-winded in trying to figure out what is going on and how it ties to the Vatican. Professor Sara Farnese is in the Vatican library, doing her own research when a colleague approaches her. He's carrying with him a gun and a bloody bag, which contains human skin. The Swiss Guards [...]

    24. This series of books (the Nic Costa series, /author/show) was suggested as a series that lovers of Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti series might appreciate.This is the first in the series, and I can confidently say that this is not likely to be a book that Brunetti fans would like -- quite the opposite, I suspect.While the Brunetti series of books can be dark, this book is positively gruesome, violent, and in general not a good comparison with the Brunetti series. It was more like a Dan Brown b [...]

    25. This is a book that should be read with very few interruptions. I read it in spurts and lost some of the impact.However, it did grab my attention and half way through I really didn't want to stop reading. There are a lot of gross death scenes so, if you don't like visualizing bloody, bazaar homicides don't read this book. There are unexpected surprises near the end. A SEASON FOR THE DEAD is the first in a series of Italian crime thrillers set in Rome featuring Nic Costa as the protagonist. Costa [...]

    26. Excellent murder mystery. We know who did it fairly early on, but the complexities of how and why maintain interest in the plot. Meanwhile, the characters reflect on the meaning of death from a variety of theological and philosophical perspectives. Their reflections lead to character evolution over the course of the novel. Their ideas are sophisticated, but the characters express those ideas in direct, understandable language. Each character has a unique voice and point of view, with a mix of hu [...]

    27. I first read this author's book called Lucifer's Shadow, which I thought was marvelous. I then snapped up a little mystery of his (something with "Villa in it-- I think it was Villa of Mysteries, which was okay, but not great. So, when I was able to catch this book, I thought I'd see how it stacked up, great like the first or just okay, like the second. I'd put this somewhere between the two, a good, but not fabulous mystery. I got a little impatient with it all, but kept reading to make sure my [...]

    28. I'm unsure if it's just me who expects more from character development or perhaps there is a glut of "crime and mystery" books hitting the market these days, but when I pick up a book, any book, I expect a good plot, knowledge about the surroundings in which the book takes place and, most of all, good character development. With "A Season For the Dead" I didn't get of the above. The plot was so slow that I had to force myself to complete the book. I didn't care for any of the characters, not eve [...]

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