• Title: Whispering Nickel Idols
  • Author: Glen Cook
  • ISBN: 9780451459749
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whispering Nickel Idols In TunFaire a city of gorgeous women powerful sorcerers and dangerous magic the beautiful criminally insane daughter of a comatose crime boss has some lascivious designs on private investigator Ga
    In TunFaire, a city of gorgeous women, powerful sorcerers and dangerous magic, the beautiful, criminally insane daughter of a comatose crime boss has some lascivious designs on private investigator Garrett who now has to figure out why everyone is suddenly after him.

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    1. I've only read this one once before and had little memory of it, but of course once I got started again it all came flooding back. It's got my least favorite cover--Garrett looking like a dough-faced cheap knock-off of Han Solo, with a black-clad bimbo I can only assume is Belinda Contague perched almost on his lap--but one of the more clever plots, in which rival religious factions come to town and get tangled up in a plot to restore Chodo Contague to power, or rescue him from his coma, orere a [...]

    2. One of the best so far. Cook is smoothing out some of the rougher, sillier edges and going for a little more depth, and that's working for me.

    3. Есть популярное мнение, что Глен Кук уже давно спекся. Поставив точку в летописи Черного Отряда и изгнав Слави Дуралейника за пределы Танфера, писатель собственноручно приговорил себя к творческому саомубийству, нищете и голоду. Из-за этого мнения и его молчаливых сторонн [...]

    4. So I've taken a lot longer to finish these Garrett books, and I think I've enjoyed them a lot more as a result. Think Krispy Kreme doughnuts, everyone, and no matter how much you like them, eat them one at a time, one at a time, or you're going to feel a little queasy and regretful, and there's nothing sadder than a regretted doughnut. Seriously.So time moves on, this is another complicated and intertwined set of facts, but strangely the Loghyr is becoming more accessible and human (fallible, ev [...]

    5. I like this one. Decent story, solid writing. And while it too could use a strong editor's hand, it didn't have nearly as much of the Every Woman Wants My Dick syndrome that the last few have had. Though I have to admit that I'm starting to suspect I might like the series just as much, if not more, if Garrett were not around. Increasingly, he's not the character that's interesting. Which feeds into why I liked this one. At this point in time, it's like Garrett is essentially an assistant manager [...]

    6. I guess I’ve finally caught up with recent reading. PI Garrett is back in action, along with his housekeeper Dean, Pular Singe, and, of course, the Dead Man. Once he wakes up, the Dead Man is pulling everyone’s strings, Garrett is getting his ass kicked and giving a little of what he’s getting, all to learn why an underworld boss is in a coma and what a basket of odd kittens may have to do with it. As usual, author Glen Cook pens a wild fantasy noir novel that’s difficult to put down.Pub [...]

    7. A very fun Garrett PI installment. Somewhat unusual is that some of his more unbelievable amorous antics have been toned down letting us see a deeper maturity that was not always easily seen in Garrett and his debaucherous lifestyle. The Dead Man also plays a larger role than usual. Unfortunately the bulk of the mystery is solved off-stage which is a bit of a let down. Overall, still a fun read, and one that can stand alone on it's own merits.

    8. This was a very good Garrett excursion. It's an easy, go along for the ride, adventure that kept my interest with the well formed characters and witty, well-turned humor splashed throughout. Poor Garrett was sick much of the time but even that was well done. There was a layer of sensitivity you knew he had but didn't reveal, possibly even to himself, about Tinnie. Not too much - just enough. Nice easy read.

    9. Book 11 in the Garrett PI series tackles the Contague question: the Kingpin's status as well as that of his daughter, Belinda. It's not one of the best in the series but it's definitely better than Petty Pewter Gods. Which is not saying a lot about it. Incidentally, like Petty Pewter Gods, there is also a god involved. Make of that what you will, this is still a can't miss book since it's part of an awesome series.

    10. 3.5 stars. Since I am a recent fan of hardboiled detective stories and a fan of fantasy and humorous writings, I expected to enjoy this more. It was good, no doubt about it. But the story did meander more than I liked.Overall, good story and fun divergences with an alcoholic pixie and surprisingly well mannered kittens.

    11. Out-of-towners bring mischief to Garrett's life, particularly in the form of kittens, their urchin owner, and a group of men intent on killing them all. On top of this chaos, Chodo Contague may finally, inadvertently, kill Garrett before he can unwind the mystery of the crimelord's continued ill health.

    12. Easy to read, interesting idea of genre mash ups and a likeable and varied cast. What's not to like? Tunfaire continues to develop (although nothing like Pratchett I am sometimes reminded of the modernisation and social growth of Ankh Morpork in these pages).A devent read, not the place to start with the seriesbut it will keep you turning the pages.

    13. It was nice to get back to this series of books from Glen Cook. They've always been a good read. Quick and easy. Nothing to exciting in this book. Once again, Cook's inside humor with this characters is on par with what his written in the past. Highly recommended if you've read any of the Garret files. If you haven't start with a few books prior.

    14. 11 books into it and I'm still a fan of Glen Cook's Garrett files. The self-depreciating first person style is fun to read, the characters are interesting, his plot lines are unique. Like all books in the series, this one can stand alone without bringing too much recap of people, places, and past events.

    15. Definitely one I rank high in the series. There's a good mix of fun moments with kittens and gangsters running rampant, as well as emotional moments and several close calls.Also, we get some more Tinnie and, if not closure, issues are addressed and acknowledged.

    16. Not really a review but a question. At the end of whispering nickel idols Belinda is given a charm necklace and charm bracelet. These do not seem present in the other two books. Anyone explain why not?

    17. It's a fun read if you want a break from more serious literature. Kinda a combination of fantasy and detective novel. Lacking a little polish in places and an anticlimactical ending. But it bridges the gap between fantasy and normal fiction pretty well. Probably at the low end of 4 stars.

    18. Not one of the best "Garrett" books, but I wanted to re-read it before reading "Cruel Zinc Melodies" (the next book in the series) since I couldn't remember what happened in this one.

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