• Title: Sometimes a Little Brain Damage Can Help
  • Author: George Carlin
  • ISBN: 9780894712715
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes a Little Brain Damage Can Help None

    One Reply to “Sometimes a Little Brain Damage Can Help”

    1. I first read this in a Walden Books store in Uniontown (long, long since gone) when I was in high school, and I laughed for weeks afterward at some of the jokes and entries. It had one of my all-time favorite stupid jokes, in the form of a Carlin poem: Mime Rhyme The party broke up when Marcel Marceau Won thirty-two games of charades in a row.HAHAHA!!! To this day I still laugh at the simplistic brilliance. (For you youngsters, Marcel Marceau was an internationally famous French mime.)So years l [...]

    2. This thing is a magazine, for all practical purposes. It is pretty much packed with classic GC, however. Probably has more laughs in it than books five times its size.

    3. A classic collection of Carlin's mental noodlings. And wouldn't his noodlings have to be considered among the greatest of all time?

    4. Kinda disappointed. Glad this wasn't the first Carlin book I picked up otherwise I wouldn't have wanted to read all his others as they have cracked me up. This on was a modgepodge of crap.

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